How Much Does BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost?


Are you wondering how much a BBC iPlayer subscription cost? Well, the answer may surprise you. BBC iPlayer is a free-to-watch online service that offers a wide range of BBC programming. However, you will need a TV license to watch programs on BBC iPlayer.

This article will discuss the free BBC iPlayer subscription cost and how you can get it. But first, let’s look deeper at what BBC iPlayer is.

BBC iPlayer is an on-demand video service by the BBC that offers lots of content, including BBC iPlayer shows, and movies, among others.

Some of the best BBC iPlayer movies and TV shows include Death in Paradise, Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who, Killing Eve, His Dark Materials, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Superman & Lois, etc.

You can stream this service on compatible mobile phones and tablets, PCs and Macs, Smart TVs, PS5, and other devices. You only need the license, and you’ll be good to go.

BBC iPlayer services are only available to users in the UK due to copyright agreements. To access BBC iPlayer outside UK, such as BBC iPlayer Ireland, for instance, you must use a reliable VPN. A VPN like ExpressVPN will help you to unblock geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite TV shows from anywhere in the world.

So, does BBC iPlayer cost money? Let’s get deeper into the BBC iPlayer subscription in 2022.

How Much Does BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost?

The BBC subscription cost is affordable. So, if you are wondering if the BBC iPlayer subscription cost will take a toll on your pockets? The good news is that the short answer to this question is NO; it won’t cost you a dime.

However, you will need to pay for the yearly license, which costs GB£159 per year. When divided further, you’ll be paying GB£3.02 per week or GB£13.13 per month for the BBC license fee to enjoy streaming your favorite content on BBC iPlayer.

The good thing is that you can pay for this once and enjoy streaming your favorite BBC iPlayer TV shows and movies for a whole year. No streaming service in the United States can match this affordable BBC subscription fee.

The payment is worth it, considering the quality of content you’ll get in return. Since the service is free, it doesn’t offer a free trial. You only need to have the license and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Before then, you could access the BBC iPlayer service without a license since the service was launched long ago when internet usage wasn’t that rampant. However, measures are in place, and you can’t access them without a license.

Doing so will give you an error, asking you if you are covered by a license. Ensure that you get your license to avoid such errors.


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Does BBC iPlayer Require TV Licence?

Yes, BBC iPlayer requires a TV license. So, if you’re wondering, can I watch BBC iPlayer without a TV license? The answer is NO. You need a TV license to access and watch content on BBC iPlayer. The only exception is when watching S4C TV, which doesn’t require a license.

We are yet to see if there will be other exceptions to this rule in the future.

Accessing the BBC iPlayer without a license will give you an error asking you for the license. This error appears on all streaming devices compatible with BBC iPlayer. It is important to note that a TV license differs from a BBC iPlayer subscription.

While the former covers watching live and recorded TV shows, the latter only covers watching on-demand content, and it’s free. Get a license, and you’ll be able to watch all the on-demand content on BBC iPlayer.


You’ll receive this error message if you access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

Is Licence Required for Everything on BBC iPlayer?

Yes, you will need a TV license on BBC iPlayer to access all the on-demand content on the platform. This includes watching all the movies and TV shows available on iPlayer. The only exception is when watching S4C TV on demand.

A license is not a subscription. It covers you to watch both on-demand contents. The BBC iPlayer subscription is absolutely free, and it’s available to all users in the UK, as long as they have acquired the license. You will need a reliable VPN to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

BBC iPlayer Subscription Cost – FAQs

You do not need a license if you do not record or watch BBC on-demand, live, or any other content on its platform. This includes exclusive live, catch-up, or on-demand content. The license is only applicable if you want to watch any of the content on BBC.
The license applies to all providers or devices you will use to access the BBC content, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles such as the PS5, and Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorders, among other compatible devices.

The short answer to this question is NOTHING; there is no BBC iPlayer subscription cost. However, you’ll need a yearly package, so you’ll be paying a BBC license fee of GB£159 per year.
You will also need to pay for your internet services since the iPlayer uses data to stream content. The good thing is that data charges are gradually reducing, and you can get unlimited data plans at an affordable price.

If you try to watch BBC iPlayer without a license, you will get an error asking you to acquire a license. This is because the service is only available to those with a license.
You need to pay for the license before accessing any content on BBC iPlayer.
The only exception is for the students if they fulfill some of the conditions, including using a battery-powered device to access the content, having their parent’s permanent address, and when their parents have a valid TV license.

According to the BBC’s royal charter agreement with the ministry, the money you pay for the TV license caters to the subsidized free TV licenses for the aged receiving the pension credit.
The authorities agreed upon this price. Also, the license caters to the 9 TV channels, 10 National Radio Channels, and regional programs.


The above guide has explained the BBC iPlayer subscription cost and how you can enjoy it in 2022. As highlighted, the BBC iPlayer subscription price is free, and the only thing you need to pay is the TV license fee, which comes at a BBC license fee of GB£159 per year.

You will also need a compatible device and a good internet connection to stream the content without buffering.

Lastly, ensure you have ExpressVPN if you want to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK, and now you know does BBC iPlayer cost money or not. So, follow this guide carefully, and you won’t have problems accessing the BBC iPlayer content. In case you want to delete your BBC iPlayer account, we have a guide on it, but we don’t recommend doing soo

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