The Witcher Director Geeta Patel Replaced by Louise Hooper

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In March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Netflix was forced to suspend production on Henry Cavill’s The Witcher’s second season. Fortunately, shooting picked up again in August and recent production reports say that things are going smoothly, with location shoots in Northern England currently underway.

We have been working on the theory for some time that Louise Hooper, known for productions like Holby City, Cold Feet, and Flesh and Blood, replaced Geeta Patel as a director on the second season.

For episodes six and seven of the new season, Patel was put in charge of directing. If what we think is real, it’s possible that she was prevented from taking up the reins on the set of The Witcher by planning conflicts. It is also likely that, considering the current pandemic situation, the American director has chosen not to commit to a month-long stay in the UK.

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We are pretty sure that Louise Hooper is working on The Witcher’s second season as a producer now. We’re not entirely aware, however, whether Geeta Patel is still part of the series or not.

Assuming this is correct, we can see two alternatives. The first and most obvious is that Hooper just took over the episodes of Patel and is filming scenes for episode six or seven at the moment. The responsibilities may also have been reassigned and she is working on episode four instead, which was originally intended to be helmed by Sarah O’Gorman. This will be more compatible with the order of scenes shot so far.

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