365 DNI – Sequel in The Making: Release date, Review & More


365DNI is a Polish movie, also referred to as 365 Days, released in early 2020. The movie didn’t exactly perform as it should have but just then, Netflix made it available on its library on 7th June. And the next thing we saw was the film was trending globally.

In simple words you can say it’s the Polish version of 50 Shades of Grey, however, with a rating of only 3.1 on IMDb. Even after all this time, 50 Shades of Grey is still in the top 10 categories in various countries!

Michele Morrone plays the part of an Italian mafia in the movie. In real life, he is divorced and a father of two. He had begun to believe that his acting career was over, and there wasn’t even a ray of hope. Highly discouraged, he was persuaded that his acting career was over and was working as a gardener to make ends meet. But one day his agent called him and the next thing that happened was that he has gained millions of followers on Instagram. He said this in an interview:



It is evident that there’s going to be a continuation to the movie. But, it isn’t official if they will come up with a sequel of 365 DNI. We cannot say much about the movie spin-off however as we don’t know if they would go a different way than the book. Presently the movie is world-famous even in spite of the fact that it is the foremost loathed movie on Netflix. They might present changes within the other part.

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The Laura Cliffhanger – She’s Alive!

The movie is freely based on the book of the same title. 365 Dni is a book series as well. So, people already kind of know what is progressing to happen within the continuation.

However, they might alter the movie a little bit. The motion picture was moderate and had a parcel of peculiar plot turns. You’ll too see childish and ridiculous dialogues.

The movie did not appear to us as anything happening. It was as it were the cliffhanger that appeared interesting. We saw how Laura was assaulted whereas within the car with her best companion coming back from a shopping trip.

Be that as it may, we saw the car going into the burrow but it did not come out. It was never uncovered within the first part whether she is lively or not. Laura is alive in the books, it was revealed that she was kidnapped by the rival family. Massimo will spare Laura from the rival gang.

They might get hitched within the second season as well. It was too uncovered that she is pregnant in the first portion of the motion picture. So, it shows that it might turn out like Sundown adventure motion pictures.

Release Date

There is no official news when they are attending to discharge the motion picture. It is very early to say anything around the motion picture continuation. Since of the pandemic, we are not expecting to get the spin-off till 2022.

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