How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries Online: All Season 14 [Updated 2022]

watch murdoch mysteries online

There’s never a boring period in the life of Detective Murdock and the people around him. They deal with the most mind bending mysteries in Toronto with out of the box ideas and the presence of mind. Back in season 13, we saw some of Murdock’s inventions, such as the “searchizer” tool, designed to compare a person’s facial features with record already existing with the police. In this season, Violet Hart (Shanice Banton) goes on to raise questions from Detective Murdock, who is unable to trust her abilities or true motives.

The show is available on multiple platforms such as YouTube TV, HULU, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google play store but all these options are paid. The Good news is that the Murdoch Mysteries all 14 seasons are available on CBC Gem with all the latest episodes which are totally free to watch.

However, CBC gem is geo-restricted to Canada only if you try to access it from outside Canada the following error will be presented to you:

“This content is temporarily unavailable. Please try again. (WT_Catalog_400)”

murdoch mysteries cbc gem error

But worry not, with a VPN like ExpressVPN you can unblock and watch Murdoch Mysteries Online whether you are in the US, UK, Australia, India, Greece, or anywhere in the world

How To Watch Murdoch Mysteries Online with a VPN

Follow these 4 simple steps to watch Murdoch Mysteries online via CBC Gem:

  1. Download and Sign-up for ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPN client on your device and log in with credentials.
  3. Connect to the Canadian server from the server list.
  4. Now go to the “” site, search for the title & enjoy watching Murdoch Mysteries online.

Murdoch Mysteries online on CBC Gem working

There you go! We have successfully unblocked CBC in the USA from outside Canada using ExpressVPN.

Watch Murdoch Mysteries with ExpressVPNOur Top Choice for CBC Gem

Murdoch Mysteries Cast

The Murdoch Mysteries characters consist of the following main cast:

  • Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch
  • Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
  • Hélène Joy as Julia Ogden
  • Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree
  • Georgina Reilly as Emily Grace
  • Mouna Traoré as Rebecca James

If you want to find out the complete cast of Murdoch Mysteries click here.

How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix

Yes, The Murdoch Mysteries is also available on Netflix, but due to licensing agreements, every country has its own Netflix library. That is why if you try searching this title you won’t be able to find the show or receive the Netflix site error. Don’t worry Murdoch Mysteries is available only on Netflix Canada till season 13 only, however again, if you live outside Canada you need a VPN to watch it.

Murdoch Mysteries Trailer


You can watch the latest episodes of The Murdoch Mysteries on CBC Gem, however, the show is also available on Netflix Canada, YouTube TV, HULU, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Google play store. But with the help of a VPN, you can watch it free from anywhere.

The Murdoch Mysteries new episode will air every saturday night at 8 pm/8:30 pm NT on CBC Gem.

The release date for Season 15 of Murdoch Mysteries is not yet announced by CBC so far.

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