“I Used to Cry Before The Show” – Candace Cameron Talks About Hosting ABC’s “The View”

Candace Cameron Bure, 45, co-hosts The View, a chat show where celebrities are interviewed. This week during an appearance on the ABC show “Behind the Table” podcast, Cameron revealed about co-hosting The View from 2015 to 2016 for Season 19 & 20.

It comes quite as a shock that Cameron faced extreme PTSD during the time she co-hosted the show. Cameron said, “There was only one type of stress that I’ve ever felt in my life, that came from that show.”

Further opening-up Cameron talked more about how she felt, “The stress and the anxiety — I actually have a pit in my stomach right now. There was only one type of stress that I’ve ever felt in my life, that came from that show. And I [have] PTSD, like, I can feel it. It was so difficult, and to manage that emotional stress was very, very hard.”

While representing conservatives on national television made her feel pressured, there were also other topics in the show which were really difficult to discuss and were very challenging for her. She recalled, “I was just trying to understand and have a general grasp of topics that I didn’t want to talk about or didn’t care about. When I felt like I was going into a show that I didn’t have a clear opinion about or it was something that I was legitimately nervous to talk about because I did have an opinion about it but, I knew I was the only one at the table that had my opinion, I would just get sick to my stomach. I hated that feeling. And then I’m like, ‘I don’t know who’s going to come at me.'”

The schedule of the show soon took its effects on her mental and physical health. The stress she faced was so much that she recalls “crying before the show”, but she said she did not regret the experience. “I don’t know that I regret anything, honestly,” she said. “I feel like there were so many wonderful takeaways from the show. And as difficult as that job was, I’m very, very grateful for it.”

On The View’s 25th anniversary, Cameron spoke to PEOPLE magazine; she expressed her feelings saying that she would “Never want a permanent seat at the table again, it always feels like family,” when she comes back as a guest.

She also complained that when she became a part of the show, it was more focused on ever-green topics and not political issues. She stated, “When I was asked to join the table, the show was supposed to steer towards more ever-green topics and less about politics. Enter Donald Trump into the presidential race. It changed everything.”

Due to the political nature of the show, she had to study for hours to prepare for the interviews; at one point, she mentioned it was like going back to school and doing homework for 5 hours. She opened up about the issue, “The lighter version of the show I thought I was going to work for suddenly became solely about politics. I felt like I was back in school, doing 4-5 hours of homework a night. It was exhausting. Along with that, I was travelling back and forth from Los Angeles to New York every week to be with my family on the weekends. I’m surprised I kept up with my schedule for as long as I did.”

Ex-panellist, Raven-Symoné co-hosted the show from 2015 to 2016 as well. She was also a guest on the “Behind the Table” podcast earlier this week. Even she mentioned, in a light manner, that she was “catfished” into co-hosting the show, and she also believed that the show would be more focused on political issues.

The 35-year-old star states, “I really did want to be on that show and talk about topics that I’m good at and know about and really succeed in a positive way. I’m not used to flopping, I’m not used to failing. And I feel like a little bit of a fail because of it. But it wasn’t my fault, which made it even worse.”

Mohid Moosani

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