ExpressVPN Netflix Working Countries in 2020 (Workaround)

ExpressVPN Netflix Working Countries in 2020 (Workaround)

Netflix is the king of the streaming world and its American library is the hottest one out there! But the problem is that it is geo-restricted and so are the many other regional libraries. So what if you want to watch American Netflix or shows on the Australian library? What do you do?

Doesn’t that seem unfair to you, being a Netflix subscriber you don’t have access to all the titles that the platform has to offer?

But fret not, here is where ExpressVPN Netflix comes to the rescue! It can unblock multiple regional libraries, simply with the click of a button. ExpressVPN is also the fastest and most credible VPN service out there in the industry!

The service works amazingly well whether you want to access the US Netflix, UK, Australian, or any other region where the service is available. It is also the fastest VPN provider with years of acclaim.

With other providers, you might encounter this error occasionally, but not with ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN Netflix Proxy Error

So can ExpressVPN Netflix get blocked too? Certainly not. Don’t panic, if you’re failing to use ExpressVPN. In this guide, we will explain to make ExpressVPN work on multiple Netflix Libraries.

Why is ExpressVPN Netlfix so Good?

There are matters where everyone may have a different point of view, but if you just pick up the technical capabilities of ExpressVPN the debate is over. Take a look at ExpressVPN’s technical abilities.

Cost $6.67/mo. on a 1-year + 3 months free plan
Average Speed 94.80 Mbps
Streaming Quality Ultra HD (1080p)
No. of Servers 3000+ in 94 countries
No. of Multi login 5 devices
Encryption Class AES-256-CBC
Official Website
Supported Platforms Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, Disney+
Unblocking Netflix 19+ Libraries
Unblock US Netflix with ExpressVPN!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Which ExpressVPN Netflix Servers works Best?

Here are the Best ExpressVPN Netflix Country Servers to unblock and stream 19+ Netflix Libraries.

Express VPN US Netflix

Best ExpressVPN Servers 👉 Get Now!
USA – Los Angeles 5 Singapore – Jurong Canada – Vancouver
USA – Dallas 2 Singapore – CBD Canada – Toronto
USA – New Jersey 3 Netherlands – Amsterdam Germany – Nuremberg
USA – Washington DC Netherlands – Amsterdam 2 Germany– Frankfurt -2
USA – New York 2 Switzerland Japan – Yokohama
USA – Miami 2 Italy – Milan Japan – Tokyo 2
UK – London France – Strasbourg India – Mumbai 1
UK – Wembley South Korea 2 Australia – Perth/Syd
Philippines Ireland Brazil 2
Spain – Madrid Czech Republic Portugal
Spain – Barcelona Hong Kong – 2 Mexico
Unblock US Netflix with ExpressVPN!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN Free Trial

The best does not shy away from demonstrating their products and the same is the case with ExpressVPN. When you subscribe to ExpressVPN you get a free 30-day money-back trial!

That’s pretty much a long testing period, so you can test the VPN service in-depth and try out the different country servers until you’re satisfied, and if you’re not, you get your money back “NO QUESTIONS ASKED”.

ExpressVPN Not Working with Netflix?

The brief reply is that ExpressVPN does work with Netflix. The reasons at the back of this are complicated, so we’ve laid out the fundamentals below so you can apprehend what’s going on.

If your ExpressVPN Netflix is not working especially in Japan, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, or anywhere else, fear not we are here to rescue you.

You might have to change a few settings, but this provider will never let you down.

ExpressVPN Not Working 💡 5 Possible Solutions

The first and foremost thing that you should check is whether you’re connected to a stable internet connection or not.

  1. Check your IP address

    If ExpressVPN won’t work with Netflix, take a look at your IP address for information such as your city or country next to the location chosen when you connected with ExpressVPN.

    If it suggests a place near you, it obviously means you’re now not connected to an ExpressVPN server location, so try connecting again.

  2. There Might Be Something Wrong with your Internet Connection

    To take a look if you have an active internet connection, disconnect from ExpressVPN then try again having accessing a random site without a VPN. If you can’t get entry to even when disconnected from the VPN, take a look at your internet connection.

    However, if you can access it while disconnected from the VPN, try the subsequent solution.

  3. Try Out a Different Server

    Well, with the popularity of Netflix ExpressVPN, it’s bound to happen that servers may get overcrowded. A simple solution is to this problem is to try on a different server.

    If you have access to the internet when disconnected from ExpressVPN but cannot connect to a server location, let’s say you try out the Japanese server but Netflix Japan not working with Expressvpn. Then choose a one-of-a-kind server location from the listing of locations.

    This is most definitely solve your problems.

  4. Play with the Protocol Settings

    Your device connects to ExpressVPN servers using VPN protocols, the default one being the UDP protocol, in the Middle East and some other locations, the server protocol UDP is blocked.

    So change this protocol, and check. If it works it will also help you achieve faster connection speeds. For best performance, pick out the OpenVPN TCP first, then L2TP, and sooner or later PPTP protocols in that order. However, ExpressVPN doesn’t advise using PPTP except it is very crucial to do so as it presents minimal security.

  5. ExpressVPN Not Connecting

    Oh, you so tried all the methods mentioned on the internet and the solution was right there in disabling your Anti-virus or Firewall? Well, that’s cool too. At least we got ExpressVPN working!

    Configure the application creating a blockage to connect ExpressVPN. Change security from High to Medium and allow exceptions to ExpressVPN or UDP ports 1194-1204, or you can simply set it to Trust ExpressVPN.

    If you have the option to reinstall the safety software program or application blocking off ExpressVPN connection, install it after the VPN is already installed so that it approves the VPN to connect by way of first uninstalling ExpressVPN, then uninstall the application blocking the connection, deploy ExpressVPN again, then reinstall the application blocking off the connection.

Unblock US Netflix with ExpressVPN!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Best Alternatives to ExpressVPN Netflix

Well, the King is the Kings, the Knights don’t rule. But in the event that you need to choose an alternative, here are some that never disappoint:

Surfshark: #1 Recommended Best Low-Cost VPN to Unblock Netflix

Anywhere with 1700+ servers in 63+ countries. Despite being a relatively new competitor in the market, Surfshark has all the features packed that a premium service does, in fact, it has some of its own unique features as well.

👉 Get SurfShark for Netflix

PureVPN: Best VPN with Large Number of Servers to watch Netflix

It Offers 2,000+servers in 140+ countries this service surely guarantees a seamless experience to watch Netflix and other restricted websites from anywhere. The best feature for streamers here is that it has its own dedicated streaming dashboard, just click and start watching.

👉 Access Netflix with PureVPN 

NordVPN: Best Credible VPN to watch Netflix

It offers 5467 servers in 59 countries. NordVPN has been around for quite a long time and is also regarded as a great VPN service. Simply connect and stream, no hurdles along the way, no connectivity issues. It just simply works amazingly well!

👉 Unblock Netflix Titles with NordVPN

There are some VPN services that make claims to be working for unblocking Netflix libraries like TunnelBear, Windscribe, IPVanish, and Avast but the reality is they fail or can only be used for switching to one or two libraries. Therefore we never recommend using these services.

ExpressVPN Netflix not Working on Devices

You might sometimes face issues when trying to watch Netflix using ExpressVPN on different devices. This is because there are loopholes in devices and browsers that reveal to the website that a VPN is being used.

But this is easily solvable, so if you’re using, Firestick, ps4, Nvidia shield, you need to check your configurations. Netflix VPN ban and errors like Netflix u7037-1101 usually occurs when Netflix detects your IP. In that case, a reliable IP coupled with a proper device setup is required.

The first few steps that you should take if you encounter any problems connecting to Netflix with ExpressVPN are:

  1. If you’re using the application, clear the cache. If you use a browser clear your browser’s cache.
  2. Try out different servers.
  3. Turn off your GPS.
  4. Restart ExpressVPN and try again.

🎮 ExpressVPN Netflix not working Xbox One

If ExpressVPN is failing to work with your Xbox One, you need to set up ExpressVPN on your router to seamlessly enjoy playing games on your Xbox. Here’s how you can set up your router with ExpressVPN.

📱 Express VPN Netflix not working 2020 Android

Most of the time when ExpressVPN fails to work on Android it is due to the time settings that don’t match with the server connected. Simply go to settings and select the time zone of the country where you want to connect. Also, clear the Netflix app cache.

📟 ExpressVPN Netflix not working iOS/ iPhone/ iPad

To make ExpressVPN work on an iOS device, make sure you have turned off GPS and deactivated all security settings in the system as they often conflict with each other. Change the time zone and regions from the settings section.

📺 ExpressVPN Netflix not working on Apple TV

First of all, make sure, all your VPN settings are correctly configured. Secondly, check out the location settings and change them according to the server you want to connect to.

ExpressVPN Video Quality Test

An amazing feature built-in in this service is its speed test option so that you can find out the fastest servers on your connection and connect.

ExpressVPN Speed test for Video Streaming

If you feel ExpressVPN Netflix getting slow, simply switch to a different server as that particular server might have a lot of traffic. You can also log in ExpressVPN from 5 Devices simultaneously.

Unblock US Netflix with ExpressVPN!30 Days Money Back Guarantee


There are multiple reasons as to why Netflix may not work with ExpressVPN, sometimes the servers get overcrowded, while other times there may be internet issues with your connection or certain security settings.

Yes, you can watch up to 18 Netflix libraries with ExpressVPN including its U.S version.

Free VPNs are usually not credible and does not provide the seamless quality of streaming that is required to watch shows and movies without buffering as our testing found Windscribe and Tunnelbear failed to unblock Netflix. Therefore we recommend using ExpressVPN.

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