How to Cancel Sky Go Extra from US in September 2022


Wondering how to cancel Sky Go Extra from US? Well, you can cancel the subscription by using the live chat option, sending an email, or giving them a quick phone call.

It’s a bummer that you want to remove Sky Go Extra because you when you watch Sky Go in USA you can download and watch Sky TV shows and movies offline from every Sky service.. However, if you still don’t want your plan, we will guide you on how to cancel a Sky Go Extra subscription but you’ll definitely miss greatest Sky Go films.

First off, to cancel the service, you’ll need to log into Sky TV because Sky Go Extra is linked to Sky TV. Once you log into Sky TV, you can use any of the methods mentioned below.

Let’s have a look at the methods.

How to Cancel Sky Go Extra from US – 4 Easy Methods

We already mentioned that you could cancel Sky Go Extra using the live chat option, making a phone call, or emailing.

Here is every method in detail:

Method 1. Cancel Sky Go Extra Over a Phone Call


The fastest way to cancel Sky Go extra is to call their support helpline. Dial +44 0344 241 1653, and the customer support agent will ask you to enter the registered phone number for your Sky account, and you will be sent an email with a code to cancel your subscription.

If you wait a few seconds, the operator will ask you to state the reason you’re calling. At this point, just say, “Cancel Sky Go.”

If you wait further, you’ll hear the list of other options, press 1 as a current Sky customer, then press 6 to decrease your Sky subscription, and lastly, press 2 to cancel a part of your subscription. After this, you’ll be connected to an agent.

However, even after talking to the agent, it can take up to 31 days to cancel your part of the subscription. Pro tip: Call them 31 days before your subscription is renewed to cancel your package plan. Otherwise, they’ll charge you an extra US$6.22 (GB£5) and then cancel the subscription the next month.

Method 2. Use the Live Chat Option to Cancel on the Sky Website

Thinking if you can cancel Sky Go Extra online? Yes, you can! To avoid long conversations over the phone, use Sky’s online live chat option. You can start the chat on your PC or smartphone.

After clicking the live chat button, you’ll be able to chat with a customer support representative within seconds. The live chat option is accessible seven days a week from 8:30 AM to 8 PM GMT.

Once the chat starts, tell the agent to cancel your subscription. After they cancel your membership, you will be notified about the end date of your service.

Method 3. Email Sky Go Extra for Cancellation


Sending an email to Sky Go Extra customer support for Sky cancellations is another option to cancel your membership.

While drafting the email, make sure to put your name, account number, address, postcode, and phone number. State clearly in the email that you are canceling your account, which will be closed at the conclusion of the notice period.

Send the email to Sky at once you’ve composed it. Sky will respond to your email within five days of receiving it.

Of course, emailing is a slow process, so the Sky team will take time to respond back. We don’t recommend emailing because it means your notice period will start the day they send a reply to you.

Note: Save your conversation in case of any further disputes.

Once you get a response, give Sky a call to process the cancellation request. If they ask you, give your information so that your Sky cancellations can start as soon as possible.

Method 4. Canceling Your Subscription Before the End of Contract

Check your contract to determine how far along it is and what the minimum term is. You can also look into your contract to see if there are any conditions that allow you to depart the contract early.

Customers who wish to cancel their contract early will be charged a fee, which will vary from customer to customer. Early termination fees will be calculated depending on the remaining time of your contract and how long you have already paid for the services.

Here’s an example of how the charges are calculated:

A Sky broadband customer who cancels their subscription before the end of a 12-month contract will be charged US$55.28/mo (GB£44.25/ mo) more than a new customer who pays the Sky Go price of US$12.49/mo (GB£10/mo) for the same period of time after signing up for the company’s unlimited service.

The calculation for this figure are as follows:

Plan  Prices 
Broadband Unlimited US$8.63 (GB£6.91 x 3 – for May, June, and July) + US$8.63 (GB£6.91 / 30 x 15 -for April 16 – 30) = US$30.20 (GB£24.18)
Line Rental US$7.13 (GB£5.71 x 3 –  for May, June, and July) + US$7.13 (GB£5.71 / 30 x 15 -for April 16 – 30) = US$24.97 (GB£19.99)


What is an Alternative to Sky Go in US?

Now that you’ve canceled Sky Go Extra, you probably still have Sky TV; however, you only get limited content on the streaming service, which is a bummer.

Naturally, you want an alternative to Sky Go Extra, channels that are bigger and better than the streaming service.

Here are some streaming services in US that are better than Sky Go Extra:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Peacock TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Samsung TV Plus
  • Apple TV+
  • Disney+
  • Hayu
  • Pluto TV

How to Cancel Sky Go Extra in USA – FAQs

If you change your mind before your Free Trial expires, you can cancel by going to the My Account page and selecting Cancel Subscription.

To cancel your Sky subscription partially, you need to contact Sky’s customer support team.

Sky Go Extra allows you to watch Sky TV in ways that the basic Sky Go app does not allow. These features include the ability to download content to watch offline, register up to four devices, and stream on two devices at the same time. You can also watch Sky TV on your games consoles, such as the PS4 or Xbox One, with Sky Go Extra.

Wrapping Up!

We know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get rid of a subscription, but the service provider isn’t cooperating with you! Sky will obviously try to stop you, but the key is to remain calm and deflect their offerings.

Our advice is to look at everything the Sky competitors are offering before you start canceling Sky. If you still want to remove Sky Go Extra, then go ahead! Just make sure you have all the details ironed out before you contact Sky and then proceed with the cancellation.

We are certain that if you use any of the four methods to cancel Sky Go Extra from US; you’ll be done in no time! Just use the live chat, email them, or give them a quick phone call.

Furthermore, you can also install Sky Go on Firestick isn’t it amazing?

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below, and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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