How To Get Vudu Free Trial in UK [Updated 2022]


Vudu is an ad-supported streaming platform and digital video store quite popular all across the USA. People use the platform to watch blockbuster movies, shows, and other series and can rent digital copies of movies.

Primarily owned by Walmart, Vudu now belongs to Fandango Media. One of the key features of Vudu is its rented content availability.

Since it’s a geo-blocked platform and only available for US residents which means you can’t enjoy streaming Vudu in UK unless you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to get access to the best Vudu movies and Vudu shows to stream in the UK.

Once rented, as a user, you have 30 days to stream that content in UK, and once started, you have somewhere between a day or two to watch the rental.

Looking at the lucrative features of the service, a Vudu free trial is one of the most sought-after.

Does Vudu Have a Free Trial in UK?

Sadly, there is no Vudu free trial for users because the platform provides free movies, shows, and series to stream with ads. The streaming platform allows users to buy or rent TV series and movies that are not available on the free version.

Generally, a movie rental fee ranges from 2.49GBP to 4.98GBP. However, newer releases of TV shows (full seasons) can cost 16.59GBP and beyond for rental or purchase. The platform does not offer a subscription plan to its users, so there is no Vudu free trial available in UK.

What is Vudu’s Free Content to watch in UK?


Access the collection of Vudu content for free.

With Vudu, users can access thousands of movies, series, and shows for free in UK. The service is free; you can access it after creating an account without even having to input a payment method or getting a Vudu subscription in the UK. But you have to watch a lot of ads while watching Vudu content in UK.

Generally, 20 minutes of an episode contain four blocks of advertisement. Even though Vudu offers 10,000 free movies and TV shows, most of the content is older and less popular among the audience. Most of these free movies and shows are not well known and relatively inexpensive.

On the site’s free version, you can view shows and movies in 1080p. The platform only offers new or popular releases for rental without a free trial on Vudu. The rental/ purchase videos are also available in 4K quality.

What are the Special Features Of Vudu UK?


You can enjoy movies and shows with its advanced features!

Is Vudu free in UK? Yes, and that’s why you can’t sign up for Vudu free trial, but there are different features of Vudu that most other streaming platforms don’t offer. Take a look:

  • After you Sign up for Vudu, you will see that the platform is easy to navigate.
  • A basic function of the streaming platform is to provide instructions on how to use it. The video-on-demand platform offers a very user-friendly navigation experience. There is no need to use a free Vudu trial to understand the functions.
  • The most amazing feature of Vudu’s free trial with ads is that you can organize your shows depending on the genre, which is really helpful for movie lovers.
  • The platform offers special kids’ content so that you can enjoy Vudu content with your family and little ones.
  • By spending only US$2, you can convert the disc to digital movies and watch them later if you want. It will help you to watch your favorite movies without any internet connection.
  • You can watch Vudu content from any location, making it a unique streaming platform.

But still, you get bored while streaming Vudu, so you can cancel Vudu subscription at any time in UK.

FAQs – Vudu Free Trial in UK

No, it does not offer a 30-day free trial as there is no Vudu subscription as such. After you sign up for an account or rent a video, you don’t have the option of a Vudu free trial UK.

Yes, you can watch Vudu for free in UK. The streaming platform offers thousands of free content to its users. The content includes movies, shows, and Vudu originals. You can use all of this content with ads.

Yes, Vudu still offers free movies to its users with advertisements. The library of free movies and TV shows on Vudu is moderately large, with over 10,000 titles. The platform offers rental or purchases service for exclusive movies and shows that are not free.


After signing up for Vudu for the first time, you can start watching movies, series, and shows for free. You have to pay rent; different rental options are available or purchase to watch exclusive content in UK. However, no Vudu free trial is available per se.

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