Hulu Location Trick: Watch Hulu From Australia [2021 Updated]


Are you looking for a hack to trick Hulu location from Australia? Then, you have landed on the right page because this post will guide the easiest way of Hulu location trick.

Since Hulu is a US exclusive streaming service, It isn’t easy to access the content. Geo-restrictions and ISPs are usually the number one causes of restricting your access to Hulu in Australia.

However, you can still enjoy your favorite shows and watch movies on Hulu from Australia. All you need to do is get a premium VPN to trick Hulu location and watch your favorite programs.

4-Step Hulu Location Trick Guide for Australia

Here is the comprehensive guide of changing and tricking Hulu location with a premium VPN in Australia:

  1. Get a premium VPN provider (ExpressVPN recommended).
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect with the US sever to trick Hulu location.
  4. Go to the Hulu app or website and start streaming in Australia.

Why do You Need a VPN to Trick Hulu location from Australia?

You need a VPN to trick Hulu location so that you can stream content on Hulu that is geo-restricted in Australia. Hulu is exclusively available for the US only. So if you are trying to stream Hulu from Australia, you can not access it without changing your online location by tricking Hulu with the help of a VPN.

Hulu tracks your location by identifying the IP address provided by the local ISP (internet service provider) that exposes your real location. A VPN can provide you a dedicated US IP address by connecting with its American server. By doing so, Hulu will find your location within the United States and lets you access its complete content library from Australia.

Best Hulu VPN Providers For Australia:

Not every VPN is capable of unblocking Hulu by changing location. Therefore, you will need a premium, fast, and strong VPN provider for the Hulu location trick.

Here are the 3 best Hulu VPNs that will easily let you trick the online location and unblock Hulu from Australia.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Hulu from Australia

Hulu ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our top choice VPN to trick Hulu. It offers 300+ fast American servers and unlimited bandwidth that allows you to unblock Hulu from Australia and stream in HD without buffering.

The dedicated app lets you stream Hulu in Australia on major streaming devices, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, it offers DNS MediaStreamer that lets you watch Hulu on Roku, Smart TV, Apple TV, and Gaming Consoles. You can use its single account on 5 devices simultaneously. You can avail a special deal of 12+3 months free on yearly subscription in a price of AUD9.2/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  


  • Successfully unblocks Hulu from Australia.
  • Fast and reliable servers.
  • Offers 3000 servers in 90+ countries.
  • 24/7 excellent live chat support.
  • No log policy along with robust security features.
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Costly compared to other VPNs

Recommended Servers

  • US: New York, New Jersey-1, and Washington DC

2. Surfshark– Pocket- Friendly VPN For Streaming Hulu in Australia

Surfshark Hulu

Surfshark is an ideal choice to make the most out of your money. Overall, it has 3200+ servers worldwide, including 500+ fast US servers that allow you easily trick Hulu location from Australia.

It is compatible with most commonly used streaming devices and lets you connect the unlimited device on a single account that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can avail of an 81% discount if you opt for a 2-year plan. Subscribe for this cost-effective VPN and just pay AUD3.43/mo


  • Offer unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Unblocks Hulu from Australia
  • Reasonable Price.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Sometimes browser extensions lost connection while streaming Hulu.

Recommended Servers

  • US: Atlanta, Chicago, Latham, and Boston

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network for Unblocking Hulu from Australia

NordVPN Hulu

NordVPN is a prominent name in the VPN industry best known for its unblocking features. Its whopping 1900+ fast US servers work amazingly well to unblock Hulu from Australia in a matter of seconds. In addition, it offers a dedicated app and SmartPlay DNS to stream Hulu on Smart TV, Android, iOS, Roku, macOS, and almost every streaming device. You can connect up to 6 devices on a single account.

You can avail an exclusive deal on NordVPN’s two year plan, costing AUD4.55/mo (VPN Awareness Month - 2 year plan at 72% off + 3 months FREE). NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Unblocks Hulu from Australia
  • Offers WireGuard protocols to access Hulu at blazing fast speed
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Sometimes desktop app gets very slow
  • On weekends servers get slow

How to Use Hulu Live TV on Different Locations in Australia

To use Hulu Live TV from different locations, users need to change their home area network. First, every Hulu subscriber must set a home network. By doing this, you lock the information about your location and internet providers. Therefore, when you access from a different location, you might face this error:

“Video not available in this location”

Even if you are watching from your home network, you can face this issue, and there are numerous reasons why you may come across this location error by Hulu; some of them are listed below:

  • The service is unable to identify your network
  • Your internet is not stable or is shared
  • You are using a VPN

So, if you move out or use Hulu Live TV from two different locations, you need to update your home network to sort out the Hulu location error.

Setup and Update Hulu Home Network

Update your home location internet via the following method:

  • Visit your Hulu online account page.
  • Click on Privacy and Settings.
  • Click on Set or Change Home to change home location.

Make sure to disable the VPN connection; if you use one and use the Wi-Fi to access Hulu while updating the home network.


You can use Hulu in Australia while traveling. All you need is a good VPN app, and you can connect with its US server to access Hulu.

According to our testing, none of the free VPNs worked  to unblock Hulu geo-restriction. You must use a paid and premium VPN service to watch Hulu in Australia.

Hulu is not available in Australia, but you can watch it in Australia by connecting to the US server of premium VPNs like ExpressVPN.

According to our testing, none of the free VPNs could unblock Hulu’s geo-restrictions in Australia. You must use a paid and premium VPN service to watch Hulu.

When you set up Hulu+live TV, you need to select a home location. Hulu’s home location is a way to determine its user’s location and ensure that they are not breaking the rules by watching geo-restricted content outside, like from Australia.

Using a VPN is the easiest & most effective way to bypass home location on Hulu in Australia. There are many premium VPNs available in the market; however, we recommend ExpressVPN.

Bottom line:

After testing 50+ VPNs, we assure you that not every VPN will assist you in watching Hulu from Australia. However, to carry out the Hulu location trick from Australia, you need to choose a premium VPN that offers fast speed and has a large network of servers. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its outstanding results in unblocking Hulu from Australia.

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