Lucifer Fans Signing the Petition to Get Season 6 After Netflix Confirms Season 5

While I am reading Lucifer’s fans reviews, one fan tweeted “‘If we don’t hear “Lucifer is renewed for one more season” after the backlash you’re about to get, I swear to Go…I mean Lucifer, I’ll raise some hell and cancel my long standing Netflix membership! #SaveLucifer #LuciferSeason6.’

Other angered fans have even launched a petition, which already has over 1,000 signatures.

#Luciferseason6 #SaveLucifer: Sign the Petition Right Now


In recent times, Lucifer’s season 5 comes on Netflix. However, with this exciting announcement, there is a bad news for the diehard Lucifer fans.

Good news is you will get to see more Tom Ellis and Lauren German in season 5. But Netflix confirms that it will be the end of the season, which means Lucifer season 6 is not coming at all.

And this makes fans insane and it seems like they are not ready to say farewell to their favorite show without recording their demand to get Lucifer season 6.

Believe me or not, fans are getting united on twitter to get a new season of Lucifer.

They are expressing their emotions and showing how much they love this amazing show and trying to convince the Lucifer’s production team for sixth season.

Here is the list of tweets by the fans who are not ready to farewell their favorite show anytime soon




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