Season Finale of Attack on Titan: New Poster Hypes Leading Stars

Third and final season of Attack on Titan: New Poster Hypes Leading Stars

As the anime’s first half of the series finale is scheduled to air on television once again in March, the fans are leading an online countdown to Attack on Titan’s return as the days pass. A new poster for the upcoming season has just been released, highlighting Attack on Titan’s biggest stars.

The brand new poster of the series has featured the three scouts—Mikasa, Levia, and Armin—as well as Eren, who is watching in the Titan form. It seems ordinary until you discover that it’s a contemporary metropolis. As the protagonist’s era draws to a close, Eren is the center of attention. As the viewers can see, Eren is the newest Kaiju in town, therefore presumably this is Tokyo. With fans eagerly waiting for the release of new episodes, here’s a look at the recent Titan poster:

The artwork is provided by ‘NHK’; Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), as the Attack on Titan was chosen by the network, which has been airing it for years, for a Japanese advertising campaign. The spectators can see how the two worlds converge in the trailer, which blends Eren’s post-apocalyptic setting with the contemporary Tokyo.

This image shows a scary Titan hovering above an office building, making Eren appear dreadful. More terrifying than the Colossal Titan from season one is his Founding Titan. The audience can clearly see how Eren has somehow distorted his values to the point that he poses a threat to the entire world.

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There are, of course, others who oppose Eren. If you have been watching the anime, you would be aware that the previous hero is being sought for by his pals. Mikasa and Armin are pursuing Eren in an effort to put an end to the outlaw. In this poster, the two are joined by humanity’s toughest soldier, and Levi is sporting multiple bandages on his face. You will also witness additional people who will assist the trio in the anime.

Eren and Mikasa will appear more frequently as Attack on Titan approaches its debut. Before the second installment of the series finale is released later this year, the show is scheduled to resume in Japan on March 4. The show is presently available on Hulu.

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