How to Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA


Pride Month is coming soon and Hulu is set to release the Fire Island on 3rd June 2022. The storyline is close to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and is the romantic comedy everybody will want to watch. Also, being a Hulu subscriber, you get to watch shows like Crush, Under the Banner of Heaven, Young Rock, Deep Water, etc.

However, Hulu has certain geo-restrictions which restrict its viewership outside the USA. You can bypass the geo-restrictions with a VPN service, get Hulu’s free trial, and Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA. Read on to know-how, along with some helpful information on VPNs and the upcoming rom-com coming soon on Hulu.

Easy Steps: Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA

You need a VPN like ExpressVPN to access US-based streaming services like Hulu and watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has dedicated US servers that deliver a flawless streaming experience. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the VPN’s website, choose a package, and complete the subscription process (ExpressVPN will be our top choice for you in streaming Hulu globally). Then, download its app on your preferred streaming device.
  2. Access the downloaded VPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to one of the US servers through the VPN app.
  4. Go to Hulu website or download its app on your device. Then, click “Start your free trial” and complete the subscription process (starting price is $6.99/month). If you already have a Hulu account, simply log in.
  5. On 3rd June 2022, go to Hulu’s homepage after logging in and you’ll find the Fire Island movie available to stream.

Fire Island Premiere Date and Time

Fire Island will premiere in the US on Hulu and Disney Plus in the UK on 3rd June 2022.

Fire Island Trailer

Two friends go on a holiday that’ll change their life. Celebrate Pride month by watching the Fire Island Trailer below:

Two gay best friends set off to the legendary Fire Island where they are greeted by the resort host. The resort serves as a famous place for the gay community where they enjoy a week-long vacation. On their journey, the two enjoy cheap wine and are surrounded by many eclectic friends until they find their special someone.

Fire Island Plot

Fire Island revolves around the two gay best friends, Noah and Howie, who take a vacation to The Pines, a great place for the gay community. After partying at the resort, and flirting escalates to love. However, not all are as welcoming on the vacation as one would imagine.

Best Hulu VPNs to Watch Fire Island on Hulu with Other Titles Outside USA

To gain access to Hulu, you still need a VPN to gain access. So, to make your search easy, we’ve handpicked the best Hulu VPNs and discussed them in detail below. If you ask us personally, we’ll be using ExpressVPN on 3rd June 2022 to watch Fire Island. But still, let’s discuss the three top VPN choices below:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA


ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Fire Island on Hulu outside USA. Those of you want to watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA with no lags or buffering time. It is the best VPN choice, considering its incredible history, highly positive reviews, and preferred US servers. This year, named it the Best VPN for Speed.

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers in its network that stretches to 94+ countries. According to our speed test, the bandwidth on these servers reaches 89.42 download limit and 84.64 upload limit when tested on 100 Mbps connection. It also comes with an AES-256 encryption tool trusted by security experts globally.


Also, one account can be used on 5 devices concurrently, allowing you to watch your favorite geo-restricted content easily, such as IIFA Awards 2022, GameStop Rise of the Players on Hulu, Shoresy on Hulu, NBA Playoff Finals.

ExpressVPN even educates its users on upcoming movies and sporting events through an active blog. You also don’t face any cap on bandwidth thanks to ISP throttling which makes your VPN use completely anonymous. Its most long-term plan is the annual plan worth US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) which is 35% less than the original monthly plan. ExpressVPN also has a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Watch Fire Island with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA


If you want a majority of premium features at a pocket-friendly range, we recommend using Surfshark VPN. With its powerful tech features, strong security protocols, and impressive upgrades, Surfshark ranks among the VPN market’s MVPs. Last year, Surfshark dominated every category, from “Best Value for Money” to Editor’s Choice of PCMag.

Surfshark’s network consists of 3200+ servers in over 65. According to a speed test conducted on an average 100 Mbps connection, the bandwidth peaked at 88.14 download limit and 83.72 upload limit. It runs premium features like multihop connect for rerouting internet traffic through two VPN servers and SmartPlay technology for compatibility amongst smart devices.


You can use Surfshark on unlimited devices concurrently which allows you to watch your favorite geo-restricted content easily, such as Emergency on Amazon Prime, Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore on HBO Max, Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+.

Surfshark comes with GPS Spoofing for syncing your GPS location with the server location. Also, every server has 10 Gbit ports for greater load control. The pocket-friendly VPN part comes when you see its annual plan priced at only US$2.49/mo (81% Off on 2 Years Plan), 69% less than the original monthly price. There is a 30-day moneyback guarantee as well.

NordVPN: Largest Server Network VPN to Watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA


NordVPN is the choice that offers the best speed out there. It hosts one of the largest server networks in the VPN world, giving it the head start in winning overpower users. Of course, NordVPN is also recognized for its great customer service, user-friendly design, and also as a rising star in the big leagues.

NordVPN’s large server network consists of 5310+ servers serving 59+ countries. The bandwidth on these servers tops at 86.49 download limit and 79.42 upload limit when tested on 100 Mbps connection. Thanks to obfuscated servers, your internet traffic is well hidden from your ISP.


You can use NordVPN on 6 devices at a time. It can also be installed on your browser as an extension to safeguard your surfing experience. Its protective measures include Dark Web Monitor, Threat Protection, and DNS Leak Test features. Its annual plan costs about US$3.29/mo (Save 60% on 2-year plan), saving you 58% from the original monthly price. NordVPN also offers a 1-month free trial as well.

Watch Fire Island with NordVPNLargest Server Network

Can I access Hulu Outside of USA?

Although Hulu exercises geo-restrictions that permit it to operate only in the USA, it is still possible to access Hulu outside the USA. Through a Virtual Private Network that can successfully redirect your online traffic through a server located in the US. For that, we recommend getting ExpressVPN. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get ExpressVPN by subscribing on the official page and downloading its app on whichever device you plan to stream Hulu on.
  2. Access ExpressVPN’s app and connect to one of the US servers.
  3. Visit Hulu’s website or download its app on your device.
  4. On the homepage, click “Start your Free Trial” and finish the registration process. You’ll also have to subscribe at $6.99/month.
  5. Log in with your credentials.
  6. Enjoy watching Hulu outside the USA.

Watch Fire Island with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

When Can I Watch Fire Island?

Fire Island is premiering in the USA on Hulu and in the UK on Disney Plus on Friday 3rd June 2022.

Introduction of Fire Island

Fire Island is an upcoming American romantic comedy revolving around two gay best friends. On vacation to The Pines, also called Fire Island, they get to party at the resort, which is a hotspot for the queer culture. But the two friends find two other holidaymakers and their relationships blossom. It is set to release on Hulu on 3rd June 2022.


To unblock Hulu with ExpressVPN, connect to one of its US servers. After doing so, you’ll get complete access to Hulu. In addition, after logging into Hulu, you can stream its entire content library outside the USA.

Hulu is available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and in some locations in Japan.

To get Hulu outside the USA, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock geo-restrictions to get Hulu outside the USA.

Wrap Up

This June, Hulu is set to celebrate Pride month with the release of the Fire Island on 3rd June 2022. It will also be available on Disney Plus in the UK on the same date. For our fans looking to watch Fire Island on Hulu Outside USA, simply get ExpressVPN to unblock geo-restrictions. Happy Streaming!

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