How To Watch Cold Case Forensics 2023 From Anywhere

If you are one of the people asking where can I watch Cold case Forensics 2023 from anywhere then don’t worry we got you. ITV is currently unavailable outside UK so we have to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch it anywhere in the world.

Cold case forensics is a crime documentary in three-part and with each episode, Dr. Angela Gallop solves Britain’s most controversial murder case of Rachel Nickell, Lynette White, and Stephen Lawrence. All these three cases that remained unsolved for a decade are now solved by Dr. Angale Gallop and her team.

You can watch this show on ITV and its other channels such as ITV1, ITV2, or ITVX are free-to -watch but it is only accessible in the UK. To watch this show anywhere in the world, you can use a VPN. A VPN will help you bypass the geo-restrictions and let you watch ITV outside UK.

So, without revealing much about this crime documentary let’s move forward, and let me guide you on how to watch cold case forensics free on ITV outside UK with the help of a premium VPN.

How to Watch Cold Case Forensics 2023 from Anywhere [Easy Steps]

To watch cold case forensics on ITV outside UK, you need a VPN because of geo-restriction. Just follow these easy steps and watch ITV from anywhere:

  1. Subscribe to VPN (recommend ExpressVPN due to its fastest speed and buffer-free streaming)
  2. Download VPN to your streaming devices.
  3. Connect to UK server (recommend Dockland server)
  4. Visit the ITV website and create an account
  5. Enjoy streaming COLD CASE FORENSICS 2023 on ITV outside UK

When and Where to Watch Cold Case Forensics 2023 From Anywhere?

When can I watch Cold case Forensic on ITV? You can watch the show on ITVX on February 2nd, 2023.

You can watch the show on ITV for free since it’s a free-of-cost streaming service, but if you want to experience an ad-free version you can try ITV premium package for this you have to pay the ITV subscription cost. You can watch ITV’s content like ITV’s best shows like the unforgotten series or ITV’s best movies on ITV’s free trial.

What is the Plot Cold Case Forensics?

The upcoming documentary series, Cold Case Forensics, aims to uncover the forensic techniques that have successfully resolved some of Britain’s most contentious murder cases. The series provides viewers with the premiere date, episode guide, release schedule, and other essential information, and streaming the true crime episodes online is easy.

Dr. Angela Gallop and her team use their methods to discover the clues that led to the capture of the killers. The mini-series explores the tragic deaths of Rachel Nickell, Lynette White, and Stephen Lawrence, each of which had previously been unsuccessfully investigated by the police but were eventually solved by Dr. Angela and her team’s expertise.

The narration for this documentary is performed by Nicola Walker.

How Many Episodes are in Cold Case Forensics 2023?

Cold case forensics 2023 is a three-episode crime documentary series, with each episode Dr. Angela Gallop and her team solve a case that was unsolvable.

Episode 1: The Murder of Rachel Nickell (February 2, 2023)

The first episode covers the investigation o Rachel Nickell and her three-year-old son that were found stabbed to death, and it is also said that Rachel was sexually assaulted and the man who was suspected is Colin Stagg, this took place in 1992.

Episode 2: The Murder of Lynette White (February 9, 2023)

In 1988 it was valentine’s day and a girl named Lynette White was brutally murdered by stabbing more than 50 times. A group of men known as the Cardiff five was falsely convicted in 1990, they were released by the end of 1992 and a new team of detectives start working on this case when a white man covered in blood was seen near the scene.

Episode 3: The Murder of Stephen Lawrence (February 16, 2023)

The brutal and racially motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence in London in 1993 remained unsolved for more than ten years. Eventually, Dr. Angela uncovered the entire narrative behind this infamous and appalling killing, identifying the killer responsible for the crime.

Why ExpressVPN Is the Best VPN to Watch Cold Case Forensics 2023 on ITV from anywhere?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ITV to watch cold case forensics 2023 on ITV from anywhere because of its fast speed, strong security and it gives reliable performance.

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With this VPN you can get three pricing options. You may sign up for the 1-year plan for a reasonable GB£5.39/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 12-month plan) to get the best deal.

Who is Rachel Nickell And What Happened To Her?

One day Rachel Nickell was on the walk with her son Alexander and she get killed by a man who stabbed her 50 times and also sexually assaulted her, an innocent man was convicted at first but after the investigation by the police in 2008 led to the conviction of her killer, Robert Napper.

Who is Stephen Lawrance?

Stephen Lawerence was a black British teenager of 18 years old who got murdered for racial reasons in London. A group of white young boys attacked him at the bus stop where he was with his friend waiting for a bus. He died in 1993 and he got his justice in 2012 after 20 years of investigation.

FAQs-Watch cold case forensics on ITV outside the UK

Cold case forensics is not available on Netflix to stream but you can watch this crime documentary on ITVX for free.

Yes, Cold Case Forensics is a must-see documentary as it offers captivating glimpses into the world of forensic science and crime-solving. The educational value of the program makes it an ideal choice for anyone interested in the criminal justice system and crime-solving.

To watch cold case forensics online outside the UK for free is easy just follow these steps:
1. Sign up for ExpressVPN.
2. Download and install the VPN app.
3. Connect to your VPN UK servers.
4. Enjoy streaming cold case forensics for free outside uk.

You can watch cold case forensics on ITVx by downloading the ITVX app and create an free account, if you are outside UK use VPN to access and stream cold case forensics on ITVX outside UK.

Wrapping Up!

if you’re a crime documentary fan cold case forensics is for you! It’s a three-part series solving some of the most brutal murders in history.

You can now watch cold case forensics 2023 on ITV from anywhere. You don’t have to miss any of the investigations, try using ExpressVPN to access ITV and enjoy streaming for free!

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