“Preacher” Star, Dominic Cooper Loses His 5th Car to Theft Within a Year!

The Preacher star, who is 43, opened up on Sunday that his close to heart Jaguar XF has been’ stolen’ from the driveway of his home. He’s furious after the pricey Jaguar XF of his went missing over on Saturday – after a Ferrari, an additional Jaguar, a Range Rover as well as vintage Austin Healey in posh Primrose Hill was stolen within a year.

Appealing for info over the whereabouts of his car on the Instagram page his alongside a photograph of the car, Dominic wrote:

Happy Father’s Day. This has just been pinched. Can’t be far. If you’re in North London please keep an eye out. Thank you ever so much.

jaguar Dominic Cooper stolen

A Marvel source stated that it’s not just about the cars or the money, Cooper is a petrol head, so all these cars were really special for him. Further adding that to say he is shattered would be a downplay.

The theft took place only 4 weeks after his collectable Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 costing £83,000 was taken from outside his place.

ferrari_dominic cooper_stolen

And the run of his unfortunate experience with automobiles goes back to July 2020 when his 1950 Austin Healy automobile, with a cost nearing £65,000, was also got stolen.Austin Healy

As a replacement he got a red Jaguar F Type coupe p 300 – It too was pinched shortly after.

The next month, his Range Rover that he’d been using to provide food to NHS members, had also been stolen, sparking a plea on social networking platforms for the return of his car.

range rover dominic cooper

Dominic feels he is being targeted as well as requested residents in the Primrose Hill neighbourhood to become aware over automobile gangs.

Though the most recent theft has left him especially aggrieved provided he believed he was done with the problem. After appealing for help to find his latest stolen motor on Instagram, his followers were quick to show their support.

A spokesperson for Dominic stated:

Dominic was a victim of a spate of thefts and after a month’s past he thought he’s cracked it. But after being targeted over the weekend, he’s totally gutted and completely ruined his Father’s Day. Now he feels like this drama is never going to end.

However, not all fans on social media were siding Cooper. While one advised getting greater security another one told him to build a garage.

At the beginning of this year, MailOnline solely revealed that Dominic’s stolen Ferrari was discovered in a junkyard.

The extraordinary 1978 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 was recovered by authorities in February, many miles from the star’s north London house.

Thieves hotwired the shiny red vehicle as it was parked outside Cooper’s home in the posh area of Primrose Hill, with police locating it days afterwards at a junkyard more than 80 KM far in Reigate, Surrey, along with 4 other stolen vehicles.

MailOnline was informed that the 1978 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, has been taken into police custody, the dash has been strenuously damaged and the systems wires had been pulled out and cut.

The Metropolitan Police stated that the car was not in its best condition and required some cleaning and polishing. Furthermore, the authorities said that the car was recuperated in Surrey.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson stated that:

On February 19 we received a report that a vehicle had been stolen from Primrose Hill. The theft is believed to have occurred earlier the same day.

While a spokesperson from the Surrey Police added:

We can confirm a number of vehicles, which are believed to have been stolen, were recovered at an address in Betchworth on February 23. Enquiries remain ongoing.

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