How to Watch Biff and Chip Outside UK on BBC iPlayer


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BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted service that is only available in the UK. Luckily, you can unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK using ExpressVPN and stream Chip and Biff – TV Series that follows the exciting and imaginative escapades of three siblings, which have been filmed at a variety of locations in Warrington and Urmston, if you are eager to know where is biff and chip filmed.

Buckle up for this comprehensive guide that unravels how to watch this amazing series.

How to Watch Biff and Chip Outside UK on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

Here are the following steps to watch Biff and Chip outside UK on BBC iPlayer.

  • Select and get a reliable VPN subscription like ExpressVPN.
  • On your preferred choice of device, install a VPN.
  • Connect to the server available in the UK such as Docklands.
  • Go to BBC iPlayer and log in.
  • Watch Chip and Biff outside UK on BBC iPlayer.

Note: Now you can access it without any BBC iPlayer subscription cost, apart from the UK TV license. You’re on the right track to watch BBC iPlayer Chip and Biff.

Where Can I Watch Biff and Chip Outside UK?

Wondering where to watch Biff and Chip? You can watch Biff and Chip outside UK on BBC iPlayer. It is a streaming service that offers a diverse range of content for all its audiences worldwide. Not only that it has something for everyone, ensuring an enriching viewing experience beyond just Biff and Chip.

Don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN, to unblock BBC iPlayer to watch Chip and Biff outside UK, one of the best series on BBC iPlayer. You can access it on various streaming devices by connecting to the UK server.

What is the Release Date of Biff and Chip on BBC iPlayer?

Biff and Chip was first released on 13 September 2021 on BBC iPlayer at 5:05 pm. It returned with its new series in February 2023.

If the series excites you, exploring Chip and Biff’s books, the magic key book from the Oxford Reading Tree Level can offer a deeper understanding and answer the initial query about Chip and Biff’s real names.

How to Watch Biff and Chip Outside UK on BBC iPlayer for Free?

You can watch Chip and Biff outside UK for free on BBC iPlayer by using an Express VPN. Since it is a free platform you don’t have to rely on BBC iPlayer free trial.

Moreover, using ExpressVPN not only allows access to this enthralling series but also ensures secure and seamless streaming. Is Biff a Boy or a girl? Get our reliable VPN and access the BBC iPlayer to watch Chip and Biff CBeebies in new live actions.

It is very simple to delete BBC iPlayer account but we do not advise that as this platform has a plethora of amazing content.

What is the Storyline of Biff and Chip?

Chip and Biff is all about the twin brothers, accompanied by their brother Kipper and Chip and Biff dog on the imaginative escapades, as they go on the adventurous journey with their family and friends.

Excited to watch this remarkable series as Biff and Chip navigate the wonders of their lively neighborhood, fun-filled imagery games, excitement, and exploration at every turn. To relive your nostalgic memories of childhood, consider reading Kipper the Dog.

Who are the Characters in Biff and Chip?

Here is the Biff and Chip CBeebies cast who brought life to their characters with their spectacular performance.

Cast Role
Tilly Kaye Biff
George Arthur Chip
Kellie Shirley Mum
Jack Wilkinson Dad
Freddie James Kipper
Dorothy Peters-Lowe Wilma
Des Yankson Mr. Page
Inathi Rozani Wilf
Melanie Walters Gran
Krissi Bohn Mrs. Page
Isha Kaur Athwal Anneena
Cara Jayne Readle Sam
Elkan Ndzenyuy Wilf
Shauna Shim Mrs. Page
Krupa Pattani Mrs. Patel
Archer Brandon Nadim
Nicole Keri Kerry
George Bukhari Mr. Shah
Sushil Chudasama Mr. Shah
Neil Hurst Ice Cream Man
Lizzie Stavrou Reporter
Noodles Floppy

How many Seasons of Biff and Chip are there?

Biff and Chip have 3 seasons 63 episodes and one Special Christmas episode. Watch Chip and Biff all episodes on BBC iPlayer. Additionally, explore ‘Why is Biff a failure?’ within the series. Here is the table with further details.

Biff and Chip – Series 1

Episode Number Episode Name Description
E1 New Neighbours Biff and Chip need to retrieve their neighbors’ house keys that have dropped into a drain.
E2 Playing Magicians While playing magicians, Biff inadvertently makes Floppy disappear with one of his magic spells.
E3 Dragon Kipper becomes reassured that his mom is a dragon after witnessing her seemingly breathe fire and fly.
E4 Floppy’s Obstacle Course Gran assists Biff, Chip, and Kipper in creating a unique garden obstacle course designed especially for Floppy.
E5 A Sticky Situation Biff and Chip find themselves in charge of the school’s stick insect, only to have it escape from its tank under their watch.
E6 The Seed Thieves Biff and Chip aim to cultivate large flowers in the garden, but they encounter an issue: their seeds refuse to sprout.
E7 Superheroes While Biff and Anneena engage in superhero play, Kipper struggles to discover his unique superpower.
E8 The New Sofa Biff, Chip, and Nadim stumble upon a lost action figure and embark on a mission to reunite her with her friends.
E9 School Pet As Kipper takes care of the school’s toy elephant. Can he strive to create a memorable day?
E10 The Disco During the big community disco, Mr. Shah accidentally causes a blackout. Will DJ Chip handle the situation?
E11 Buried Treasure Chip and Nadim must decipher a pirate-themed treasure map in their quest to locate Gran’s lost earrings.
E12 Paradise Island Mrs. Page seeks tranquility at the Robinsons’, but the children have different plans in mind.
E13 Yeti in the Park While searching for insects in the park, Chip unexpectedly finds himself on a quest for something far larger than anticipated.
E14 Anneena’s Ball After Biff accidentally pops Anneena’s new bouncy ball, she attempts to repair it before Anneena discovers it. Will he be able to fix it?
E15 Movie Night Under the supervision of the assertive ‘Director Biff,’ the children are creating their film.
E16 The Curious Case of the Missing Teddy Detective Biff and Detective Chip embark on a quest to decipher clues and locate Kipper’s lost teddy bear.
E17 How Big Are We? Kipper, deemed too small for the water park, receives help from Wilf and Wilma.
E18 Gran’s Search Party Upon learning about a missing lady in the park, Gran takes charge and initiates a search party to assist in finding her.
E19 Lift Off The Robinsons are geared up for a day at Space Park, only to encounter an issue when their car refuses to start.
E20 A Royal Visit Kipper catches a conversation between Mom and Dad discussing a special guest’s imminent arrival.
E21 Toy Giveaway After giving her toy train to Kipper, Biff starts to regret her decision. She contemplates how she can retrieve it back from him.
E22 Surprise Surprise! Both Sam and Kerry are at the Robinsons’, secretly planning surprises for one another.
E23 Wedding Countdown Wilf and Wilma accidentally misplace Sam’s wedding rings. Now, they’re racing against time to retrieve them. Will they succeed?
E24 Restaurant Robbinson Biff, Chip, and Kipper face the challenge of setting up their own restaurant before Mom returns from work.
E25 Nice Neighbours Biff and Chip attempt to outdo each other in being the best neighbors, but their competitive spirit leads to a disastrous outcome.

Biff and Chip – Series 2

Episode Number Episode Name Description
E1 Chip’s Big Escape Chip pretends to be unwell, prompting Biff and Anneena to take on the roles of doctors in an attempt to cure him.
E2 Box Pirates Biff, Chip, and Kipper enthusiastically engage in constructing the ultimate pirate ship using cardboard boxes.
E3 Floppy’s Play Date Angel, an adorable dog, visits for a play date with Floppy, adding excitement to their time together.
E4 Saving Splodge Biff seeks Gran’s assistance in restoring Dad’s beloved old teddy bear to its former glory.
E5 Pizza Night Biff, Chip, and their friends join forces to assist Mom and Dad in preparing for a highly anticipated and special pizza night.
E6 Floppy Sitting Chaos ensues when the Pages take on the responsibility of looking after Floppy for the weekend.
E7 Fairy Post Upon receiving a sparkly letter through the letterbox, Kipper becomes convinced it belongs to a fairy.
E8 Duet Disaster Biff assists her anxious mom in preparing for a recorded performance alongside Mrs. Page.
E9 Sleepover Biff and Chip are concealing a curious monster under the stairs, and there’s suspicion that it might have taken Lee’s teddy.
E10 Fun Run Who will claim the title for the best costume during the community’s vibrant fun run at the park?
E11 Secret Spies Biff and Kipper embark on a covert spy mission to deliver Chip his beloved spy comic in secret.
E12 The Great Plane Robbery Detectives Chip and Wilf are on a mission to solve the mystery of a vanished airplane.
E13 Gardening Wizard Biff and Anneena suspect that Grandpa Chen employs magic to cultivate his stunning flowers.
E14 Number 1 Ninja Fairy Who will emerge victorious in the contest to claim the top spot as the number one ninja fairy: Kipper or Lin?
E15 Game Night Who will emerge victorious in this lively games night face-off between the Robinsons and the Pages?
E16 Jurassic Art Nadim, known as the ‘sing-o-aurus,’ lends a hand in resolving a gigantic mix-up at the community center with a dino-sized twist.
E17 Sea Cakes Biff and Chip embark on a fantastical underwater adventure to retrieve some delectable sea cakes.
E18 Treasure Hunters Biff, Chip, and Nadim embark on an adventure to discover the lost treasure hidden within the allotment.
E19 Earworm Mr. Page is plagued by an earworm, but what it is, and can the kids assist in banishing it from his mind?

Biff and Chip – Series 3

Episode Number Episode Name Description
E1 The Masked Crusaders The children stumble upon a mysterious hero performing acts of kindness.
E2 Alien Visitors Wilf becomes utterly convinced that his mom is an affectionate alien in disguise.
E3 Snake Surprise Biff and Anneena hurriedly search for Archie the snake after he disappears from the vet’s office.
E4 Floppy’s Bath Chip takes charge and leads Wilf and Wilma on a messy mission to give Smelly Floppy a much-needed bath.
E5 Tooth Fairy Scoop In pursuit of a news story, intrepid reporters Biff and Chip attempt to capture the elusive tooth fairy.
E6 Biff and Chiff Hotel When Gran visits, Biff and Chip ensure she receives the complete hotel experience.
E7 Being Baddies Chip experiments with being a supervillain, facing off against superheroes Wilf and Nadim in an epic battle.
E8 Magic Dragon Lee and Kipper stumble upon a magical dragon residing in Grandpa Chen’s garden.
E9 Sheriff Biff Sheriff Biff must corral mischievous outlaws Chip and Wilf.
E10 The Last Balloon The children transform into knights, joining forces to safeguard their final balloon from exploding.
E11 Dust Bunny Chip and Wilf embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of a mysterious dust bunny, following its trail.
E12 Memory Jar As the Robinsons’ precious jar of memories disappears, a frantic race ensues to retrieve it.
E13 Imaginary Anneena Kipper’s introduction of a new imaginary twin leads to a lot of confusion for everyone involved.
E14 The Gurgle Chip, Kipper, and Nadim embark on a quest to discover the mysterious creature making gurgling sounds in the pipes.
E15 Magic Library When Wilf’s cherished bedtime book vanishes, Wilma crafts a magical new adventure to captivate his imagination.
E16 Best Friends Chip and Nadim wonder if they can still be best friends despite their differing preferences.
E17 Gran’s Magic Pen The kids are astonished to find that their drawings begin to materialize and come to life thanks to a magical pen.
E18 Mystery Shopper Chip and Wilf follow a series of clues in pursuit of Mrs. Page’s vanished shopping bag.
E19 Mooncakes Will Biff and Chip manage to locate the missing mooncakes before the moon festival begins?

Christmas Specials

Episode Number Episode Name Description
E1 Elves to the Rescue Upon the return of Mum and Dad with what seems to be the world’s worst tree, a power cut suddenly darkens the house, seemingly spoiling the party.

Is there any Trailer for the Biff and Chip Series?

Yes, there is a teaser available of Biff and Chip theme Song. Curious about why did Biff cry? Why is Biff in jail? Who married Biff? Dive directly into this captivating series to satisfy your curiosity and find the answers you seek.

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Biff and Chip


Biff and Chip are called David and Elizabeth. It appears that all of their nicknames originated from Kipper’s difficulty in pronouncing the names of his elder brother and sister, as well as his own known as Christopher.

Since Kipper couldn’t speak Elizabeth or Beth when he was younger, he said Biff, and he couldn’t pronounce David, so he said Chip. “Kipper stated that Chip doesn’t sound like David, and everyone laughed, so the nickname stuck”.

One of the famous children’s book has been removed from shelves due to accusations of racism. This decision was made due to widespread criticism about the portrayal of Muslim people as being perilous and frightening within the book.

Biff, Chip, Kipper, and their trusty companion Floppy have been instrumental in teaching children to read and fostering a love for reading for over three decades. These beloved characters were brought to life by author Roderick Hunt and illustrator Alex Brychta.

The “Biff, Chip, and Kipper” series encompasses more than 800 books. Authored by Roderick Hunt and illustrated by Alex Brychta, these stories served as the foundation for the CBBC television show “The Magic Key” and, in later times, inspired the CBeebies series “Biff & Chip.”

Yes, it is completely legal to watch Biff and Chip streaming with a VPN outside UK. Using a VPN to access content from different regions is not illegal, as it simply allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and maintain online privacy.

Wrapping Up

Biff and Chip is a mix blend of comedy, drama, family, and children, catering to a wide audience and offering varied entertainment suitable for all age groups. Fortunately, you have to get ExpressVPN to watch Biff and Chip outside UK on BBC iPlayer.

Embark on a thrilling journey as Biff and Chip introduce you to their vibrant and bustling neighbourhood, where you’ll meet their friends and family. Happy streaming, as this show has been available since September 13, 2021.

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