Halloween 2021: Celebrities Rock a Shocking Array of Pleasantly Surprise People With Unique Costumes

Most of the Halloween events last year were deterred by COVID-19. And while the danger of the pandemic is still hovering over the globe, vaccines have somehow made it possible to bring life back to normal. Events like Halloween are taking place, and celebrities have once again gathered for the spooky holiday night.

Harry Styles stole the show on Saturday night when he stepped out on stage dressed as iconic Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.”



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In his first of two New York Halloween-themed concerts dubbed as “Harryween,” Harry Styles wore a blue and white checkered top, coupled with red tights and a matching bow. He pulled off the perfect look by complementing it with highlighted makeup and red-blue boots designed to perfectly emulate the character’s famous ruby slippers.

The chartbuster “Watermelon Sugar” singer went a step ahead and took a basket with a stuffed-toy Toto onstage.

Several fan videos show the singer swaggering “I look cute” on stage while interacting with fans.

Other members of the band took part too, by dressing up like “Wizard of Oz” cast including Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Glinda the ‘Good Witch’ and Wicked Witch of the West. Fans were also encouraged to attend the show in costumes.

Other Celebrities

Besides Harry Styles, more stars are showing off their Halloween looks in New York Halloween week. Ranging from contemporary to classic, scary to funny, weird to simple, the celebrities put on buzz-worthy outfits.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton fittingly rose for the occasion on Halloween as she dressed up in a princess gown.


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Showing off her Cinderella costume, Hilton captioned her photo on Instagram: “A dream is a wish your heart makes. Keep believing in magic!”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Halloween costume was inspired by Lizzie McGuire and Paolo from 2004’s “The Lizzie McGuire Movie,” where Lizzie makes her dream come true in Italy of becoming a pop star, Jonas and Turner perfectly pulled off their costumes.


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“Sing to me Paolo,” Turner wrote the caption on her post with the iconic movie line. Whereas, Jonas captioned the same photo on his Instagram with lyrics from the film’s super-hit song “What Dreams Are Made Of”: “Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?”

Steve Buscemi

Guess what Steve Buscemi dressed up like? Well, Steve Buscemi himself, of course. The 63-year-old veteran actor was spotted in New York on Sunday dressed up as a meme of himself that has gone viral on social media from a “30 Rock” scene in which he says: “How do you do, fellow kids?”

Moreover, Buscemi can be seen with a skateboard in the photos shared by fans.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis set the benchmark high with a killer get-up with a sweet backstory. On October 12, in the costume party premiere of “Halloween Kills,” Jamie dressed up as her late mother, Janet Leigh. The costume was inspired by the get-up of her mother as the cheating murder victim Marion Crane in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film “Psycho.” Oct. 12. 

She showed off her look on Instagram with the caption: “Honoring my mother in ALL her gory…I meant glory!”


Lizzo – the “Rumors” singer, turned up dressing as Grogu, aka “Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian.” She performed at the Halloween party of Spotify on Friday night, but she saved a more public presentation for Instagram.


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The singer hit social media with her face, arms, and legs painted green coupled with Yoda ears with a blonde wig. She completed her look with a brown coat similar to the icon’s cloak “Star Wars.”

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber dedicated her Halloween look to iconic pop singer Britney Spears.

The model posted pictures wearing four different costumes that were affirmations of memorable Spears moments. She included accessories like the gray cardigan and ponytails from “Baby One More Time,” the red jumpsuit from “Oops!…I Did It Again” and the purple Teletubby from Rolling.
Stones magazine cover from 1999.

Bieber captioned her post: “Happy Halloweekend 👻 the first concert I ever went to was the queen @britneyspears and I’ve been shook ever since.”

Justin Bieber, Hailey’s husband, wore a cozy bear costume and shared his photo on Instagram, saying: “It’s the bear necessities of life,”

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall revealed her inner Cardi B on Halloween and dressed up as the pregnant rapper during her June BET Awards performance, where she broke the news that she was expecting her second child.


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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling also dressed up in various costumes to honor “female comedy legends.”

The “Never Have I Ever” maker highlighted comedians like Reese Witherspoon, Ali.
Wong, Issa Ray, Amber Ruffin, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus by dressing in different outfits, calling them their “iconic lewks.”

She shared an Instagram post with the caption: “So I live for Halloween costumes. This year I decided to dress as a few female comedy legends in some of their iconic lewks. Can you guess who I am,”

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen



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John Legend and family turned into the Addams family for Halloween night. Legend played the iconic “The Addams Family” theme song dressed up as Gomez with a black bowl-cut. 

Chrissy Teigen imitated Morticia while wearing a long black wig and a red lip. Whereas her mom dressed as Grandmama, while their 5-year-old daughter Luna dressed as Wednesday, showing a signature frown and long black ponytails.

Legend shared an Instagram post on Friday featuring himself and Luna, stating: “She insists on staying in character for all photos. No smiles for Wednesday,”


Ciara escalated her costume to a “Level Up” and personified the late Selena.

The singer wore a burgundy bodysuit complemented with bell-bottomed pants, a long wig, and red nails while holding a microphone.


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Ciara wrote on her Instagram post: “The Legendary Selena! I’ve been practicing learning Spanish and having the time of my life. So I wanted one of my costumes to reflect the LatinX culture. This was so much fun,” 


Saweetie swapped up her icy personality and chose a hotter look as she dressed up as Catwoman, specifically Halle Berry’s “Catwoman.”


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The rapper and pop culture celebrity posted an Instagram reel showing herself dressed in a leather costume with a cat ear mask. She marched down a platform in black boots while lip-syncing Berry’s lines from the 2004 movie and was interrupted by a guest appearance.

In the reel, Berry asked Saweetie, “What the (expletive) is going on here?”

After an “intense stare down,” Berry gave a stamp of approval on her costume to Saweetie.

Berry reposted the video with a caption: “There’s more than enough room for more than one Catwoman,”

Chloe Bailey

Bailey refashioned iconic Angelina Jolie’s character Lola from the 2004 movie “Shark Tale.”

She showed off her Halloween costume on Instagram with the caption: “she’s dangerous, supa bad. better watch out she’ll take your cash… “

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves star showed up with a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired look, personifying Little Red by Woods and the Big Bad Wolf by Towns.

Woods captioned her Instagram post stating: “Stumbled out of the towns and into the woods,”

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie, “Today Show” co-hosts channeled out their inner cheer spirit during the NBC talk show’s Halloween celebration, dressing up cheerleaders of Dallas Cowboys.


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Kyle Richards

Kylie Richards, famously known for his role in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” lit up the Hollywood premiere of the horror movie “Halloween Kills,” dressing like a stylish ringleader.

Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton, an entrepreneur, and socialite also appeared at the Hollywood premiere of “Halloween Kills” while dressed up as a dentist.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon, a TV host, and comedian, dressed up as fellow television presenter Steve Harvey while paying tribute to him on Cannon’s eponymous talk show.

Cannon showed off his look on Instagram, saying: “Let’s get this party started,” “I’m old school playa.”


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“Jersey Shore” star Jenni Farley aka “JWoww,” and wrestler Zack Clayton took a family photo with Farley’s children on Halloween. The photo was inspired by the television series “Schitt’s Creek” and featured Farley’s son Greyson and daughter Meilani.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos transcended into the past with their Halloween costumes.

Ripa dressed in a light-blue dress with lace cap sleeves and gloves, complemented with a black fascinator, while her husband stood beside her dressed up in a vest and slacks with a skinny tie.

Kelly shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “Mom and Dad just returned from the #1940s to remind you to tune in today for #LiveHalloween It’s Out Of This World,”

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa pulled on a petrifying look for a Halloween-themed “Dancing With The Stars” on Oct. 25. The YouTube sensation wore the famous Pennywise look for her jazz routine with partner Jenna Johnson.


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Siwa teased her followers on Instagram before the show with a photo captioned: “Pennywise hides in a sewer…. Pennywise hides under the stage,”

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion incredibly managed to make Pinhead look spectacular. The rapper and singer slayed her look from the “Hellraiser” movie franchise quoting from 1996’s “Bloodline.”

She shared her look on Instagram stating: “Pain has a face. Allow me to show you. Gentlemen I am pain,”

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker 

Newly-engaged couple in the town Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, personified rock couple Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, and their resemblance was uncanny. 

The duo’s mysterious deaths perfectly fit the Halloween theme. Vicious was indicted for murdering Spungen at New York’s Chelsea Hotel; however, before the case even went to court, Vicious was found dead on February 2, 1979. The case is still unsolved to date.

Barker captioned photos on Instagram: “Throw away the key,”

Hayley Kiyoko

“Squid Game” costumes were bound to be adopted by celebrities this year, and Hayley Kiyoko was first to put on one.


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The singer and actress, referring to actress HoYeon Jung on Instagram, shared a photo with the caption: “The067th person to dress up as @hoooooyeony in Squid Game for Halloween,” 

She further added: “(Also thanks for convincing me to watch, it was worth getting through the blood and I’m absolutely obsessed),”

Kerry Washington

As expected, Kiyoko wasn’t the only celebrity to wear the Halloween costume inspired by “Squid Game.”

Kerry Washington, on Saturday, posted her blue jumpsuit look on Instagram.


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She wrote: “456 in the game 🦑🚦, 001 in your hearts,”

“Congratulations to the entire #SquidGame cast, crew, & creators for this powerful narrative and innovative series 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Who else is transfixed!?” she added.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat nailed the look while dressing up as Princess Kida from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” 

The American singer and rapper celebrated her October birthday fittingly with a brilliant costume.

Hoda Kotb

TV host of “Today,” Hoda Kotb, took her kids out for trick-or-treat in cheerful costumes dressing up as a puppy, the unicorn, the sun, moon, and stars.

She shared her cheerful family photo on Instagram with the caption: “We went trick or treating a week early …no one answered the first 2 doors…but on the 3rd door we got a reeses. #nevergiveup,”

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