ABC Not Working With VPN in Australia? [Easy Fixes For 2022]


Streaming content from ABC can keep one engrossed for hours. But geo-restrictions and server outages will often engender issues of ABC not working with VPN in Australia. This gets you stuck in your streaming; hence you end up asking ‘why isn’t my ABC streaming working in Australia?’

Well, the reason for that is the ABC app has probably detected the VPN you were using and then blocked it.

The ABC app has everything you need for live and entertaining viewing, whether you want to watch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, sports, or the world’s news. Enjoy streaming your favourite TV series including A Million Little Things Season 5, Alaska Daily and sports event like X Games Aspen 2023, NFL Pro Bowl and other programs from networks like ABC, National Geographic, FX, and more has never been simpler.

Because we don’t want you to miss out on anything, we’ve included simple solutions to your ‘ABC not working with VPN’ problem in this post.

How to fix ABC not working with VPN in Australia [Troubleshooting Tips]

The way ABC identifies and blocks VPNs is simple. In the United States, VPNs have a significant number of subscribers but considerably fewer servers. When an excessive number of VPN users connect to ABC simultaneously, it identifies the IP addresses and then bans those IP addresses. Below are few abc troubleshooting tips you must try to fix abc not working with VPN solution:

Tip 01: Restart ABC App after Closing It


Force stop and restart the ABC app.

The app crashing is the most common reason ABC app does not start or function properly. The best place to begin is restarting your browser and personal computer.

Occasionally, this is sufficient to get things working as intended.

Tip 02: Switch to a different Server


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

In some instances of ABC not working with VPN, try connecting to another server. If you switch to a different server in the United States, you may be able to discover one that ABC has not yet blacklisted.

Remember that your Virtual Private Network (VPN) may have many servers in the United States, and not all of those servers may be compatible with ABC.

Because of this, you should get in touch with the VPN service provider you are using and inquire about which server is optimized for streaming content.

Tip 03: Clear the Cache of Your Device


Clear your cookies and cache.

Delete the cache and cookies stored in your browser. This causes the servers used by ABC to forget your primary IP address and location and instead recognize the American IP address supplied to you by your VPN service.

Tip 04: Reinstall or Update Your VPN

Either reinstall the virtual private network (VPN) or upgrade to the newest version. If you are using an older app version, you may not have access to the most current server settings. To refresh the experience, try reinstalling the program or upgrading it.

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Which VPN works best with ABC in Australia?

According to our research, the following virtual private networks (VPNs) provide the most reliable connections when used in conjunction with ABC. With them, you’ll encounter a few instances of ABC not working with VPN. They are as follows:

1. ExpressVPN – With over 3000+ servers located across 94+ countries that touch up to 92.26 Mbps download speed, and because of its consistent servers, robust security, excellent unblocking abilities, and fast speeds, we’ve crowned ExpressVPN as the best VPN for ABC viewing in Australia.

2. SurfsharkIt’s the most affordable option for watching ABC that is available for as low as AU$3.53/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan). It easily overcomes barriers and applies excellent security and offers a big network of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, including 600+ in the United States.

3. NordVPN – It is a VPN widely popular for it’s largest server network of 59+ countries for streaming content from numerous platforms, like ABC Live or iview. You may watch ABC movies or programs without lagging, no matter your region.

How is ABC detecting my VPN?

ABC and Netflix’s process to identify & blacklisting VPNs is simple. There are many virtual private networks (VPNs) users, but only a relatively modest number of servers in the United States.

IP addresses that are servers for VPNs are simple to identify when there are many simultaneous connections to ABC from users of virtual private networks (VPNs).

After that, ABC blocks access to these IP addresses. This is why you can receive an error message while attempting to stream ABC using a VPN that previously functioned well.

FAQs – ABC not working with VPN in Australia

It is entirely legal to use a VPN service to watch ABC Live since no legislation forbids streaming services with a different IP address.

Like Netflix, ABC has sophisticated firewalls that not all VPNs can bypass. Most premium VPN providers can’t avoid ABC’s geo-restrictions either.

Therefore, using ABC with VPN free of charge won’t allow you to access ABC in Australia. Apart from that, you can also watch ABC on Roku.

Additionally, most free VPNs have a restricted server network and IP addresses, which ABC blocks. ABC can easily detect these IP addresses since they generate traffic.

Yes. Regardless of where you are, you can use a VPN and tune into ABC at any time. The problem is that not all VPNs are compatible with ABC.

IPVanish, VyprVPN, Windscribe, and CyberGhost, may need to be fixed. This is because ABC has recognized these VPNs and banned them from accessing its servers.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have answered your question of “why my ABC is not working with VPN,” you can watch ABC movies in Australia. Besides, you can unblock full library of ABC from anywhere in the globe by utilising our top-rated ExpressVPN.

ABC TV Network continues to be the top station for you to watch ABC shows, TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, and events specially Shark Tank’s Season 14.

Although it is not accessible in Australia, you are informed of how simple it is to watch ABC in Australia by using a VPN and resolve the issue of ABC not working with VPN as well.

You can start your ABC free trial for new users if you subscribe to Hulu. If you feel dissatisfied with the streaming services, you can cancel ABC subscription anytime.

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