How to Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 in UK


Good news for anime fans as the seventh and final season of the animated series Trolls: TrollsTopia will be released on Hulu. So, the fans who are wondering how to watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 in UK can relax because we will explain how a VPN can solve their problem!

Hulu has channel content licensing rights that enable geo-restrictions to the US alone. However, with a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can avoid missing out on this TV series.

Here’s how to do it:

Easy Steps – Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 in UK

There are easy steps to watch Trolls: TrollsTopia season 7 in UK. A VPN like ExpressVPN will unlock the geo-restrictions placed on Hulu and give you access to stream trending TV series and movies. Check out these four easy steps:

  • Download a VPN—we recommend ExpressVPN because it is so well-optimized
  • Consider one of its subscription packages and purchase it
  • Connect to one of the available American servers in the VPN
  • Visit the Hulu website and sign in with your login information to start streaming Trolls: TrollsTopia season 7 in UK.

Where Can I Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia?

You can watch Trolls: TrollsTopia on Hulu. However, to comply with copyright agreements, Hulu uses a geo-blocking mechanism to prevent users from accessing its content in UK. You won’t be able to access Hulu if you reside in UK or are a US citizen traveling abroad.

A VPN like ExpressVPN can help you in this situation. Your internet traffic is redirected through a distant server while the VPN conceals your real IP address. You can stream your favorite TV series and movies on Hulu without interruption.

When does Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 Release?

The release date for Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 is the 11th of August 2022. There will be 7 episodes in total, broken up into 14 segments. Like every season of Trolls, TrollsTopia will be available on Peacock and Hulu.

Trolls: TrollsTopia is a DreamWorks Animation and Atomic Cartoons television series that premiered on Hulu and Peacock on the 19th of November, 2020. Similar to Trolls: The Beat Goes On, it is a follow-up series to the film Trolls: World Tour that explores the implication of its plot.

The name “TrollTopia” was gotten from the Pop Troll Queen Poppy’s project to unite all the trolls and have them live in peace while interacting and exchanging music and culture.

What is the Trolls: Trolls Topia Season 7 Plot?

The Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 plot covers the story of Poppy and the Trolls. Anything is possible in TrollsTopia with a little cooperation, some glitter, and lots of fun!

When R&B’s pancake breakfast fails, and Val’s vacation doesn’t go as planned, Poppy and the Trolls devise some inventive solutions. And after receiving a scholarship to attend Cloud College, Cloud Guy starts looking for a replacement to irritate Branch while he is away. But is there one at all?

Who is in the Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 Cast?

Amanda Leighton plays a major role, and she plays the role of Queen Poppy, the amiable and upbeat Pop Troll queen who devised the TrollsTopia experiment. Other characters in the TV series include:

Skylar Astin voicing Branch Ron Funches voicing Cooper
Lauren Mayhew voicing Val Thundershock Sean T. Krishnan voicing Guy Diamond
Megan Hilty voicing Holly Darlin’ Kenan Thompson voicing Tiny Diamond
JP Karliak voicing Dante Crescendo Kevin Michael Richardson voicing Smidge
Michael-Leon Wooley voicing Lownote Jones David Kaye voicing King Peppy
Vladimir Caamaño voicing Synth Declan Churchil Carter voicing Keith
Charles DeWayne voicing Demo Abby Ryder Fortson voicing Priscilla
Eric Lopez voicing  Gust Tumbleweed Kyla Carter voicing CJ Suki
Jeanine Mason voicing Minuet Sonata Gary Cole voicing Sky Toronto
Kat Graham voicing Rhythm & Blues Matt Lowe voicing Striped Smiley
Anita Kalathara voicing Laguna Tidepool

How many episodes are available in Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7?

There will be 7 episodes to be released in Trolls: Trolls Topia Season 7. The series uses the same visual aesthetic as Trolls: The Beat Goes On! but with improved animation.

In this series, numerous Trolls from earlier 2D animations come back, as do their voice actors, including supporting and minor roles. DreamWorks also filed several trademark applications for this series.

How many seasons of TrollsTopia are there?

There are 7 seasons of TrollsTopia, with the seventh season in theaters from the 11th of August 2022. There are six seasons in theaters already, and below is a breakdown of the seasons, number of episodes, and segments.








Release date

1 13 26 19th November 2020
2 6 12 18th March 2021
3 7 14 10th June 2021
4 6 12 2nd September 2021
5 7 14 9th December 2021
6 6 12 17th February 2022
7 7 14 11th August 2022

When can we see a promo of Troll: TrollsTopia Season 7?

You can watch the promo of Troll: TrollsTopia Season 7 on Youtube. The animation TV series Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 will be available to watch in theaters and for streaming from the 11th of August 2022.

Is there going to be TrollsTopia Season 7?

Yes, there will be a season 7 for the TrollsTopia TV series. Trolls: TrollsTopia has centered its storyline on the issues Poppy’s clan faces, and this trend will continue in the upcoming season.

Poppy makes an effort to avoid the issues and restore harmony. She made an effort to bring the congress group together. This will also carry over into the upcoming season. Each episode, however, focuses on a different character and their issues. Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 will consequently undergo the same thing.

Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 6 Review?

The sixth season of TrollsTopia was released on Peacock and Hulu on the 17th of February 2022. There are 6 episodes in total, each broken up into 12 segments. In the sixth season, Poppy decides to invite Trolls from all of the musical tribes to build an incredible TrollsTopia. The introduction of fresh, unique characters serves to highlight everything that makes each tribe unique.

Is Trolls: TrollsTopia Worth Watching?

Definitely, Trolls: TrollsTopia is worth watching. The TV show is vibrant, filled with endearing characters, and has clear, uplifting messages. One important lesson to take away from this is that everyone can find happiness within themselves and that you shouldn’t have to change who you are to win someone over.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best Hulu VPN to Watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 in UK?

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Mathew Beans is the executive producer of Trolls: TrollsTopia TV series. He has won 5 awards and nominations in the movie industry. Matthew Ireland Beans is a writer and producer known for Robot Chicken in 2001, Trolls: The Beat Goes On!  in 2018, and Robot Chicken: Star Wars III in 2010.

Queen Barb was mentioned in the TrollsTopia episode but hasn’t yet made an appearance in Trolls: TrollsTopia. She also appeared in the uplifting web series Trolls Scrapbook Stories. She embarked on a second tour for the mini-series, after which she and Debbie began paying frequent visits to Poppy.

Maddy is the light blue complexioned Troll with darker blue hair and a beautiful blue nose. Compared to most of Trolls, she has a distinctive, elegant-looking hairstyle. She is dressed in a white dress, a pink belt, and a pouch for hair accessories.

Wrap Up

Due to channel content licensing agreements and rights, Hulu is geographically restricted to the US. The best approach to watch Trolls: TrollsTopia Season 7 in UK is by using a VPN. Get ExpressVPN to access Hulu from in UK and stream your favorite movies and TV series.

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