Isaac Aptaker Expresses Interest in Casting Britney Spears Again in a HIMYM Role.

Isaac Aptaker Shows His Desire to Feature Britney Spears In Her HIMYM Role

Isaac Aptaker, the co-producer of How I Met Your Father reveals his desire for Britney Spears to revive her role of mother that she played in How I Met Your Mother.

The new adaptation of the super-hit family sitcom, How I Met Your Father made its debut with a couple of episodes of its first season on January 18, 2022. The show is still in its introductory phase as it’s revealing the main characters, so it hasn’t reached a stage where showrunners can indulge the fans with surprise celebrity appearances that became a usual norm and driving force of How I Met Your Mother. The classic sitcom concluded with guest appearances from renowned celebrities Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry, Joe Manganiello, and several others.

How I Met Your Father saw a short appearance from Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl, but it is speculated that she will be more of a frequent character instead of a cameo role as the season advances. You might see more similar characters when you watch How I Met Your Father on Hulu, If you are a fan you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this new sitcom.

That is the beauty of Hulu that it has a variety of new shows coming to the streaming service every time, but the biggie is How I Met Your Father, a Hulu original, and a plethora of other movies and shows as well for the viewers if you find them to watch Hulu in your region.

Britney Spears, the iconic pop star, was one of the biggest and most surprising cameos of How I Met Your Mother. Spears played the character, Abby, in the 13th episode of the 3rd season, “Ten Sessions” and the 17th episode of “Everything Must Go.” Abby works as a receptionist at a clinic of a dermatologist which Ted has been visiting consistently for treatment sessions, and it swiftly becomes obvious that Abby has been keeping an eye on him and sending him the signs to notice her. She ultimately starts playacting to get engaged with Barney, to make Ted envious.

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While appearing in an exclusive interview, Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, Aptaker stated, “let’s call Britney back,” addressing the singer to “come on by.” He didn’t comment further potentially for not revealing too much and spoiling possible cameos that are expected to happen in the next eight episodes of the show

Aptaker stated, “Let’s call Britney back… Why not? Britney, if you’re watching this, open door. Come on by, we’re at Paramount.”

The interview gives a hint that Abby will likely not be appearing in season 1 of How I Met Your Father as Aptaker has just asked Britney to get in touch with them. It remains unclear though what are the future plans of Spears after her father Jamie was suspended from Conservatorship after 13 Years. However, if she is planning to revive her acting stint there’s no perfect platform other than a cameo in How I Met Your Father that would allow the fan-favorite pop sensation to display her talents once again.

Bill Squire, the co-host of The Alan Cox Show took to Twitter and threw in an idea of a new spinoff on the character of Abby:

It’s too early to assume how exactly Abby; Spears’ character from HIMYM would be fitted in the plot How I Met Your Father. However, the spinoff has already discovered a way around to naturally blend-specific references from the original show, like using the filming location of Marshall and Lily’s apartment in New York. Hopefully, the showrunners are capable and creative enough to cast Spears or any other past surprise appearances of HIMYM in an appealing way for the fans of the classic sitcom without disturbing the storyline featuring the new characters.

Britney has apparently reappeared in the limelight after struggling for 13 years with her conservatorship and we would definitely love to see her chirping and laughing while spreading smiles on the faces of viewers.

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