How to Watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK

Watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK

Get ready for an amazing new year ahead as America Got Talent All-Stars 2023 will premiere on January 02, 2023, on NBC. Considering the platform’s geo-restrictions, we’re here to explain how to watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK.

The only way to catch all the amazing performances and heart-stopping moments of America’s Got Talent All Stars 2023 on NBC from abroad is to use a VPN like ExpressVPN. 

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Watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK – Easy Steps

Follow these easy steps to watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK:

  • Get a VPN service, preferably ExpressVPN.
  • Set Up the VPN on your device.
  • Connect with the USA server.
  • Go to the NBC website and begin watching your favorite show.

Where Can I Watch America Got Talent All-Stars?

You can watch America Got Talent All-Stars on NBC. Unfortunately, America Got Talent All-Stars is only available for viewing in the US. But fear not, for there is still a way to catch all the thrilling performances and electrifying moments of the show!

All you need is a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass those pesky geo-restrictions and access NBC from anywhere in the world. Don’t let location stand in the way of your AGT All-Stars viewing pleasure – grab a VPN and tune in from wherever you are!

When does America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 Premiere?

On January 02, 2023, America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 premiered on NBC. Get ready to witness some of the most talented and entertaining acts from past seasons as they compete for the chance to be crowned the ultimate All-Star.

Will your favorite act make a comeback? Who will rise to the top and claim victory? The only way to find out is to tune in and watch America’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023 on NBC.

What is the Plot of America Got Talent All Stars?

The All-Stars 2023 edition of the hit show is bringing back some of the most talented, memorable, and beloved acts from previous seasons to compete for the ultimate All-Star title.

From winners and finalists to fan favorites and viral sensations, these performers are ready to take the stage once again and showcase their incredible skills and entertainment value.

It’s a chance for these seasoned veterans to prove that they’ve still got what it takes to captivate an audience and come out on top. Don’t miss out on this chance to see some of your favorite acts return to the America’s Got Talent stage – tune in to the All-Stars 2023 edition and see who will be crowned the ultimate All-Star!

Who is judging and hosting AGT: All-Stars?

Following are the America’s Got Talent judges and hosts:

Music mogul Simon Cowell
Supermodel Heidi Klum
Comedian Howie Mandel.
AGT: All-Stars is hosted by Terry Crews, an American actor and former football player.

Who are the contestants on America’s Got Talent 2022?

Here is the full list of contestants of America’s Got Talent Champions 2022:

Sr No. Contestant Name Genre Act
1 Mervant Vera Magic Magician
2 Veranica & Her Incredible Friends Animals Dog Act
3 Ben Lapidus Singing Singer
4 XOMG Pop Dancing Pop Group
5 The Pack Drumline Music Drumline Group
6 Celia Munoz Singing Ventriloquist
7 April and Sarah Animals Animal Act
8 Jack Grady Magic Magician
9 Burning Joe Danger Stunt
10 Avery Dixon Music Saxophone
11 Lee Collision Singing Singer
12 Mike E. Winfield Comedy Stand-up Comedian
13 Shu Takada Variety YoYo Artist
14 Pepino The Mini Horse Animals Horse Act
15 Aiko Tanaka Comedy Stand-up Comedian
16 Anthony Kapfer Singing Singer
17 Drake Milligan Music Musician
18 Funkanometry Dancing Dancing Duo
19 Fusion Japan Dancing Dance Group
20 George Comedy Stand-up Comedian
21 Jojo & Bri Singing Singing Duo
22 Madison Baez Singing Singer
23 Marvin Achi Variety Bodybuilding
24 Meta Physic Variety AI Software
25 The Bock and Roll Band Music Animal Act
26 Waylon Napadogan Music Musician
27 Zeno Sputafuoco Danger Stunts
28 Zombie Ballet Dancing Dance Group
29 Viviana Rossi Dancing Aerial Dance
30 Blade to Blade Danger Knives Throwing
31 Duo Rag Dolls Dancing Dancing Duo
32 Harper Singing Singer
33 Hayden Krystal Comedy Stand-up Comedy
34 Jack Williams Comedy Ventriloquist
35 Max Ostler Dancing Dancer
36 Players Choir Singing Singing Group
37 Oleksandr Yenivatov Circus Contortion
38 Sara James Singing Singer
39 The Brown Brothers Singing Singer/ Pianist
40 Urban Crew Flyers Dancing Dancing Group
41 Justin Rupple Comedy Stand-up Comedian
42 Ethan Jan Others Rubik’s Cube Solver
43 The Glamour Aussies Animals Dog Act
44 Manny D’Mago Magic Magician
45 Lace Larrabee Comedy Stand-up Comedy
46 Mayyas Dancing Dancing Group
47 Kristen Cruz Singing Singer
48 Kristy Sellars Dancing Dancer
49 Connor King Comedy Stand-up Comedian
50 Jannick Holste Magic Illusion
51 Cubcakes Dancing Dance Group
52 Chris James Comedy Stand-up Comedian
53 Kieran Rhodes Singing Singer
54 Fakir Testa Danger Danger Act
55 Cline Twins Others Hockey Tricks
56 Abbie and Ellie Smith Singing Singing Duo
57 Chiko Body Balancing Acrobats
58 Connor Johnson Music Musician
59 Jordan Conley Comedy Stand-up Comedy
60 Keegan Comedy Bicycle Comedy
61 Lily Meola Singing Singer
62 Marcus Terell Dancing Dance
63 Merissa Beddows Singing Singer
64 Mia Morris Music Musician
65 MPLUSPLUS Others Stage Technologist
66 Mr. Pants Comedy Comedian
67 Nicholas Ribs Magic Magician
68 Siegfried and Joy Magic Magicians
69 The Dremeka Choir Singing Choir
70 Willem Roelants Music Musician
71 Acapop! Kids Music Music Group
72 Adam Winrich Acrobatic Whip Act
73 Alex Rivers Music Violinist
74 Balla Brothers Acrobatic Acrobats
75 Ben Waites Singing Gospel Singer
76 Dino Don Comedy Dinosaur Comedy
77 Duo Forza Acrobatic Acrobats
78 Duo Rings Acrobatic Acrobats
79 Erica Glenn Dancing Comedy Dance
80 Harry The Gorillagician Magic Magician
81 Henry & Klauss Illusion Illusionist
82 Parrot Man Comedy Comedy
83 Shenay Kloss Others Novelty Act
84 Stefanny and Yeeremy Dancing Dancing Duo
85 Travis Japan Sing/Dance Singing/Dancing Group
86 Wyn Starks Singing Singer
87 Alex & Daria Comedy Comedian
88 Amanda Mammana Singing Singer
89 Amoukanama Acrobat Acrobatic Group
90 Ballet After Dark Dancing Ballet Group
91 Chapel Hart Music Music Group
92 Jack The Whipper Others Whipper Act
93 John Glenn High School Dance Team Dancing Dance Group
94 Maytree Music Music Group
95 Professor Murat’s Flea Circus Circus Novelty Act
96 Sam Ciere Singing Singer
97 Sergio & Lucy Comedy Comedians
98 Sing Harlem Singing Choir
99 Svitlana Rohozhyna Aerial Aerialist
100 The Lazy Generation Novelty Novelty Act
101 Wenzl McGowen Music Instrumentalist
102 Yu Hojin Magic Magician
103 Auzzy Blood Danger Danger Act
104 Ava Swiss Singing Singer
105 Bayley Graham Dancing Dancer
106 Catwall Acrobats Acrobatics Acrobats
107 Ciara Hines & Trey Rich Dancing Dancers Duo
108 Debbii Dawson Singing Singer
109 Don McMillan Comedy Comedian
110 Duo Mico Acrobatics Acrobatic Duo
111 Freckled Zelda Music Musician
112 Gina Stahl-Haven Comedy Stand-up Comedian
113 Kim Evey Comedy Stand-up Comedian
114 Jessica Fishenfeld Singing Opera Singer
115 Maxence VIRE Magic Magician
116 Rcc Aruba Dancing Circus + Dancing Group
117 The Big Apple Comedy Comedy Act
118 Aubrey Burchell Singing Singer
119 Bay Turner Singing Singer
120 Camille K Singing Singer + Guitarist
121 David Snyder Singing Singer
122 Emily Bland Comedy Stand-up Comedian
123 Mind2Mind Others Mentalists
124 Mr. Moo Shakes Comedy Drummer
125 Neguin Dancing Dancer
126 Penny Star Sr. Comedy Comedy Act
127 The Lads Acrobats Acrobatics Duo
128 The Nerveless Nocks Stunt Daredevil Act
129 Unreal Crew Dancing Dance Group
130 Waffle Dancing Dance Group

Is there a Trailer of America Got Talent All Stars 2023?

Yes, there is a trailer of America Got Talent All Stars 2023.Watch it here:

Why ExpressVPN is  the Best VPN to Watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch American Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK because, with its fast and reliable connection speeds, you can stream AGT All Stars 2023 in HD quality without any buffering.

ExpressVPN is also secure and private, so you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping on your online activities. It has top-of-the-line encryption and advanced security protocols, so your data is always safe and secure.

Here’s a detailed description of this provider’s features:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK

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ExpressVPN is able to unlock content that is geographically restricted, enabling you to access it on services such as US NetflixParamount PlusHulu, and others.

In addition to that, you have the ability to unlock other future shows such as Without SinThe Established Home Season 2A Toast to 2022! and Lizzo Live Concert, and other programs of a similar kind.


The $1,000,000 prize is awarded as a financial annuity spread out over forty years to America’s Got Talent winners, or the cash worth of the annuity as of the time of the competition’s conclusion.

The last five winners of AGT are:

Season 17 won by Mayyas
Season 16 won by Dustin Tavella
Season 15 won by Brandon Leake
Season 14 won by Kodi Lee
Season 13 won by Shin Lim

Terry Fator is the most successful America’s Got Talent winner. This ventriloquist won the second season of America’s Got Talent and is now a major star.

Wrapping It Up:

In conclusion, if you’re an avid America’s Got Talent fan and want to watch the All Stars edition of 2023, but you’re in UK, don’t worry! You can still access the show by using ExpressVPN.

With its fast speeds, strong security measures, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN is the perfect solution to watch America Got Talent All Stars 2023 in UK. So don’t miss out on the excitement – get ExpressVPN now and tune in to AGT All Stars 2023 without any hassle.

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