Netflix Starts Shadow Crackdown on VPN Users and Prevents Unblocking Titles

Netflix Starts Shadow Crackdown

If you’re using a VPN to unblock Netflix, let’s say American Netflix, you will no longer receive a proxy error. Unfortunately, that’s not a good news.

Netflix has smartly played its game against VPN users and providers, you will no longer receive proxy error message. Instead the region locked titles will not be shown to you! You can continue watching Netflix with the VPN on, but there isn’t any way to access region blocked titles.

The change was first noticed by a database company and as they explained, “We first noticed major changes with Netflix around May 1st. Along with forcing us to re-write a bunch of our legacy tools we noticed that a lot fewer titles were showing up with our scraper scripts.”

So if you realize that some titles just went missing suddenly, this is why! The Official Netflix Media Center has not made any announcement yet regarding the issue. However, screen bingers have taken the case to Twitter

Now that is what you call LUCK!

Subreme isn’t aware of the news yet! lol

You can see this post from May 1, 2020, as mentioned above, this was the time when changes were being made!

Here’s another post from May, which indicates that in fact the changes were being made at that time only!

Let’s see how VPN companies responds to the changes made in Netflix algorithm. If not, will this mean that Netflix won the game?

All in all these changes have not been completely implemented yet globally, as some users have not even experienced this issue yet. We believe Netflix will advance with this new way of avoiding VPNs from unblocking restricted regions.

Here is our testing video (6/26/2020)

Let us know if you’re facing the same issue!

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