Netflix Secret Codes and Hacks You Never Knew Existed!

Netflix Secret codes

Hello, my Netflix junkies! For the love of streaming here are some Netflix secret codes and Netflix hacks to make your streaming experience better!

Netflix Secret Codes

netflix secret codes

Netflix Hacks for a Better Streaming Experience

Here are the top 9 Netflix hacks everyone should know

  1. Access Hidden Libraries Hack
  2. Download Videos Hack
  3. Subtitle Hack
  4. Save Mobile Data Hack
  5. Buffering Hack
  6. Netflix Down Hack
  7. New Features Hack
  8. Netflix Roulette
  9. Find Hidden Category Hack

1. Access Hidden Libraries

Netflix does not evenly distribute its titles across the globe due to licensing and rights issues. For Example, American Netflix has the most titles, whereas in countries such as Thailand, Albania, and Morocco the percentage of titles available is less than 5%.

So if you live in a region where Netflix doesn’t offer much content, use a VPN for Netflix to unblock other region libraries, so that you always have newer content to watch!

Follow these simple steps to Unblock Netflix Hidden Libraries:

  • Download and Sign-up for a VPN
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Connect to the US or any other country server, from the list of servers
  • Head to Netflix and see the new titles.

2. Download Videos

Now, there must be a very good reason that Netflix created its own app despite being easily accessible from any browser. The app is packed with loads of features!

netflix download

Download videos via the app and enjoy watching them on your phone be it your regular commute to work or school, keep your favorite shows in the palm of your hands!

netflix available download

3. Watch subtitles in another language

While Netflix does offer subtitles, but what if you want to them in your native language? No biggie! Try Subtitles for Netflix and watch your favorite shows in the language you want!

subtitles for netflix

4. Save Money on Streaming Shows on Mobile

Like watching your favorite shows on the smaller screen? Perhaps on your commute to work or school but data costs an arm and a leg? Well, we’ve got that figured for you, go to Account and then Playback Settings.

netflix setting - code

Choose the video quality settings as per your need and don’t let data cost be a roadblock to your Netflix and Chill.

5. Improve buffering

Not liking the glitchy streaming experience? Improve buffering by a simple hack, Hold down Shift + Ctrl + Option + S Bitrate setting - netflix code

This pop-up screen will open, select a lower Bitrate, and hit Override. A lower bitrate will reduce the quality of the video but will get you rid of the constant irritation due to buffering.

6. Is Netflix Down

We know how much you love Netflix, but sometimes the site doesn’t seem to work and you wonder if it’s only you or there’s actually some real problem from the back end. So for that we have a perfect tool at

netflix down

Just go to the site and click on the check button and you will find out if it’s just you or Netflix really is down.

As you can see, we clicked on the check button and as per the tool, Netflix was down more than a month ago and not now! So if it’s not working there’s some problem at your end!

7. Get New Features First

Simply head on to your Account Menu and select test participation, turn the toggle ON and you will be given access to features that Netflix is currently working on and has not made available for the test So enjoy a better viewing experience before anybody else!

8. Netflix Roulette

netflix roulette

Can’t decide what to watch? Use Netflix Roulette and let it give you suggestions, you can also select the genre, IMBD ratings and Rotten tomatoes ratings and click on the spin button to bring suggestions up for you!

9. Category Extension

Another way to find out hidden categories on Netflix is to simply download this extension and find out all the hidden categories.

netflix categories

Netflix has thousands of categories hidden from you. This extension helps you unlock many of those secret categories. With this extension, you can instantly search verified hidden categories, Bookmark categories for easy access and the good part is that it has no impact on your browsing as it does not run in the background and it’s only 0.03 Mb.

The extension is open source as well so anyone can audit it and check if it’s secure or not!

Wrapping up!

Now that you know these secret hacks, share them with your friends, and be the real MVP! Enjoy a better streaming experience and make Netflix run like you want it to!


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