How to Watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 in Australia

Eraser Reborn 2022-AU

The Eraser Franchise was reborn after 25 years after the first installment release. And it has a new and intriguing plot. The two-decade wait is about to be over, and fans of this franchise are excited to see what secrets U.S Marshal Mason is hiding this time. Sadly, due to location restrictions implemented by movie distributors, fans wonder how to watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 in Australia on HBO Max.

Luckily, we have a solution – this article will explain how to bypass the location restrictions by using a VPN.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 in Australia – [Easy Steps]

Finding and using the right VPN can be a hassle if one does not know the proper steps to follow. Here are 4 simple steps to follow for anyone who wants to watch Eraser; Reborn.

  • Get a VPN subscription (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Download and install the VPN app on your preferred device.
  • Log in using your details.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Log into your HBO Max account and enjoy streaming.

Where can I watch Eraser: Reborn 2022?

You can watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 on HBO Max. You can also watch it on Apple TV, Roku devices, Prime Video, and Redbox. Considering these platforms’ geo-restriction policies, you will need a reliable VPN subscription to access them in Australia. We recommend opting for ExpressVPN due to its ability to bypass the geo-blocking imposed by HBO Max.

When does Eraser: Reborn 2022 release?

Although the movie has been released on the 31st of March 2022, it would be part of the classic movies offer that HBO Max is presenting, that would be spanning from the 5th of October down to the 30th of October, which means you still have a month to watch and relive the memories from the first released installment of the franchise.

What’s the movie Eraser: Reborn about?

According to the Eraser: reborn wiki, the eraser: reborn plot centers around Mason Pollard, a US Marshal, and Rina Kimura, the wife of an international crime syndicate boss who agreed to testify against her spouse in the bid to escape the clutches of his criminal world.

Eventually, the duo met when there was an attempt to kill Rina, and Mason was brought in to fake her death and take her to a safe house, efficiently clearing her name from any known records, and all these went on with another subtle but larger criminal plot unfolding behind the scenes.

It is an action thriller movie with a side of betrayal and then getting to trust each other, which is a very popular theme when considering a majority of action-thrillers or even Hollywood movies in general.

Who is in the cast of Eraser: Reborn 2022?

The cast for Eraser: Reborn includes:

  • Dominic Sherwood as U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard
  • Jacky Lai as Rina Kimura
  • McKinley Belcher III as Paul Whitlock
  • Eddie Ramos as Sugar Jax

Is Eraser: Reborn a sequel to eraser?

Yes, the reborn movie is said to serve as the sequel to the 1996 action thriller Eraser, which premiered in 1996, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Coburn, and Robert Pastorelli. But the current release is more or less a direct copy-paste of the 1996 movie.

Is Eraser: Reborn a good movie?

Yes, it is good if you are looking for a regular gunfight and explosion kind of movie, and they delivered magnificently on that front, and according to some movie critics, the sequel is quite better than the original movie released in 1996.

The only downsides are the cliché action scenes and acting, there is also a minor issue of lax writing, but overall, the movie is worth the time spent watching it.

Where is Eraser: Reborn filmed?

For all action-thriller fans, Eraser: Reborn brings a wild ride, especially due to its visuals because the movie is filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The stunts and action scenes in the movie are filmed in different parts of South Africa. The project is a joint-venture production between Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Roserock Films.

Is there a trailer for Eraser: Reborn 2022?

Yes, an Eraser Reborn 2022 movie trailer was released on the 23rd of March, 2022, by KinoCheck, and it has gotten more than 67 thousand views on YouTube, it shows some scenes from the movie, the car chase, some intense fight scenes snippet, which serves to gives a slight taste of what to expect in the movie itself.

You can also watch the trailer here: Eraser: Reborn Trailer (2022)

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 in Australia?

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This is a Smart DNS service whose role is to unblock every geo-blocked website or that has location restrictions, which would be HBO Max in this case. It also works on Paramount+Hulu, etc. And you can also stream content like BET Hip Hop Awards 2022, The Good Doctor Season 6 and Interview with the Vampire 2022, etc.

Eraser: Reborn 2022


The official eraser: reborn budget, according to Warner Bros, was $100 million, and it managed to gross approximately $250 million in the box office.

There are only two(2) entries in the franchise, Eraser, and Eraser: Reborn, released in 1996 and 2022, respectively.

The reason behind R rating is the violence in the movie and language used in songs.


Finally, we hope now you know how to watch Eraser: Reborn 2022 in Australia. Remember, a reliable VPN is the key to bypassing the geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming platforms like HBO Max. So subscribe for ExpressVPN now, and enjoy the reboot of Eraser.

We recommend ExpressVPN due to its speed and multilayered security features.

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