#GetSplitOffNetflix: Petitioners Demanding The Movie Removal From Netflix

False representation of people who are suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), a petition is screeching streaming giant “Netflix” to remove M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

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The superhero thriller “Split” is the next movie that comes under the radar as a social media campaign to remove the title from Netflix.

Petitioners on social media claim that the characters and storyline are disrespectful to people who are undergoing from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

On Twitter, the hashtag “Get SplitOffNetflix” has been created to remove the movie from Netflix. A petition has also been launched to demand from Netflix to takeoff the movie.

While the hashtag is trending all over the world, it is worthless for the American streamers as Split is not available on US Netflix.

The reason behind the petition of removing “Split” from the streaming platform is that the film portrays the wrong picture of DID, and this is creating a false perception of those who are going through this mental disorder in real life.

“Split is a movie that has caused many many many plural people & the plural community at large significant harm due to its misrepresentation of both DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) & Plurality in which it demonizes them & more,” one tweet reads using the #GetSplitOffNetflix hashtag. In a follow-up tweet, the user adds: “It demonizes plurality for entertainment when plural people aren’t like that. Plural people need support & love.

Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, Split is a sequel of Unbreakable that was released in 2000. The story is about a man, “James McAvoy,” who is suffering from DID mental disorder with twenty-four different identities.

At the time of the release, Split received excellent reviews, and many famous critics commending it as one of the director’s most beautiful works in the entertainment industry. The movie earned massive profit at the box office as well, later bringing about the 2019 follow-up, Glass. Still, the film was criticized by some mental health advocates for stigmatizing DID, so these kinds of complaints are not new in the mental health community.

And this is quite amazing how effective these kinds of petitions and social campaigns can be to remove any particular TV show or movie if people in a majority on social platforms started bawling for it.

However, despite the petition of removing “Split” has been alienating as there are many streamers on Twitter who are not in favor of this idea.

One Split lover says on Twitter in response to the hashtag “This is absolute nonsense. If we ban every single thing that potentially offends an oppressed community group, we would have nothing left”.  

As of now, Netflix has not responded to the social media campaign. You can take a look at some of the tweets from both sides of the argument below using the hashtag #GetSplitOffNetflix, and you can also check out the petition to remove the movie from Netflix at Change.org.

As of now, Split is only available in 3 countries on Netflix including France, Italy, and Switzerland. So if you have a Netflix account and residing outside of these countries and want to watch the movie first before signing the petition, you can unblock the library of any of one these countries via Netflix VPN.

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2 Responses to #GetSplitOffNetflix: Petitioners Demanding The Movie Removal From Netflix

  1. Sallie says:

    Is this a joke? Really! Squatter cobblers, it’s a film I enjoyed till the end then it was a bit weird! Never associated it as being based on true life!!! It’s fiction after all. Stop drawing attention and comparing things that a real to a film of fiction!

  2. Jim Nixon says:

    Apparently, we have a whole generation of people that do not understand that movies are fantasy and not a real represenation of life, in ANY form or fashion. We could condemn any movie for any thing at this point if we want to pick them all apart. I could randomly grab ANY other movie off of ANY platform and claim it is offensive for the way it portrays anything. Also, where was this protest before? You all know it DID play at movie theatres across the nation, right? It was no secret. Hey, what about the movie “Glass”? Same character is in it, too. I could go on…

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