How to Get HBO Max Roku in UK? [Quick Guide]


Wondering how to get HBO Max Roku in UK? Since it is a geo-restricted platform, therefore, to watch HBO Max in UK, you’ll first need a top-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN.

HBO Max is the streaming platform from heritage provider HBO, which was formerly renowned for presenting theatrical release films and sports, as well as original programs and movies like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.

It is available on a variety of devices. In fact, it can also be watched on any Roku TV. Below we have discussed in detail why a VPN is required to watch HBO Max Roku in UK.

HBO Max Roku in UK: How Can I Get It?

While HBO Max is accessible on various streaming devices, it can also be watched on any Roku TV or Roku player operating Roku OS 10.0 or later.

You may verify your device’s operating system by heading to the Home screen, then Options, System, and About.

If the Roku device is too old to allow OS 10.0, you will need to upgrade to stream on it. Besides Roku, you can also get HBO Max on Apple TV.

Quick Installation Guide on HBO Max Roku in UK

It’s easy to add HBO Max to your Roku player in UK:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service like ExpresssVPN.
  • Connect to the server in the US. (we prefer New York)
  • On your Roku remote, click the Home button
  • To locate Streaming Channels, scroll up or down.
  • Select Search Channels
  • When you find HBO Max, highlight it with the arrow key on your Roku remote.
  • To access information, press the OK key on the Roku remote.
  • Select Add Channel.
  • This will add HBO Max to your Home display’s list of streaming networks.
  • Voila, now you have HBO Max Roku installed.

If you wish to sign in, read further to know how much does HBO Max cost?

How to set up HBO Max on Roku in UK via a website?

Many customers are unaware that you may simply install the HBO Max app to their Roku device by visiting the Roku website.

  • Go to the Roku website and sign in to your Roku account.
  • After logging in, hover your cursor over your account symbol in the top-right area and pick Channel shop.
  • Launch the Roku website on your PC. Roku; William Antonelli/Insider.
  • Find HBO Max in the highlighted channels list.
  • Click +Add channel, or browse for it.
  • Select Details, then +Add channel.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch HBO Max on Roku in UK?

HBO Max is one of the few networks unavailable in UK due to geo-restrictions. If you attempt to access that in UK, the following error notice will appear:

Sorry, HBO MAX isn’t available in your region yet!

HBO Max Geo Error

HBO Max geo-restriction error

Therefore, you’ll need a VPN that helps you switch your location to the US. This way, you can watch it in UK on Roku or any other device.

While discussing the VPNs that work with HBO Max, you may wonder if ExpressVPN works with HBO Max. The answer is yes, ExpressVPN is compatible.

How to Download HBO Max Content on Roku in UK?

Previous HBO applications did not support offline downloading. Fortunately, the new and enhanced HBO Max allows you to download more than 30 programs simultaneously. The caveat is that you must do it on portable devices, not Roku.

Like other streaming applications, HBO Max provides you 48 hours after you push play to complete your program before it deletes itself. If you don’t open the file, it will remain in the downloads folder for 1 month before disappearing.

  • Go to the content you want to download after opening the App on your phone.
  • Following the video, select the Download icon.
  • After the film has been entirely downloaded, it will only be available in a Downloads folder.

Top Rated Shows & Movies to Watch on HBO Max Roku in UK

Following are the top-rated shows and movies to watch on HBO Max Roku in UK:


The Family Restaurant The Vow The Hunger Games
And Just Like That Season 2 I Love You, Man The Cleaning Lady
Telemarketers Gossip Girls The Dead Files Season 15


The Fallout Creed I & II We Own This City
South Side The Menu Black Adam
All That Breathes Donyale Luna: Supermodel Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal

Other Streaming Services Available on Roku in 2023 in UK?

On Roku, besides HBO Max, there are nearly 4,000 channels covering TV, news, sports, cinema, health, streaming music, and film with a terrific combination of free and subscription-based programs.

Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are some of the most well-known VOD systems on Roku.

Then there’s Twitch for die-hard gamers, ESPN for sports fans, and, of course, The Roku Channel, which offers a rotating selection of free movies and TV episodes.

How much does HBO Max Cost on Roku in UK?

The HBO Max cost as of now is $15.99 per month Ad-Free plan and $9.99 per month with Ads until the user cancels their membership.

You may opt to make your payment monthly or annually. Annual Membership saves you 16% on either plan you’ve selected.

There is also HBO Max Free Trial for 7 days which is accessible via TV providers like Hulu, DirecTV Stream, and AT & T.

HBO Max Not Working On Roku in UK – [Easy Fixes]

Go through the following steps if HBO Max is not working:

  • Examine DownDetector
  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Disable Your VPN
  • Restart the Roku
  • Update your Roku device
  • Delete the Roku Cache
  • Set a new password on your profile and do a factory reset.

Compatible Devices for HBO Max

In addition to Roku, you can get HBO Max on Firestick, along with it can be streamed on

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • LG TV
  • Chromebooks and Chromecast
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S,
  • PlayStation 4 & 5, PC,
  • Android phones, and
  • Mac computers.

HBO Max Roku in UK – FAQs

HBO Max is compatible with your Roku streaming device or Roku TVTM if it runs Roku OS 9.3 or above. Navigate to the Main screen and choose Settings > System > About to discover this information. Your Roku device looks for updates every 24 and 36 hours, and you may check for updates manually if required.

No, there is no way to watch for free unless you own a cable, satellite, or wifi package.

It’s reasonable to assume that Roku devices older to allow OS 10.0 will not have accessibility to HBO Max. Keep in mind that without an approved app, you’re restricted from taking detours.

  • On your main screen, highlight (do not tap) the HBO Max application.
  • On your remote, press the star/asterisk button.
  • Choose Manage membership.
  • Follow the directions after clicking Cancel membership.

You may also go to, log in to your profile, and then select Manage your memberships. Locate HBO Max and select Cancel membership.

HBO Max may be combined with select Comcast Xfinity packages – check for discounts in your area, especially because Comcast only runs in certain areas. Or, you’ll have to subscribe for Max just like any other Roku subscription.


After considering your alternatives, you may have a good notion of how to watch HBO Max Roku in UK. I’ve mentioned the Quick installation guide on HBO Max Roku in UK.

It’s a straightforward process. However, if you’re having trouble streaming, try using the best VPN for broadcasting, likeExpressVPN.

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