Rose McGowan says Shaving Her Head Helped People Listen to Her Harvey Weinstein Allegations

Rose McGowan says shaving her head helped people listen to her Harvey Weinstein allegations

The 47-year-old ‘Charmed’ star has revealed that her decision to shave her head before speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, made people listen to her and people started paying attention. 

Rose McGowan and fellow actor Ashley Judd were the first women who came forward with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, back in 2016. 

Soon after that, the Planet Terror star became a prominent name in the #MeToo movement. She accused the former American film producer of raping her in 1997. After decades she decided to come out with the truth and she believes that shaving her head before it, helped her as people were now listening and paying attention to what she was saying. 

In a recent interview with ‘The Guardian’, McGowan stated,

“The side effect immediately was that people could hear the words coming out of my mouth because I didn’t look like a traditional woman anymore”. She continued, ‘All of a sudden, people were paying attention. But it was also like, “I’m serious. And I’m going to war. And I need to scare people. So let’s go.”

Recently, the British actor, director, and screenwriter; Noel Clarke, was also accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women. When asked about following this latest case of bullying and sexual harassment in the industry, McGowan responded, 

“I did, yes. And they were a bit shocking. The thing is, for every one of those women, how many didn’t come forward? And did people know, and just were like, “This is how it is”?

Apparently, Rose McGowan believes that there would be more victims of such incidents who have not come out yet.

Rose McGowan also shared that she has moved to Mexico now because she “just needed distance from stupid people”. The 47-year old star added, “It’s very toxic there (USA): the climate, the mental health. It is so sad. And I didn’t want to live so close to the enemy, if you will.”

The Grindhouse star made headlines a few weeks back when she showed her support for Britney Spears. When the pop icon opened up in court about her conservatorship and that she wants to end it, Rose McGowan came forward with her views to support the 39-year old music sensation. 

McGowan Stated,

“[Britney’s] father put her under a conservatorship at age 25,” she said. “Many in the media laughed and scorned her when she shaved her head. I lived in Hollywood during that time, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to tell all of you out there what so many of you know deep down: that fame and Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core. They do hurt and they do damage.”

McGowan added,

“I think she’s ready to blow the lid,” she continued. “She said today she’s ‘so angry, it’s insane.’ I understand that kind of rage. I was the first to go on the record about Harvey Weinstein and that kind of sickness, the people that are truly putting your entertainment in your head. And while we’ve all been entertained by Britney Spears, she’s been being tortured.”

Rose McGowan runs a podcast named ‘The Brave Truth’ in which she talked about Brtiney Spears. She also mentioned that the people in the entertainment industry get bullied and it is considered normal by others. Like, people think that entertaining others is a crime and if they are hated, people think that they deserve it. 

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