Meet the New Contestants on Love Island Casa Amor

Love island s8 new contestants

The return of Casa Amor marks the finest moment of every Love Island season.

Love Island wouldn’t exist without “Casa Amor”, and the famous twist and turns are finally here for 2022. It was officially announced that half of the Love Island contestants will be sent to a second house. For the first time since 2019, the girls traveled while the boys remained on the first island.

Of course, there were six brand-new boys waiting for the girls in the new villa, including the son of former BoyZone member Ronan Keating, whose identity has now been confirmed by ITV.

The end of the episode from Friday (1st July) night teased the arrival of six new bombshells in the main villa too, which means, it’s not just those going to Casa Amor who run the risk of having their heads turned and their hearts slipped.

The girls went on a trip on Friday, only to find out that they were the ones going to the second villa for the first time.

They were given the opportunity to get to know the new boys joining them at Casa Amor during Sunday, July 3, night’s episode. In the meanwhile, new female candidates who arrived at the original villa appeared active in testing the loyalties of already established couples since arrival.

Here is all the information you need regarding the Casa Amor contestants.


1. Deji AdeniyiDeji AdeniyiAge: 25

Job: Accounts Manager

From: Bedford

Instagram: @deji.adeniyi

Deji is from Bedford and, when asked why he chose to participate in the ITV2 dating show, he responded: “The reason why is that my sex life is amazing but my love life is awful. I am the master of failed talking stages. My love life isn’t going the right way, so one night I decided to apply for Love Island and now I’m here!”

2. Summer BotweSummer BotweAge: 22

Job: Events Decor Business Co-owner

From: Hertfordshire

Instagram: @summerbotwe

Summer explained about herself: “just genuinely good vibes” and reckons that she’ll “definitely uplift everyone’s spirits.”

She replied when asked if she had a crush on any of the boys in particular: “Dami is someone that I definitely feel like I have my eye on and definitely want to pursue the most out of all the boys. His dress sense is really good, he’s funny, he’s just like an all-rounder completely.”

Summer added further she wants to “go full force with Dami,” who is teamed up with Indiyah right now. The reality star may also bring some drama to the show.

She claimed to like the microbiologist’s company, find him attractive and funny, also dresses well in her opinion, and that she is drawn to his “immaculate” vibes.

“We’re all there for the same reason, at the end of the day – I’m going to go full steam ahead,” she said. “I’ve been competitive my whole life. I’m putting my best foot forward and I’m not wasting any time getting to know people.”

3. Josh Samuel Le GroveAge: 22

Job: Model

From: Essex

Instagram: @josh_legrove

Josh claimed he chose to participate in the series because he’s “always been single” and is looking for “someone who can stick up for themselves and hold their own.”

When questioned about what he is about to bring to the villa, he replied: “I think I’ll bring a lot of energy, hopefully, some good chat and maybe a little bit of trouble, but we’ll see!” 

He further continued, that the Casa Amor boys are introduced to change things up, and it sounds like this Essex model has no problem with that.

 “I feel like I am competitive. I’d definitely step on someone’s toes, but I wouldn’t necessarily take a big risk if I wasn’t feeling them 100%,” he said.

4. Jazmine NicholJazmine NicholAge: 21

Job: Nightclub Manager

From: Newcastle

Instagram: @jazminejaynicholl

After working in the nightlife scene for some time, Jazmine has grown tired of dating Newcastle’s DJs and promoters and is prepared for something more serious.

The 21-year-old claims that she will bring to the villa the ideal balance of drama and humour, saying: “I get called Donkey from Shrek, that’s my nickname, as that’s my humour. Always coming out with my little one-liners.”

As far as the relationship is concerned, there is one man in particular she wants to get to know who she has her eye on.

“Jacques for personality,” she said. “Humour’s the biggest thing for me in a partner. I never go for looks and I don’t have a type at all. It’s definitely who makes me laugh.”

5. Jack KeatingJack KeatingAge: 23

Job: Social Media Marketing

From: Dublin

Instagram: @jackkeating11

This year’s most anticipated arrival at Casa Amor is the kid of Boyzone singer Ronan Keating’s son. Even though, back in May, Keating gave an awkward reply during an interview on Good Morning Britain, when asked if his son would participate in a reality show.

On the other hand, Jack mentioned his father in an ITV press release, saying “He will be watching when I’m on it for sure. He’s buzzing for me, me and my dad are very close, we’re best mates.”

On joining the show, Jack said, “I’ve been single for a long time, probably 4 or 5 years now, and I’ve really been missing that spark that I haven’t been getting on the dating scene. I’ve been dating for a long time and I just thought why not? Hopefully, I’ll get a connection with somebody and see what happens.”

6. Coco LodgeCoco LodgeAge: 27

Job: Graphic designer/ Ring girl/Shot girl

From: Surrey

Instagram: @coco_lodge

Coco is a multi-talented woman who has worked as a graphic designer as well as a ring and shoots the girl.

Coco claims to be extremely flirtatious, which could be taken to mean that she’s a little bit of a “predator,” but she’s also incredibly sensitive and compassionate. Coco is interested in Davide since she is an Italian and he is Italian.

“I fall in love very quickly,” she said. “It’s always people I think I’m lusting over – it’s kind of a bit more lust than love. My feelings are driven by how much I’m attracted to them. If I was to fall for someone’s personality I’d be a bit more of a slow burner.”

She further said, “been through every single type of man that’s possible” and now wants to meet someone “who in 20 years I still have a best friend relationship with”.

She chose Davide as the person she wanted to get to know before entering the villa.

“I’m actually Italian, too,” she said. “So I really like Davide, he reminds me of a lot of my family and he’s gorgeous. I’ve never actually seen someone so good-looking in my whole life!”

7. George TaskerGeorge TaskerAge: 23

Job: Labourer

From: Cotswolds

Instagram: @georgetasker_

Talking ahead of joining the show, George said, “I definitely fall in love quickly.” He also mentioned how much he had learned from his last relationship.

George states, “I’ve been single now for three years,” he said. “I had a relationship with a girl from Australia – my only girlfriend. It was a long-distance relationship, so 10,000 miles apart for almost three years. I’m a lot more mature now and I know what I want in a relationship.”

He says, “I love having fun, banter with the boys and I love making people laugh. I’m an easy-going guy. I’m there to be myself, crack on, and flirt.”

8. Chyna MillsChyna MillsAge: 23

Job: Youth Support Worker

From: Leeds

Instagram: @chyna.mills

Chyna, a youth support worker in Leeds, had been divorced for two years before learning about the house. She claims that Jacques, Davide, and Dami might all persuade her, but like Summer, she has Dami on her mind.

“I’m competitive, definitely,” she said. “I don’t like to lose and I don’t mind stepping on anyone’s toes. I didn’t come with anyone. I’m happy to make friends in the villa but everyone came to Love Island for one reason. If they were in my position they’d do the same.”

After two years of being single, Chyna is now “ready to get back out there.”

Of the boys in the villa, she picked out Dami as her “number one,” with Jacques and Davide following closely behind. “They might even change by the time I get in there and see them in person and I’ll be like right, I want them all,” she stated.

9. Samuel AgbijiSamuel AgbijiAge: 22

Job: Model

From: Manchester

Instagram: @samuelagbiji

Samuel has said that he has fallen in love before, and although it took him some time to get over it, he is now ready to consider getting involved in a committed relationship.

“I feel like I’m at the stage where I’m happy by myself but I’m ready to pursue a connection with someone again and see where that will take me,” he said.

Samuel from Manchester acknowledged to ITV that he was a “slow burner,” but he will need to move quickly to connect in the limited time allotted to the participants of Casa Amor.

10. Mollie SalmonMollie SalmonAge: 23

Job: Make-up Artist

From: Southampton

Instagram: @mollie_salmon

Mollie is a makeup artist who comes from Southampton and at the age of 23, Mollie is still struggling to find a partner. Despite being only 23, she says she feels pressure to find someone who will commit to her and wants to marry her. As she explains: 

“My mum got married at my age and my cousin is already engaged so she’s always told me how I should hurry up and find someone. I’m terrible at picking men so I thought Love Island would do a better job than me!”

She names Jay, Davide, and Jacques as her top three villa boys, with Jay taking the top spot. “They all look amazing but Jay is just carved from gold,” she said. “I’ve never seen abs sculpted like that, him and Davide.”

11. Billy BrownBilly BrownAge: 23

Job: Roofing Company Director

From: Surrey

Instagram: @samuelagbiji

Billy already has two girlfriends and is trying to find “the lucky third one.”

He believes that asking a girl out with candles was the most romantic thing he has ever done, “I laid out across the garden ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ in candles,” he said. “I got her to look out the window and see it on the grass. It took an hour to set up! She said yes – of course!”

Billy stated that he is hoping for a third time lucky following his first two relationships. The director of a roofing company in Surrey said: “I’m going to bring the funniness, the vibes, probably step on a few toes, I’m not going to lie. I’ve not got my eye on one girl, it’s all of them! I need to get to know them all.”

12. Cheyanne KerrCheyanne KerrAge: 23

Job: Cabin crew

From: Barnsley

Instagram: @cheyennekerr_

Cheyenne stated that after being in a relationship for the last three years, she is now of an age where she wants to explore.

She said: “I am quite a spontaneous person, so I’d like to share that with someone else. I am in my 20s now so I really want to travel but I also want to find someone.”

“From previous experience, I know I’ve got very good chat so when I do speak to guys it comes easily and I am never nervous. When I am speaking to someone, if I find them attractive I never let that get the better of me and if I find someone attractive I always use my eyes,” she further said.

So much happened in the last few weeks, and there is a lot to come in the upcoming Love Island episodes that you should not miss. Most couples seem to have fallen into a cuddly romantic pattern of kisses, hugs, and pleasant nights.

Some fairly dependable couples are making suggestions for longer-term future plans. This dating program is full of drama, romance, gorgeous people and most importantly trust. Therefore, couples have to keep trusting their partners as loyalties are being tested on Love Island with Casa Amor and the fresh lot of candidates that came along with it.

Every day except Saturdays, new episodes of Love Island premiere at 9 p.m, on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. In case you are not residing in the UK, here’s how you can watch Love Island season eight on ITV2 and ITV Hub from anywhere in the world. 


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