Netflix’s Gabriel Fernandez Documentary is Seriously Awful


Netflix brings in a new docuseries based on true events, the failure of child protection system and an evil mother who has the blood of her own 8 year old on her hands.

The documentary has left viewers extremely disturbing and shaken to the core. The docuseries is named The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez and it a six part series based on the life of a little boy who was found unconscious by paramedics after receiving a call from his mother reporting about the incident.

As Gabriel was rushed to the hospital, the doctors found out his skull was fractured from two places, along with broken ribs and teeth. It was also discovered that his lungs and groin were damaged by BB gun pellets.

After examining Gabriel’s health condition, it was found that he was brain dead and therefore, taken off life support after two days.

It was later revealed that it was his own mother Pearl Sinthia Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre who caused such a long term abuse to the child.

The Netflix Documentary shows the details of countless investigations done by social workers and their reports regarding Gabriel’s injuries. Despite all of this, he was allowed to remain with his mother where the abuse continued till the little boy’s death.

Many viewers expressed their feelings on twitter,

It’s indeed hard to imagine a mother treating her child this way, but perhaps there are all types of people in the world.

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