How Much is Sky Sports in Australia? [Updated Guide]


Sky Sports is a leading sports TV subscription in the United Kingdom. Launched on 27 March 1990 and operated by the Sky Group, this premium sports service is a go-to for football, cricket, rugby, and golf fans – all because of dedicated sports channels and the latest news coverage.

What’s more is that you can watch Sky Sports in Australia by getting a premium VPN and part of a Sky TV subscription and many other TV subscription services like BT. You can also get a daily or monthly Sky Sports subscription via NOW TV.

Since there are multiple options to sign up, keeping track of Sky Sports costs gets a bit hard. This guide weighs up your options – discusses how much is Sky Sports in Australia and what you get after paying a specific price!

How Much is Sky Sports in Australia? [Prices and Plans]


The costs for Sky Sports in Australia begin at AU$16.89 (GB£9.72)/month for 15 months and offer the Sky TV, Sky Sports, and a Netflix add-on. You will also have to pay a setup cost of AU$33.73 (GB£19.4). The costs for Sky Sports depend on how you customize your package with other Sky add-ons.

Sky Sports is also offered by rival TV providers such as  BT. In addition, NOW also offers daily and monthly Sky Sports membership. To help you land on one, we’ve covered how much Sky Sports costs through each of them below.

How Much is Sky Sports in Australia through BT Sport?

Currently, you can watch Sky Sports on BT through their Big Sport package at the cost of AU$71.27 (GB£41)/mo and VIP package at the cost of AU$ 128.65 (GB£74)/mo. Here is how to watch BT sports in Australia with the help of  VPN.

How Much is Sky Sports in Australia through Tv Now?


You can watch Sky Sports by directly signing up for the NOW Day-Membership at AU$20.71  (GB£11.99) or Month Membership at AU$59.12 (GB£33.99)/mo. You can watch TV Now in Australia.

Here’s a quick comparison of the daily and monthly Sky Sports subscription costs through NOW:

Subscription Plan Features Sky Sports Daily Cost Sky Sports Monthly Cost
Sky Sports Package Cost GB£11.99 (AU$20.85) GB£33.99 (AU$59.14)
Auto-renewal No Yes
Free Trial N/A 7-Day Boost Free Trial
Simultaneous Streams N/A 3
Contracts None None


What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Sky Sports in Australia?

The cheapest way to get Sky Sports is via NOW’s Day Membership at GB£11.99 (AU$20.85). You can access 11 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours without any contracts. This means you can cancel Sky Sports anytime you want.

A one-day membership is ideal if you don’t want to miss out on an upcoming live event but will end up costing more if you use it to watch Sky Sports regularly.

Sky Sports is cheaper for existing Sky Go subscribers. So, if you have already subscribed to Sky Go – you’re in luck. Make sure you have already connected with a ExpressVPN UK server when you are subscribing it from Australia.

What is Included with Sky Sports Package?

With a Sky Sports package, you get access to Formula 1 races, live coverage of cricket test matches, horse racing tournaments, 127 Sky Bet Football Leagues games, 116 Barclays Premier League live games, and more.

Sky Sports have dedicated channels for different sports that lets you stream content easily. The following channels are included in the Sky Sports package:

  • Sky Sports Main Event: Channel for all the big live sports events for multiple sports, including cricket, football, rugby, and more.
  • Sky Sports Cricket: Separate Sky Sports channel for domestic and international cricket games – covers live scores to test cricket matches.
  • Sky Sports Mix: Brings together some of the world’s top sporting events by providing highlights from the matches and tournaments.
  • Sky Sports Premier League: A dedicated channel for airing live Premier League football and matches.
  • Sky Sports F1: Provides the latest Formula 1 updates, news, information on drivers and lets you watch all races in HD.
  • Sky Sports News: Offers live coverage of most sports racing, F1, boxing, rugby, golf, and football, along with the latest news about sports.
  • Sky Sports Golf: News, tournaments, and updates from several golfing events, including the Open Championship and US Open.
  • Sky Sports Football: Home to fixtures, scoreboards, live games, and the latest football news, including EFL games, Champions League, and others across the globe.
  • Sky Sports Arena: A dedicated channel to watch live basketball, cricket, racing, bowling, and videos from the channel.
  • Sky Sports Racing: A separate British pay television channel for horseracing updates, news, pictures, videos, and daily tips.
  • Sky Sports NFL: A dedicated channel for all National Football League news from Sky Sports.

How Much is Sky Sports in Australia- FAQ’s

Yes, you can pay for just Sky Sports in Australia without being a Sky customer by signing up for NOW membership. Go for either a one-day or monthly membership that auto-renews with an option to cancel anytime.

The 11 HD channels included in a Sky Sports package, are:

  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Sky Sports Premier League
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports News
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports Racing
  • Sky Sports NFL

Yes, you can just pay for Sky Sports football as Sky lets you choose specific Sky Sports channels to customize your subscription. So, if you want to watch football only – you won’t have to pay for the full Sky Sports package.

You can watch Sky Sports without a Sky Sports membership  in Australiaby subscribing through NOW. With NOW, you can either select a daily or monthly membership with an option to cancel whenever you want.


Now that you’ve made it to the end, we hope you know how much is Sky Sports in Australia. You must have grasped that Sky Sports definitely doesn’t come cheap, irrespective of how you get it.

In other news, we tried our best to cater to the Sky Sports subscription details via BT and NOW – so you can easily weigh your options and go for the most affordable one.

With that being said, you’re all set to never miss out on any sports events. But keep in mind that you’ll need to subscribe to ExpressVPN to catch up on your favourite sports if you’re outside the UK!

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