How To Cancel TalkTalk TV Subscriptions In Australia In 2022


“How do I cancel my TalkTalk TV box” is probably the most asked question by the subscribers today. Well, there are several options for cancelling TalkTalk Broadband connection in Australia.

It depends on whether you’re switching internet providers, relocating to a new location, or cancelling for a completely unrelated reason (for example, because TalkTalk is giving you slow download speeds).

In this post, we’ll go through the necessary steps to cancel your TalkTalk TV subscription and any TalkTalk exit fee that may be levied.

We will also discuss several viable alternatives to cancellation, such as expanding your existing wireless network’s range and bandwidth or getting an additional line from a new provider.

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How to cancel TalkTalk TV subscription in Australia [Quick Steps]

In case you are wondering “how do I remove TalkTalk TV from my account”, keep reading.

The quickest approach to leaving TalkTalk is to move to another provider. Your alternative provider will take care of discontinuing TalkTalk.

All you require is to settle your last bill. There’s no need for any uncomfortable phone calls.

This rule has a few exceptions. Assume you want to switch to Sky but don’t want to maintain your home telephone number; you must terminate your services with TalkTalk.

If you keep your home phone number, Sky will facilitate your transition hence leaving TalkTalk won’t be an uphill task.

You must contact TalkTalk by phone if you want to cancel your TalkTalk service without transferring to a different provider. Have your account number and the number 0345 172 0088 ready if you need to cancel over the phone.

The steps below will guide you on how to cancel TalkTalk TV subscription in Australia.

  • Dial 0345 172 0088.
  • Request to speak with the Customer Loyalty Team.
  • Give the representative your full customer information, including your phone number, so they can better assist you.
  • Request to have the TalkTalk TV component of your broadband service bundle terminated. The representative may request you to submit your TalkTalk TV box back to the provider in a prepaid package.

Should you decide to send a cancellation letter, avoid unclear wording and clearly state your purpose to cancel.

TalkTalk requests that you include the following information in your letter: your complete name, your TalkTalk phone number, your signature, and your telephone number or address.

TalkTalk will contact you after receiving your mail. As a result, it may be simpler to call in the first place. It’s a good idea to explain why you can’t deal with TalkTalk by phone in your letter.

If you have YouView TV via TalkTalk, keep in mind that it is dependent on a TalkTalk Broadband connection. Therefore you will lose it if you cancel your broadband.

TalkTalk TV is offered solely to TalkTalk broadband users, and the GB£4 (AUD 7.17) monthly membership fee is in addition to your broadband service payment.

If you are weary of paying extra for a TV service that you do not use, and you do not know how to cancel the TalkTalk GB£4 (AUD 7.17) TV charge, contact customer support since they are the only people who have the authority to change or delete aspects of your TV subscription.

Grasp every detail on how to cancel TalkTalk TV package if you intend to cancel TalkTalk by yourself. Understand in depth which service or membership you must cancel

It’s much more complicated than asking, ‘How can I cancel TalkTalk?’

The answer will be determined by the numerous connectivity choices made available by the TalkTalk brand.

In case  you want to move to a new ultrafast service offered by TalkTalk TV channels such as: Sky, Vodafone, BT, or EE, you  must also call TalkTalk directly. This happens if you live in a full-fibre region and want to cancel your TalkTalk TV and not TalkTalk broadband.

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How Long Will It Take To Cancel My TalkTalk TV Subscription?

TalkTalk requires that you provide the service provider a notice of at least 30 days to discontinue the service. You may give this notice over the phone or in writing. This allows TalkTalk to make preparations to end your broadband subscription with them.

However, suppose you wish to cancel your TalkTalk TV account because you are transferring to a different provider for your broadband connection. In that case, your new supplier may take care of the cancellation.

In this scenario, TalkTalk will consider the transfer date provided by your new provider to be enough notification and will accept it.

Does Talk talk charge for cancellation?

Cancelling TalkTalk broadband requires you to pay a TalkTalk early termination fee (also referred to as early exit fee) during the minimum term of your contract. This is determined by the number of months left on your contract.

Consequently, if you wish to avoid TalkTalk’s cancellation fees, you should determine how long you have left before cancelling.

If you are subject to early-termination fees, the amount you’ll need to pay depends on the TalkTalk TV package you’ve purchased. In the table below, you can determine how much your early termination fee will be based on the Talk Talk early termination fee listed. Multiply the monthly charge by the months remaining on your TalkTalk agreement.

TalkTalk Broadband Plan Early termination charge
Fibre 35 GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)
Fibre 65 GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)
Fast Broadband GB£10.80 (AUD 19.37)
Fibre 150 GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)
Fibre 250 GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)
Faster Fibre GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)
Ultra Fibre Optic GB£19.20 (AUD 34.44)
Fibre 150 Data Only GB£10.20 (AUD 18.29)

In certain situations, you can discontinue your TalkTalk subscription without incurring an early termination charge.

You may do this if your internet connection speed is less than the minimum promised download speed given when you signed up for the service. TalkTalk may raise your expenses by more than the amount specified when you signed up for your plan.

FAQ: How To Cancel TalkTalk TV Subscription in Australia

If you want to cancel your TalkTalk TV service but do not intend to switch to another fibre optic network operator, you’ll need to issue a 30-day notice before leaving TalkTalk.

If you are switching providers, the process of switching will typically be complete in around 14 days.

Yes. If you terminate your TalkTalk subscription and fail to return your equipment within 42 days of getting the return bag, you may be charged GB£50.00 (AUD 89.68) to pay the cost of the equipment you’ve retained.TalkTalk will give you a prepaid mailing bag so that you may return your kit to them at no cost.

Yes. If you are dissatisfied  with TalkTalk broadband service,you may now get a refund without penalty since the company has committed to follow the Ofcom broadband speed code of conduct.

Remember, not all TalkTalk issues call for cancellation. Local network connection issue causes TalkTalk TV error code yvm102. To resolve this, go to broadband connection within your settings menu and go through the setup journey to reconnect.

Final thoughts

Even though we’ve walked you through a detailed guide on how to cancel TalkTalk TV in Australia, there are two crucial points to consider before you cancel your broadband plan: check your current contract and find a new agreement for broadband.

Before taking any further action, you are required to get in touch with TalkTalk to ascertain the current standing of your broadband contract. Deals on broadband internet service from TalkTalk might have a contract period of 12, 18, or 24 months, and if you cancel your service before the end of term, an early termination fee will apply.

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