How to Watch All Season of Community in USA on ITV

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In this guide, we will guide you on how to watch all season of Community in USA on ITV by using a reliable VPN app like ExpressVPN, which is mandatory to access ITV in USA.

If you’re hooked on comedies, you must be wondering “why can’t I watch all season of Community on ITV Hub?” According to ITV’s official website, ITV Hub doesn’t stream everything airing on its TV network due to content licensing reasons. Moreover, geo-restrictions are another reason why you’re missing out on this rib-tickling comedy series.

Community is an American sitcom that revolves around a disbarred lawyer, Jeff Winger. After getting suspended from the law firm on account of his fake bachelor’s degree, Winger gets admission to the Greendale Community College to get an authentic degree, where he develops a love interest in her batchmate and forms a study group to stay around her. Surprisingly, more and more eccentric characters start to join the study group.

Let’s quickly find out how to stream ITV Hub Live so that you can watch all season of Community in USA on ITV.

How to Watch All Season of Community in USA on ITV [Simple Steps]

The best method to watch all season of Community on ITV is to use a VPN. Simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Sign up for a high-quality VPN service. ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN.
  2. Download the VPN client app for your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK (we recommend using the London server)
  4. Log into your account by using the ITV Hub live app or the ITV website.
  5. Now you can easily stream Community in USA on ITV.

With an ITV subscription, you can watch ITV exclusive shows ad-free. ITV subscription will enable you to access a premium plan and an ITV free trial.

When and Where can I watch All Season of Community in USA on ITV?

Community sitcom will air on ITV and will premiere on March 16, 2023. However, ITV is a geo-restricted service exclusively available in the UK. So, if you want to watch all seasons of Community in USA on ITV, get a subscription to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

How many Seasons are there in Community on ITV?

Dan Harmon originated the American TV sitcom Community. The show aired 110 episodes over six seasons, beginning on September 17, 2009, and ending on June 2, 2015.

Here is the complete episodes list of all seasons of Community:

Over all Ep # In Season Ep # Episode Title
Season 1 (2009–10)
1 1 “Pilot”
2 2 “Spanish 101”
3 3 “Introduction to Film”
4 4 “Social Psychology”
5 5 “Advanced Criminal Law”
6 6 “Football, Feminism and You”
7 7 “Introduction to Statistics”
8 8 “Home Economics”
9 9 “Debate 109”
10 10 “Environmental Science”
11 11 “The Politics of Human Sexuality”
12 12 “Comparative Religion”
13 13 “Investigative Journalism”
14 14 “Interpretive Dance”
15 15 “Romantic Expressionism”
16 16 “Communication Studies”
17 17 “Physical Education”
18 18 “Basic Genealogy”
19 19 “Beginner Pottery”
20 20 “The Science of Illusion”
21 21 “Contemporary American Poultry”
22 22 “The Art of Discourse”
23 23 “Modern Warfare”
24 24 “English as a Second Language”
25 25 “Pascal’s Triangle Revisited”
Season 2 (2010–11)
26 1 “Anthropology 101”
27 2 “Accounting for Lawyers”
28 3 “The Psychology of Letting Go”
29 4 “Basic Rocket Science”
30 5 “Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples”
31 6 “Epidemiology”
32 7 “Aerodynamics of Gender”
33 8 “Cooperative Calligraphy”
34 9 “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”
35 10 “Mixology Certification”
36 11 “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”
37 12 “Asian Population Studies”
38 13 “Celebrity Pharmacology”
39 14 “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”
40 15 “Early 21st Century Romanticism”
41 16 “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”
42 17 “Intro to Political Science”
43 18 “Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy”
44 19 “Critical Film Studies”
45 20 “Competitive Wine Tasting”
46 21 “Paradigms of Human Memory”
47 22 “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”
48 23 “A Fistful of Paintballs”
49 24 “For a Few Paintballs More”
Season 3 (2011–12)
50 1 “Biology 101”
51 2 “Geography of Global Conflict”
52 3 “Competitive Ecology”
53 4 “Remedial Chaos Theory”
54 5 “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps”
55 6 “Advanced Gay”
56 7 “Studies in Modern Movement”
57 8 “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux”
58 9 “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”
59 10 “Regional Holiday Music”
60 11 “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”
61 12 “Contemporary Impressionists”
62 13 “Digital Exploration of Interior Design”
63 14 “Pillows and Blankets”
64 15 “Origins of Vampire Mythology”
65 16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”
66 17 “Basic Lupine Urology”
67 18 “Course Listing Unavailable”
68 19 “Curriculum Unavailable”
69 20 “Digital Estate Planning”
70 21 “The First Chang Dynasty”
71 22 “Introduction to Finality”
Season 4 (2013)
72 1 “History 101”
73 2 “Paranormal Parentage”
74 3 “Conventions of Space and Time”
75 4 “Alternative History of the German Invasion”
76 5 “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”
77 6 “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking”
78 7 “Economics of Marine Biology”
79 8 “Herstory of Dance”
80 9 “Intro to Felt Surrogacy”
81 10 “Intro to Knots”
82 11 “Basic Human Anatomy”
83 12 “Heroic Origins”
84 13 “Advanced Introduction to Finality”
Season 5 (2014)
85 1 “Repilot”
86 2 “Introduction to Teaching”
87 3 “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”
88 4 “Cooperative Polygraphy”
89 5 “Geothermal Escapism”
90 6 “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking”
91 7 “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality”
92 8 “App Development and Condiments”
93 9 “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing”
94 10 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”
95 11 “G.I. Jeff”
96 12 “Basic Story”
97 13 “Basic Sandwich”
Season 6 (2015)
98 1 “Ladders”
99 2 “Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care”
100 3 “Basic Crisis Room Decorum”
101 4 “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing”
102 5 “Laws of Robotics and Party Rights”
103 6 “Basic Email Security”
104 7 “Advanced Safety Features”
105 8 “Intro to Recycled Cinema”
106 9 “Grifting 101”
107 10 “Basic RV Repair and Palmistry”
108 11 “Modern Espionage”
109 12 “Wedding Videography”
110 13 “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television”

The sitcom’s six seasons revolved around a peculiar study club at the community college. When Jeff (Joel McHale), a persuasive detained lawyer, is compelled to get a degree at a local community college nearby, he meets Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and organizes a study group with the explicit aim of becoming more acquainted with her. Sadly for Jeff, the group is taken more seriously by a lot of the college’s most peculiar students, and an unusual community rapidly grows around the couple.

  • Basic Lupine Urology: Comedy works its best when it mimics other shows and genres, like what “Basic Lupine Urology” is doing for the Community. Abed and Troy go into their Law and Order mode in their effort to solve the case after learning their yam was ”killed” in the dead of night.
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,” a genuinely fantastic episode that highlights the essence of Community, depicts the study club as they play the game with their friend to lift his mood, but Pierce’s jealousy causes their good intentions to fail.
  • Modern Warfare: “Modern Warfare” is the first of five installments in the show’s famed paintball episodes. It starts when the dean offers the winner of a paintball tournament preferential enrollment, Greendale Community College is converted into an unimaginable battle zone, potentially fanning the fires of tension within Jeff and Britta.
  • Remedial Chaos Theory: What makes the episode so fantastic is that it presents seven other timelines, with one for each individual, in case dice selected them. It all starts during Troy and Abed’s housewarming bash when Jeff decides to let the decision about who gets a throw of the dice decide the pizza.
  • Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television: “Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television” was the most popular episode of the show. In this episode, the club considers its future and reflects on its time together. That certainly is a lovely finale, sending the cherished characters off on the happy side.

Who is in the Cast of Community on ITV?

There are several award-winning actors in Community, with Joel McHale leading the amazing ensemble cast. Here’s a list of all the main Community actors:

Cast Character
Joel McHale Jeff Winger
Danny Pudi Abed Nadir
Chevy Chase Pierce Hawthorne
Alison Brie Annie Edison
Ken Jeong Ben Chan
Yvette Nicole Brown Shirley Bennett
Jim Rash Dean Pelton
Luke Youngblood Magnitude
Charley Koontz Neil
Danielle Kaplowitz Vicki
Richard Erdman Leonard
Keith David Elroy Patashnik

What you will need to Watch All Seasons of Community in USA on ITV


Despite ITV being free, it is geo-blocked outside of the UK owing to content licensing regulations. When you go in the USA and try to access ITV, the streaming platform uses your local IP address to determine your location. Thus, you see a geolocation error notice.

Here’s what we saw when we tried to watch ITV outside of the UK:

“You can only access ITVX in the UK because of our broadcast and content licensing.”

Fortunately, a quality VPN service like ExpressVPN can easily circumvent such regional limitations. You may quickly switch locations online and deceive ITV into believing you are now situated within its service region by using a VPN app’s powerful location-spoofing and IP masking functions. This allows you to watch Community in USA on ITV.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch all seasons of Community in USA on ITV

ExpressVPN is a high-quality VPN that thrives in all areas, from server network and unblocking to security, convenience, and specifically, lightning-quick speed. There is hardly a better ITV VPN than ExpressVPN, which is why it has led the VPN business in the past years. It’s undoubtedly the best VPN to watch all seasons of Community in USA on ITV.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to watch all seasons of Community in USA on ITV


The Best VPN to watch all seasons of Community in USA on ITV

In terms of speed, no VPN can compete with ExpressVPN. It’s the quickest VPN for watching all seasons of Community in USA on ITV, owing to its Lightway protocol, designed to preserve high-speed connections with supreme encryption standards. This VPN provided us with an ultra-fast download speed of 93.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 87.68 Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers 94+ countries, including four in the United Kingdom. These servers provide plenty of UK IP addresses, which may be readily obtained in order to access ITV in USA. Furthermore, ExpressVPN servers offer limitless bandwidth, so you’ll be able to binge-watch the best movies on ITV continuously.

Despite its high price, ExpressVPN is indeed the top option for countless people, it costs US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) per month for its 1-year plan, but in exchange, you will receive unrivaled functionality and high-quality customer support. New customers can enjoy a 1-month return guarantee along with a 1-week free trial.

With its cutting-edge security features, top-tier encryption, and vigorous No-logging policy, ExpressVPN is a paradise for streaming enthusiasts. IKEv2/IPSec, 256-Bit AES Encryption, and OpenVPN protect all of your confidential information and personal data. Its customer apps also provide an Automatic Kill Switch.

MediaStreamer (SmartDNS) is another cutting-edge function that allows you to watch geo-blocked content on VPN-incompatible streaming devices. This function may modify your device’s DNS settings, enabling you to stream ITV on Roku, FireStick, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and Gaming Consoles.

ExpressVPN is compatible with all major operating systems, like iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS. It also supports 5 simultaneous connections with each subscription. If you intend to encrypt your whole network, you may boost this number by setting ExpressVPN on your router.

You don’t have to bother to cancel ITV+ subscriptions because of ExpressVPN’s fast server connection and capacity to access shows like The Twelve on ITV.


The fall in viewership corresponded with the leaving of the actors from Community, from which the program never fully recovered. That’s hardly unexpected given the lengthy history of prominent cast members leaving famous TV programs.

Community never reached the excellence of its first three seasons, although seasons 5 and 6 were major improvements over season 4. You should absolutely watch the last couple of episodes with Troy.

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch Community on ITV from another country. VPNs are legal in a lot of countries and can be employed to not just circumvent limitations but also to safeguard your surfing and streaming experience.

Wrapping UP!

Brace yourself to binge-watch the 2009 smash-hit sitcom Community in USA on ITV on March 16, 2023. If you love comedy, you won’t want to miss this funny TV drama from famed comedian Joel McHale.

We really hope our article will assist you to watch All Season of Community in USA on ITV by utilizing a quality VPN service. Because of its extensive unblocking capabilities, high streaming speeds, and solid security, ExpressVPN is the best and our suggested VPN software for accessing ITV in USA.

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