Jump Scare Yourself To Hell! Top Movies For Halloween


There is only one right way to celebrate Halloween for streamers and that is in front of the screen, so while you’re at it why not do it right?

There’s literally been some clown sh*t in Hollywood lately in the name of horror movies and I’m not even be gonna talking about it- hope you get the point 😉 So without further ado, let’s begin our list of some REAL horror movies to watch this Halloween.

Top Ten Movies For Halloween

The Fly (1986)


The Fly was actually a remake of its original, first shot in 1958, what could be more convincing that the movie has some real creep to it. A brilliant scientist who goes way too far and transforms himself into a fly accidently. The ill fated scientist gradually turns into a fly with first noticeable changes on his skin and then completely becoming a hybrid human-fly creature. The film is as much tragedy as it is horror and without a doubt Jeff Goldblum did an Oscar worthy performance.

The Shining (1980)


If you can hear, chances are that you’ve probably heard about the Shining by Stanley Kubrick. The movie revolves around Jack Nicholson’s role as Jack Torrance, a writer with a severe writer’s block and a drinking problem. Jack arrives at a closed down, snowed in hotel for a break to get his creative hand working again, but little does he know what resides inside the hotel. Jack gets possessed and runs after his own family to murder them, yeah that’s pretty much the storyline but what’s scary is imagining yourself in place of Jack’s wife or son. Would you not piss your pants if your own father comes running at you with an axe?

The Maniac (1980)


Imagine a loner, who has a weird fetish for mannequins and talks to himself? What do you call such a guy? A MANIAC! And that’s what exactly this movie is about. Troubled by childhood abuse, the man is on the loose roaming on the streets of New York and killing young women. He takes their heads home as a trophy, but this maniac finally finds the woman of his dreams in a photographer. The question is will he be able to control his inhumane urges? Certainly not, to find out what becomes of that woman you’ll have to watch this film.

Eyes Without a Face (1960)


An Italian title, the name is very literal to what the movie has to offer. This movie laid the foundations for everything from Face Off to Billy Idol. The story is about a well renowned surgeon who causes an accident that leaves his daughter disfigured. So in order to make things right he goes to extremes and kidnaps beautiful women to transplant their face onto his daughter, who is indeed missing a face! Despite being shot in the 1960s the movie has enough gore to make you puke!

Scream (1996)


Oh well! Oh well! This one is nostalgic. Scream is probably the first horror movie that had elements of comedy in it and succeeded at shocking the audience at the same time. This film truly showed that there were no rules for a horror movie, it could be funny yet shocking at the same time! A true classic that is still not forgotten!

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

blood and black lace

Referred to as the most stylish horror film of all times, the story revolves around a masked serial killer who picks up sexy models only to burn their faces with hot iron. The movie is classic by Mario Bava who is the godfather of Italian cinema, specifically the horror genre.

The Witches (1990)

the witches

Anjelica Huston is head of witches, and is more than delighted to at the thought of luring children by using sweets to kill them. It’s during a witch convention when a young boy stumbles upon and is turned into a mouse. Even though the film is more centered for children to watch, after all these years I do realize that it’s not just for children. It has wit and sophistication and is quite entertaining till the very end!

Beetlejuice (1988)

beetle juice

A couple dies in New England and comes back to their beloved home as ghostly spirits, however the family that now lives in their house is extremely unbearable. So what do ghosts do? They hire an evil spirit to drive the family out of their house. The script is so well written that there is a new joke almost every minute in the film and yet it does not go off track.

The Exorcist (1973)


A supposedly true story and a masterpiece. The Exorcist is one movie that will make it difficult for you to go to bed at night. Young Regan is found acting odd and speaking languages that are unheard of, her mother seeks medical help only to hit a dead end. The doctors have no answers. The girl is possessed by multiple spirits and even the priest can do no good. When the movie released back in the 70s, people actually fainted watching it.

Child’s Play (1988)


“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” This one is a personal favorite! A dying murderer uses the power of black magic to put his soul inside this dolls body and then hell crashes. A mother buys the doll for her son, the doll first kills the child’s baby sitter and that is when the child realizes that the doll is alive. He tries to warn everybody but instead is institutionalized.

Wrapping Up!

Now these are some REAL horror movies that send chills to the spine! Too bad I didn’t have something recent probably because everything after the 90s was a way too blunt attempt at making horror films or maybe I just grew up? There are tons of disturbing movies that have been made in that era, totally raw stuff. Let us know of other titles that you like!

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