Piers Morgan Says Prince Harry’s & Meghan’s Behavior Towards The Queen is “Sickening”

Here’s Why Piers Morgan takes Everything “Meghan” So Personally - Calls Oprah Interview Trash.

Piers Morgan has once again hit out there at the behaviour of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The former Good Morning Britain presenter came out on Fox News on Monday night to chat to broadcaster Sean Hannity. And also the 56-year-old did not hold back as he criticized Meghan and Harry once more for their “ridiculous behaviour“.

The American host came out to goad Piers into the talk at the beginning of their conversation. The 59-year-old admitted he believed that the Duchess and Duke of Sussex had been hypocrites for calling the very first Amendment “bonkers” while simultaneously utilizing independence of speech to trash the Royal Family.

After setting up the discussion for Piers to proceed without really asking a question, Piers replied: “Yeah, I believe it is totally absurd.

Further commenting, Morgan also pointed out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to use their royal privileges while making massive deals with businesses such as Netflix and Spotify. However simultaneously they disgrace the Royal Family and the monarchy.

A Twitter user tweeted,

I’m not a fan of the Royal Family anyway, but Harry and Meghan cannot have their cake and eat it. They left the royal side. They should be treated as normal people. They have had their say about it all now. We are not going to have the royal side of things.

Piers once again mentioned that Meghan made seventeen “false” claims in her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey and also questioned at what point he is allowed to not need to apologize for disbelieving an individual he calls a “liar“.

The fallout has been a massive talking point across the world in the weeks since the intense interview with lots of people split on their opinion.

Morgan Stated:

I think it’s sickening to people over here in the UK. We’ve just seen the Queen with the American president, Joe Biden, and you can see what a magnificent lady she is. The Queen must be worried sick about her husband. She and Prince Philip have worked so hard for seven decades now to preserve the monarchy. In two hours Prince Harry has allowed his wife to trash everything they stand for. I just do not get what he is thinking.

And while Piers goes on to criticize the behaviour of the pair, there may still be the opportunity to create bridges between Harry, Meghan as well as the Royal Family.

Another Twitter user commented saying,

Sickened is a bit extreme Piers, I think she had a few valid points, I also think Harry probably holds a lot of resentment, anyway I’m glad it’s over, let’s move on.

As it is quite obvious that Morgan has his own personal grievances against Meghan, he is glorifying the Queen and Kate Middleton as an opposing strategy…He praised the Queen’s grace and commitment to duty, even at the age of 95.

On the other hand, he called Kate the ultimate bond that has kept the entire Royal family together amidst all the happenings!

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