How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 [Quick Fix]

How to fix Netflix error code UI-800-3

Did you just encounter Netflix Error Code UI-800-3? No need to worry, as it is a common occurrence that can resolve after a few quick fixes. Just read along as this blog will help you find the right method to fix the Netflix Error UI-800-3. 

The error may look like this when it appears on the screen:

“Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds. Code: UI-800-3.”

What Causes Netflix Error UI-800-3?

This error occurs when your Netflix app has a lot of cache and data, which somehow corrupts the whole system of your streaming service. It usually resolves after you refresh the settings and information stored in your Netflix app data. But if the issue persists, then the following methods may help you sort it out quickly. 

How to Fix Netflix Error UI-800-3?

Following are the methods mentioned below that can help you resolve the Netflix Error UI-800-3:

Solution 1. Restart Your Streaming Device

Unplug and turn off your device for a few minutes. Keep the device shut and then restart after plugging it back in. 

Solution 2. Restart Your Router and Modem: 

Unplug your router for a minute, then turn it back on. Now, wait a minute more for it to get completely started, and then connect the internet with your device. Stream Netflix and check if the error still persists.

Solution 3. Clear Netflix App Cache Data

If your device allows you to access the app settings, clear the app data and the cache as well. Sometimes that data becomes corrupted, and all you have to do is clean it, and the error goes away.

Solution 4. Reinstall Netflix App

If the error is coming on your Smart TV or on a device that doesn’t have any option to clear cached data, you can try reinstalling the Netflix app. It will remove any corrupted files causing the error.

Solution 5. Sign out and Sign in Again 

It could also be the case that there are some bugs on the device’s system, which is causing this error to occur. All you have to do is simply sign out of Netflix and then sign back in and see if the error has been resolved. If the app doesn’t allow you to do so, don’t worry; go to Netflix from your browser and visit the Netflix account pages. From there, select Sign out of all devices.

Solution 6. Re-configure the DNS Settings

If you have enabled a Netflix VPN on your device via SmartDNS, it’s time to re-configure it as well; the device allows you to access the DNS settings. Verify your streaming device’s DNS settings and see if that solves the problem.

For PlayStation

  1. Start your PlayStation.
  2. Visit Settings.
  3. Now go to Network Settings.
  4. Select Set Up Internet Connection and then Internet Connection Settings.
  5. Click on Custom.
  6. Now select Wi-Fi.
  7. For IP address settings, select Automatic
  8. Select Do Not Specify for the DHCP Host Name.
  9. Select Automatic for DNS settings.
  10. Now select Automatic for MTU settings as well.
  11. For the Proxy server, select Do Not Use.
  12. Now Test Connection.
  13. Restart your PlayStation and try to stream Netflix to see if the issue remains or not.

For Xbox 

  1. Launch your Xbox device.
  2. Visit Setting and choose System Setting.
  3. Select Network Settings.
  4. Go to Network and select Configure Network.
  5. Visit DNS Settings and select Automatic.
  6. Restart your Xbox device after a pause and try streaming Netflix again.

If your VPN connection is inconsistent you might need this Netflix Proxy Error Fix.

Wrapping Up!

All the instructions mentioned above should solve your Netflix error UI-800-3, but it’s time to contact the Netflix support team if the issue remains. If you face any problem regarding the instructions mentioned on our blog, then comment below; team ScreenBinge will be delighted to assist you. 

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