How to Watch Tennis Queen’s in USA on BBC iPlayer

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You can watch Queen’s Tennis tournament in USA on BBC iPlayer. All you need is a VPN like ExpressVPN because the channel is geo-restricted in USA.

BBC iPlayer offers a wide range of content, including live sports events. The service is free to watch; you just need to sign up and start streaming, but it has content licensing restrictions. So a VPN can help you unblock and watch BBC iPlayer in USA.

The Queen’s Tennis tournament is a prestigious grass court tennis event held annually in London, UK. It is a warm-up tournament for Wimbledon and attracts top-ranked tennis players worldwide. Where can I watch Queen’s Tennis? The answer is BBC iPlayer.

Known for its rich history and traditional setting at the Queen’s Club, the tournament showcases thrilling matches and sets the stage for intense competition in preparation for the Grand Slam event. Get ready for the 2023 Queen’s Championship starting June 19.

Without any further delay, get along and stream your favorite content on BBC iPlayer easily!

How to Watch Tennis Queen’s in USA on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

To watch Tennis Queen’s in USA on BBC iPlayer., follow these quick steps:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your preferred device
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in the UK (London server)
  4. Once connected, visit the BBC iPlayer website on your device
  5. Create a free BBC iPlayer account or log in to your existing account.
  6. Now you are ready to access Tennis: Queen’s on BBC iPlayer.

Are you thinking, what’s the BBC iPlayer’s cost? Well, the answer might surprise you! BBC iPlayer is a free-to-watch on-demand streaming service, so you can cancel your BBC iPlayer account anytime without worrying about the subscription.

When is the Queen’s Club Championships in 2023?

The Queen’s Club Championships 2023 is scheduled to take place from Monday, June 19 to Sunday, June 25, 2023, at The Queen’s Club in London, UK. The tournament will commence each day at 11:00 AM BST.

The event will feature qualifying rounds on Monday, followed by the first and second rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday. The quarter-finals will be held on Thursday, with the semifinals taking place on Friday. The tournament will culminate with the final match on Saturday.

The Queen’s Club Championships is a part of the ATP Tour 500 series, and right now, the defending champions are Matteo Berrettini in the singles category and Rinky Hijikata and Jason Kubler in the doubles category.

Where Can I Watch the 2023 Cinch Championships?

You can watch Cinch Championships Tennis Tournament 2023 on BBC iPlayer. We highly recommend using BBC iPlayer for its no-cost feature and compatibility with various devices so you can stream the matches live on any screen size.

With BBC iPlayer, you can enjoy the tournament without any additional fees. All you need is a TV license costs £159/year. Even without it, you watch the match with BBC iPlayer free trial.

Get a VPN to unblock and watch 2023 Queen’s Club Championships on BBC iPlayer and other famous titles like Rugby Challenge Cup, and Royal Ascot 2023 on BBC iPlayer and enjoy along with the match.

Other than BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video is another option to stream the match.

How does the 2023 Queen’s Club Championships work?

The tournament follows a knockout format, with players competing in singles and doubles matches. The Queen’s Club Championships typically start with qualifying rounds where players vie for a spot in the main draw.

The main draw consists of 32 singles players and 16 doubles teams. The matches are played over the course of a week, with each round eliminating half of the players until the final match determines the champion.

Matches at the Queen’s Club Championships are played in a best-of-three sets format, except for the final, which is best-of-five. The scoring system follows the traditional tennis rules, with players aiming to win games, sets, and, ultimately, the match.

The tournament is known for its fast-paced and exciting grass court tennis, providing a thrilling experience for players and spectators. To attend the 2023 Queen’s Club Championships, spectators can secure tickets through various channels, including official ticketing platforms.

Planning ahead and booking tickets early is advisable due to the tournament’s popularity. Attending the matches allows fans to witness world-class tennis up close and be part of the electric atmosphere at The Queen’s Club.

What is the Provisional Schedule Of Play For The 2023 Cinch Championships?

The 2023 Queens Tennis – Cinch Championships has a provisional schedule of play featuring matches in both singles and doubles categories. Here is the schedule:

Singles Schedule:

Date Round
Monday, June 19 First Round
Tuesday, June 20 First Round
Wednesday, June 21 Second Round
Thursday, June 22 Second Round
Friday, June 23 Quarterfinals
Saturday, June 24 Semifinals
Sunday, June 25 Final

Doubles Schedule:

Date Round
Monday, June 19 First Round
Tuesday, June 20 First Round
Wednesday, June 21 First Round/Quarterfinals
Thursday, June 22 Quarterfinals
Friday, June 23 Semifinals
Saturday, June 24 Semifinals
Sunday, June 25 Final

Who’s Playing At The Queen’s Club Championships 2023?

Here is the list of players participating in the Queen’s Club Championships 2023, along with their nationality, performance in the 2022 round, and current ranking:

Player Nationality Played in 2022 Ranking
Carlos Alcaraz Spain N/A 22
Holger Rune Denmark N/A 43
Andy Murray Great Britain Second Round 103
Stefanos Tsitsipas Greece Semifinals 4
Matteo Berrettini Italy Champion 9
Alex de Minaur Australia Quarterfinals 22
Karen Khachanov Russia First Round 33
Jannik Sinner Italy First Round 14
Hubert Hurkacz Poland Semifinals 16
Cameron Norrie Great Britain First Round 27
Reilly Opelka United States Second Round 28
Ugo Humbert France First Round 35

Who are the Seeds?

Here is the list of seeded players for the Queen’s Club Championships 2023:

Seed Player Nationality Ranking
1 Stefanos Tsitsipas Greece 4
2 Matteo Berrettini Italy 9
3 Hubert Hurkacz Poland 16
4 Jannik Sinner Italy 14
5 Alex de Minaur Australia 22
6 Carlos Alcaraz Spain 22
7 Reilly Opelka United States 28
8 Karen Khachanov Russia 33

What is the Point Distribution system at Queen’s Championship?

The Queen’s Club Championships 2023 follows a specific point distribution system, which determines the number of ranking points awarded to players based on their performance in the tournament. Here is the point distribution system for both singles and doubles events:

Singles Point Distribution:

Round Points
Winner 500
Runner-up 300
Semifinals 180
Quarterfinals 90
Round of 16 45
Round of 32 20
Round of 64 (bye) 0
Qualifying Round 3 10
Qualifying Round 2 4
Qualifying Round 1 0

Doubles Point Distribution:

Round Points (per team)
Winner 500
Runner-up 300
Semifinals 180
Quarterfinals 90
Round of 16 0
Qualifying Round 2 20
Qualifying Round 1 0

Prize money

Queen’s Club Championships Prize Money 2023 offers a total prize money pool of €2,195,175. The winner of the singles tournament will be awarded a prize of €477,795 along with 500 ranking points. The runner-up will receive €220,800 and 300 ranking points.

Semifinalists will earn €117,715 and 180 ranking points, while quarter-finalists will take home €60,145 and 90 ranking points. Players reaching the second round will be rewarded with €32,105 and 45 ranking points, while those exiting in the first round will receive €17,120.

Who holds the Cinch Championships record for most titles, oldest champion, youngest champion, and more?

Here is the information regarding the Cinch Championships records:

  • Most titles: Andy Murray has won the Cinch Championships 5 times in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018
  • Oldest champion: Feliciano Lopez was 37 years old when he won the Cinch Championships in 2019
  • Youngest champion: Boris Becker was 17 years old when he won the Cinch Championships in 1985
  • Most match wins: John McEnroe has won 42 matches at the Cinch Championships
  • Most consecutive titles: Andy Murray won the Cinch Championships 3 times in a row, from 2015 to 2017
  • Most home champions: Andy Murray has won the Cinch Championships 5 times, more than any other British player

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Tennis: Queen's


The most recent Cinch Championship was won by Matteo Berrettini in 2022. In the final, he defeated Cameron Norrie to win the singles championship. Jason Kubler and Rinky Hijikata were crowned winners in the pairs division.

The Queen’s Club Championships have a smart casual dress code. It is advised for spectators to wear casual clothing that is suited for the weather. Although there isn’t a set dress code, it is advised to dress respectfully and appropriately for a sporting event.

The Cinch Championships draw is normally conducted a few days before the start of the competition. The draw for the 2023 Cinch Championships will occur on Saturday, June 17, according to the official ATP Tour website. At this time, the players will receive their placements in the tournament bracket, determining their early-round opponents.

The Queen’s Club Championships ticket costs can change depending on the seating section and the day of the competition. The ticket offered for this event is approximately £120.00-£160.00.

Wrap Up

Our article is a complete guide on how to watch Tennis Queen’s in USA on BBC iPlayer using ExpressVPN. Enjoy this grand annual tournament of male tennis players taking place in London, UK. It serves as a crucial warm-up event for Wimbledon and attracts top-ranked players from around the globe.

Using our suggested method, you can support your favorite players starting June 19 and catch the event live from anywhere on BBC iPlayer.

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