Thugs Grab & Headlock U.K Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, Calling Him A Liar – Piers Morgan Bursts On Twitter


New footage arrived on the scene on Monday where Chris Whitty can be seen grappled by two young guys brandishing a video cam in the medic’s face while he attempted to run away.

The unknown males were shouting to call him demanding for a photograph as they move harassing England’s chief healthcare officer throughout the encounter within St James’s Park, London As he tried to escape from the hooligans, they try to grab him one time more and action in place for the digital camera.

And Ex-Good Morning Britain multitude Piers got the event to social platforms to condemn the thug’s measures.

Morgan retweeted the horrific scenes demonstrating the act and captioned the post: “Disgusting.”

Piers Morgan has criticized footage that proved in place on Monday night time of two hooligans accosting England’s chief healthcare officer Chris Whitty.

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Adil Ray from Good Morning Britain along with Boris Johnson requested that Chris Whitty should be provided with extra security.

He wrote:

This is an utterly disgusting way to treat a person who has devoted his time to save our lives. These complete and utter imbeciles must be found and dealt with. Meanwhile @BorisJohnson please provide Chris Whitty with security.

Ex-footballer Stan Collymore stated:

Feel for Chris Whitty. Absolute feral f***ing dogs.

Many other celebrities and famous faces also took to Twitter to condemn the actions.

Sadly, it’s not the very first time Prof Whitty is actually accosted on the street. Even in Feb, a TikTok app user recorded himself pushing Chris and also on the other end called him a liar related to the Covid 19 virus.

Once again Piers condemned the activities as well as defended England’s chief healthcare officer. While he was nonetheless a part of Good Morning Britain, Piers told viewers:

Professor Whitty is our Chief Medical Officer and is probably doing 18-to-20-hour days seven days a week to try and save our lives. The very least he deserves is our respect and yet he got that in the street from somebody clearly whipped up to believe Covid does not exist and is all lies. That video should disgust all of us in the same way that the trolling of Captain Tom and Marcus Rashford should disgust us. Where is our decency? That is a disgusting piece of footage.

Sticking to the most recent incident, Metropolitan Police believed they’re conscious of the event that took place at St James’s Park and that the video clip is actually being circulated online. Officers have spoken to other witnesses that had been around to take information to determine the 2 thugs.

Officers spoke to each of those involved at the moment and their details had been taken:

We are in contact with the victim and the circumstances continue to be investigated.

It is indeed shameful of these two men and the previous TikToker to have behaved like this with a scientist who was working day and night to save the citizens from the pandemic. Someone who is giving 20 hours a day to the community should not be treated this way, he deserves utmost respect and honour.

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