How Much is Stan and is it Worth Your Money?

How Much Is Stan And Is It Worth Your Money?

Stan is an Australian OTT streaming service with plenty of content for everyone! It’s a legitimate Netflix competitor with a slew of exclusive material you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s only getting better.

Although the service is geo-restricted and only available to Australians, there are still ways to watch Stan outside Australia!

However, it’s natural to assume how much is Stan available for before you actually subscribe for the streaming platform. To make it easier, we’ve explained the subscription packages from the lowest Stan price to the highest.

What Plans are Available on Stan?


Here’s a complete breakdown of all the Stan packages along with the features that are included in each package. Let’s take a look:

Basic Standard Premium
Stan Price per month AU$10 AU$14 AU$19
Resolution SD HD Up to 4K
Offline download devices 1 3 5
Simultaneous Streams 1 3 4
Free Trial Available Available Available

Still confused about how much is Stan? Let us explain all Stan packages in detail. You can choose from three different subscription plans that Stan offers. It has also created a new add-on sports package, and Stan priced it at AU$10/mo in addition to your main membership plan.

1. Basic Plan:

This Stan price for this is AU$10/mo and is suitable for those who are not avid streamers. The best part is that it comes with a free trial and it’s also ad-free!

The only drawback of this plan is the SD resolution. If you don’t enjoy content in SD resolution then you can choose one of the other plans.

2. Standard Plan:

Stan’s standard plan costs around AU$14/mo and provides content in HD resolution! It also offers a free trial and 3 simultaneous streams. The plan is ad-free so you can enjoy your content without any annoying ads.

3. Premium Plan:

The Premium Plan costs around AU$19/mo and you can enjoy content in 4K Resolution. For families with diverse preferences, we suggest the Premium subscription option.

The Premium Plan allows you to enjoy Stan on up to 4 devices at once. You may also download movies and TV series to watch offline on up to 5 iOS/Android devices. As a result, you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite show and you will never think of cancelling Stan.

What is Stan Sport and How Much does it Cost?

Stan Sport is a recent addition to the service that allows ad-free live and on-demand streaming of sporting events. It comes at a an extra AU$10 per month with a 7-day free trial. However, you can be add the Stan Sport subscription to your existing Stan account because it’s currently unavailable as a stand-alone subscription.

You can watch The Rugby Championship, Shute Shield, Bledisloe Cup, Super Rugby AU, Trans-Tasman tournaments, and Super Rugby Aotearoa, as well as the French Open and Wimbledon.

For the next three years, the UEFA Champions, Europa, Conference, and Youth Leagues will also be broadcast on the service.

Which Stan Subscription Plan is Best for Me?


Everyone has different preferences and needs so after answering how much is Stan, here are some queries you should answer before choosing a plan. Once you know the answers, you’ll understand which plan will work the best for you:

  1. How many people will watch at home?
  2. What picture quality do you prefer?
  3. Do you watch content offline?

If you want our opinion, we would highly recommend the Premium subscription because it’s an all-in-one plan available for only AU$19/month. You can watch TV shows and Stan movies in 4K Ultra HD on up to five displays at once, or download material to five devices if you prefer to watch offline. If your needs change over time, you can upgrade or downgrade your Stan packages at any time.

Do you love sports? Then get Stan Sport for an additional cost of AU$10/mo with your existing plan!

How to Get Stan Sport With Existing Packages?

Here’s how you can add Stan Sport to your existing Packages through different devices:

Add Stan Sport on Web

If you prefer watching on your laptop or PC; follow these simple steps to get Stan Sport through the web:

  • Go to Stan official website and Log in to your current Stan account.
  • Select the Sports tab on the left-hand side of the screen after going to Manage Account.
  • For AU$10/mo, choose Add Sport.
  • Select Begin watching and you’re all set!

Add Stan Sport on TV

If you like enjoying content on a big screen like your Smart TV; Here’s how to add Stan Sport:

  • Open the Stan app on your Smart TV and sign in to your existing Stan membership.
  • Select the Sport option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Add Sport and select Finish, you’re all set to go now!

Add Stan Sport on Android Devices

Adding Stan Sport on your Android device is very easy. Here’s how to do that:

  • Log in to your Stan account using the Stan app on your Android device.
  • From the navigation menu, click More, and then the Sports tab.
  • When Stan Sport launches in the future, simply select Add Sport and you’ll be ready to go!

Add Stan Sport on iOS Devices

You can also get Stan Sport on your iOS devices. Here are the simple steps:

  • Open the Stan app and go to the Sports page on your iOS device.
  • Select Activate Now from the drop-down menu.
  • To add Stan Sport to your iTunes subscription, simply follow the directions.
  • You’re ready for Stan Sport now!

How Much is Stan – FAQs

Yes, it is definitely worth it. Stan is now one of the top video streaming services available in Australia, especially considering the low monthly fee of only AU$10. The platform offers a diverse selection of TV shows and movies that can be watched on a variety of devices.

No, whether you get the Basic, Standard or Premium Plan; you don’t have to pay for movies on Stan. After paying the subscription charges, you can enjoy exclusive new movies and shows. However, we do recommend getting the Premium Plan because it ticks all the boxes.

Yes, the subscription plans of Stan cost less than Netflix Australia. The Stan prices are Basic: AU$10, Standard AU$14, and Premium AU$19 whereas Netflix Australia charges for Basic: AU$10.99, Standard: AU$16.99, and Premium AU$22.99; which means every Stan package is cheaper.

Wrap Up

Stan is undoubtedly a must-have streaming service for everyone as it has a plethora of content for everyone. Whether you are an avid sports enthusiast or a binge-watcher who rarely misses anything new hitting the screens, Stan is a perfect choice for you!

We hope our guide explained how much is Stan in detail. So, if you haven’t subscribed to Stan yet, we recommend you do it right now and explore a new world of amazing content!

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