50 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix in Australia [Picks For 2022]


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One of the most popular streaming services in the world is Netflix. Everyone knows about it, thanks to its large user base. It is famous because it provides a high-quality television experience at affordable prices to its users.  Today, we have listed the best Halloween movies on Netflix in Australia for you to boost your enjoyment in this Halloween festival.

Let us Check Out the Best Halloween Movies on Netflix for This Year

Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming service, catering to millions of users around the globe. People can find all sorts of media on this platform, from the best Netflix movies in Australia  to the greatest shows.

Best movies are handpicked and recommended to viewers for an excellent user experience. This Halloween, Netflix has selected some of the best material for people to watch so they can enjoy their festival to the fullest.

These stories can give its viewer some long-lasting goosebumps and memories. Some are lighthearted, while others deliver some thought-provoking messages.

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Check out the list below to avail these gems on the sacred, spooky festival in Australia.

Hubie Halloween (2020).

Hubie Halloween (2020)

  • Director: Steven Brill.
  • Writers: Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler.
  • Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen.


The protagonist, Hubie, is the target of several jokes in his town. He has the personality that attracts mockery until the day he finds an opportunity to gain respect.

Halloween is around the corner, and he receives a significant assignment. The work proves to be a life-changing experience for Hubie.

The movie provides the audience with a heartwarming story perfect for the joyous festival. Hubie goes through several twists and turns to give the story a fitting end, making the townsfolk grateful for having him.

Leprechaun (1993).

Leprechaun (1993)_

  • Director/ Writer: Mark Jones.
  • Cast: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt.


There is no running away from one’s sins, especially if it involves an angry creature. The Leprechaun in this movie is vengeful enough to follow his victim across borders.

It all began when a pot of gold was stolen from someone, ensuing a cat and mouse chase. Despite the collective suffering of the characters, it results in an evergreen horror-comedy classic ideal for Halloween.

The monster is determined and vengeful, but the characters must defeat him to save themselves. It is also one of Jennifer Aniston’s famous works besides Friends.

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Army of the Dead (2021). 

Army of the Dead (2021)_

  • Director: Zack Snyder.
  • Writers: Zack Snyder, Shay Hatten, Joby Harold.
  • Cast: Dave Bautista, Ana Reguera, Ella Purnell.


The positive public response to this creation screams that it is among the best Halloween movies on Netflix now. Characters make a dangerous gamble and willingly enter the barricaded land of the undead.

The zombies are a breath of fresh air despite their appearance. They are better than the average undead, more than just a rotting corpse terrorizing the group.

This time, they are intelligent, much like the heroes themselves. 

Zombieland (2009).

Zombieland (2009)

  • Director: Ruben Fleischer.
  • Writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick.
  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson.


America now has a horde of vicious, undead creatures, and they are good at multiplying. Much like a notorious virus, they mutate once in a while to become stronger.

A young boy is on a quest to find his family in Ohio in the Zombie plagued country. He is brave enough to go alone, but adventures are always better with some company.

He meets a gun-wielding hero, a pair of sisters, and a sweetheart along the journey, finding a perfect family for himself. This story has the most entertaining group of people while navigating the scary scenes.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)_

  • Director: Samuel Bayer.
  • Writers: Wesley Strick, Eric Heisserer, Wes Craven.
  • Cast: Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner.


The Slasher horror genre is a theme for Halloween, and there is no better movie than this one. An infamous killer, Freddy Krueger, returns from the dead in an unusual form.

It leads to a series of murders while his victims are asleep. While fighting psychological and physical torture from the killer, the characters decide to end him.

It leads to a series of bizarre events as characters try to figure out a solution. This horror movie is a nostalgic trip from start to finish, making it a perfect choice to watch with friends. 

Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018). 

Secrets in the Hot Spring (2018)_

  • Director: Kuan-Hui Lin.
  • Writer: Kuan-Hui Lin.
  • Cast: Ting-hu Zhang, Sing Hom, He-Hsuan Lin.


Fate brings a group of teens together, creating a premise for the best adventure ever. Their vacation turns into a nightmare as creepy things start happening around them, but the teenagers learn to cope in no time.

Things take a comedic turn as the group tries to save a family also victimized by the haunted place, ultimately giving the viewers a perfect film for Halloween.

People looking for an adrenaline rush along with laughs are in for a treat with this one. 

Pee Mak (2013).

Pee Mak (2013)_

  • Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun.
  • Writers: Chantavit Dhanasevi, Nontra Kumwong, Banjong Pisanthanakun.
  • Cast: Mario Maurer, Davika Hoorne, Nattapong Chartpong.


As a soldier in the military, Mak misses his family dearly since his life is so full of perils. Back home, he has a beautiful wife and child waiting for him, but something sinister happens.

After working in the deadly battleground for an unimaginable time, Mak invites his fellow soldiers to visit his family.

Upon reaching his village, the soldiers find out that the locals are terrified of a ghost, starting a chain of mysterious events as they slowly find answers.

Their innocent comrade is oblivious to reality but must come to terms with it. 

Office Uprising (2018).

Office Uprising (2018)_

  • Director: Lin Oeding.
  • Writers: Ian Shorr, Peter Gamble.
  • Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Jane Levy, Karan Soni.


A laid-back employee is living his mundane life when his workplace turns into a place of mayhem. Chaos erupts as employee after employee transforms into dangerous, highly-energized zombies within no time.

Now, the survivors must figure out a solution and bring things back to normal. It is up to the chilled-out character, a total misfit for this mini zombie apocalypse, to save everyone in his office.

This movie takes all the positive aspects of the zombie trope to create the perfect Halloween story. 

The Dead Don’t Die (2019).

The Dead Don’t Die (2019)_

  • Description: Jim Jarmusch.
  • Writer: Jim Jarmusch.
  • Cast: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tom Waits.


Centerville is a beautiful, serene town with a harmonious population. Everything is mundanely normal, but the people are about to have a blast. Because when there’s no trouble within the society, nature will create something to worry about for people.

Thanks to a cryptic, celestial event, the dead start rising from their graves. What is more? These zombies are volatile, and it is entirely up to the police to save the townsfolk. Check out one of the best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix

The Final Girls (2015).

The Final Girls (2015)_

  • Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson.
  • Writers: M.A. Fortin, Joshua John Miller.
  • Cast: Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Adam Devine.


Ever since the dawn of video games, movies, and other visual media, people have wondered about getting transported into an alternate reality.

However, as sweet as the fantasy is, these worlds have bad aspects too. Sometimes they are worse than the reality, and it is what happens to a group of girls.

Sucked into a movie, they face a new mission. They must make the most out of the positive things surrounding them while also dealing with some unwanted factors. 

Little Evil (2017). 

Little Evil (2017)_

  • Director/ Writer: Eli Craig.
  • Cast: Evangeline Lilly, Owen Atlas, Adam Scott. 


Accusing an innocent child seems like a horrible thing, more so when they belong in the family. However, what if there is a grain of truth in it? The movie revolves around the story of a couple who has it all in life.

The only obstacle in their perfect love story is a little boy, who might be eviler than he appears. The horror-comedy is one of the best non-scary Halloween movies on Netflix.

This rollercoaster of a story is definitely worth a watch. 

The Silence (2019). 

The Silence (2019)

  • Director: John R. Leonetti.
  • Writers: Carey Van Dyke, Tim Lebbon, Shane Dyke.
  • Cast: Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, Miranda Otto.


The world is under attack by monsters who depend on sound to hunt humans. They have flooded most places on earth, leaving a few pitiful spots for humanity’s survival.

Ally Andrews and her family seek refuge in one such place that seems like a haven, but it comes at a cost.

The family finds out that they have received more than they bargained, but it is up to them to make the most out of their circumstances.

Somehow, they must keep themselves safe from the monsters and their new community. 

The Others (2001).

The Others (2001)

  • Director/ Writer: Alejandro Amenábar
  • Cast: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston, Fionnula Flanagan.


This movie, set in a worn-torn era, creates one of the best family Halloween movies on Netflix. Grace moves into a new house with her two children with photosensitivity.

The darkened house is old and has a long history behind it. Some things from the past have managed to seep themselves into the present, thus terrorizing Grace and her children.

It leads to psychological chaos within the family. Apart from using the classic aspects of horror, it also delves into mental trauma caused by events like war.

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Split (2016). 

Split (2016)_

  • Director/ Writer: M. Night Shyamalan.
  • Cast: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson.


Because it stretches the phenomenon of a psychological disorder, this movie is perfect for giving anyone the creeps on a Halloween night.

Three young girls fall victim to a man’s twisted sense of self, causing them to walk to eggshells at all times. They have to work together to escape the man, and they only have time until he unleashes a horrible monster within himself.

The actor’s versatility is evident in the smooth transition from one personality to another, making the experience scarier. 

Ghost Lab (2021). 

Ghost Lab (2021)_

  • Director: Paween Purijitpanya.
  • Writers: Vasudhorn Piyaromna, Paween Purijitpanya, Tossaphon Riantong.
  • Cast: Thanapob Leeratanakachorn, Paris Intarakomalyasut, Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich.


At some point, everyone has wondered about the existence of ghosts. However, most people lie in a grey area about it, like the characters in this movie.

A few weird incidents make these curious characters possessed with the idea of ghosts. It leads to them taking an empirical, scientific approach to proving the reality of supernatural entities, resulting in an exciting story.

Because it is a perfect blend of science and paranormal concepts, this tale is a must-watch at the festival.  

Shutter (2004).

Shutter (2004)_

  • Directors: Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom.
  • Writers: Parkpoom Wongpoom, Banjong Pisanthanakun, Sophon Sakdaphisit.
  • Cast: Ananda Everingham, Natthaweeranuch Thongmee, Achita Sikamana.


There are widespread stories about supernatural creatures getting caught on camera. Nobody knows about their legitimacy, but ghosts do exist in the universe of this movie.

It is proven when a couple runs away after accidentally killing a little girl. However, running away from the site does not mean they can escape their wrongdoings.

The frightened couple learns this lesson the hard way. The movie provides a fresh mix of technology and supernatural phenomenon, making it ideal for people who crave horror with a brilliant plotline. 

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)_

  • Director: Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Writers: Bram Stoker, James V. Hart.
  • Cast: Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins.


This movie is a must-watch on this year’s spooky occasion. Dracula is a household name in the film industry because his story is hands-down brilliant.

This movie begins with a suicide of a girl who seems to matter to Dracula a lot. He is now thirsty for revenge, which causes him to unleash havoc.

It leads to a series of scary incidents that are perfect for entertaining the viewer. Any fan of this character ought to watch this movie because it is one of the best family movies on Netflix in the Halloween genre

Cargo (2017). 

Cargo (2017)_

  • Directors: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke.
  • Writer: Yolanda Ramke.
  • Cast: Simone Landers, Martin Freeman, Marlee Jane McPherson-Dobbins.


This movie is a testament to a parent’s dedication to his child. The world suffers from a pandemic that causes humans to turn into rabid creatures within days.

When one father gets infected, he vows to ensure the safety of his child before his time is up. Unfortunately, he does not have a lot of time in his hands, leading to a big adventure.

The unique take on the zombie apocalypse trope makes the film worth watching. Besides, it is a rollercoaster of emotions for viewers.

Gerald’s Game (2017). 

Gerald’s Game (2017)_

  • Director: Mike Flanagan.
  • Writers: Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard, Stephen King.
  • Cast: Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Chiara Aurelia.


Relationships have their good and bad moments, but the important thing is to make efforts. In this movie, a couple tries to spice up their lackluster relationship by driving to a faraway house.

Things start heating up in the bedroom and take a nasty turn, leading to a series of chaotic events.

The story oscillates between adrenaline-pumped moments to exasperated relief as the main character tries to outgrow her trauma and confront her past. Find out if she succeeds in this mind-blowing movie.

Hush (2016). 

Hush (2016)_

  • Director: Mike Flanagan.
  • Writers: Mike Flanagan, Kate Siegel.
  • Cast: John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel, Michael Trucco.


Everyone likes to escape the noisy, polluted cityscape once in a while. However, most cannot imagine spending a lot of time in such isolation.

A young writer retreats into a lonesome residence in the woods in hopes of finding peace away from urban life. She craves the serenity of her new life, but her trip gets ruined when someone targets to victimize her while she is alone.

The writer is deaf and mute, and the killer takes full advantage of the situation, but she is determined to fight to the death. 

The Cabin in the Woods (2011).

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)_

  • Director: Drew Goddard.
  • Writers: Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard.
  • Cast: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison.


College kids somehow manage to invite trouble without ever doing anything.

This time, they decide to spend time in a lonesome cabin deep inside a forest. Seems safe, right? No, zombies are creeping around the place, and naturally, victimize the innocent students. In this story, dealing with the undead is not the only problem.

There is a whole web of issues, and the students are stuck right in the middle. The naive youngsters’ quest to find a solution creates one of the best Halloween movies to watch on Netflix

Apostle (2018). 

Apostle (2018)_

  • Director/ Writer: Gareth Evans.
  • Cast: Dan Stevens, Richard Elfyn, Paul Higgins.


Thomas Richardson returns to his hometown, excited to reunite with his roots. However, he finds the unpleasant news that his sister was kidnapped by a religious cult and held for ransom.

Determined to bring her back home, Thomas ventures into the dangerous community, only to find himself entangled in a bigger problem.

Surprises are dropped onto him one after the other as he seeks out his sister in the vast cult. The politics within the cult is more sinister than one could imagine.

The Block Island Sound (2020).

The Block Island Sound (2020)_

  • Directors/ Writers: Kevin McManus, Matthew McManus.
  • Cast: Chris Sheffield, Michaela McManus, Neville Archambault.


It is the scariest thing to tackle an unknown phenomenon. A young fisherman and his family experience some bizarre, unforeseeable events near an island.

Unfortunately, their island is not the only one affected by the weird incidents. Whatever is going on around them soon starts to influence individual family members one by one, scaring them.

They try finding the source of the problem to no avail. Is it scientific, supernatural, or combined influence of all the factors? Find out by watching this thriller-horror movie on Netflix.

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Jessabelle (2014).

Jessabelle (2014)_

  • Director: Kevin Greutert.
  • Writer: Robert Ben Garant.
  • Cast: Sarah Snook, Mark Webber, Joelle Carter.


This story is about the unfortunate luck bestowed on a woman, thanks to the bad decisions of her parents. The movie focuses on a victim of several misfortunes and burdens – Jessie.

Her life is good and on a path towards happiness when suddenly one incident causes everything to spiral out of control, but she is determined.

However, it also sends Jessie on a journey towards self-identity and discovery by unlocking one surprise after another, creating a story with loads of twists and turns.

Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018).

Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)_

  • Director: Crispian Mills.
  • Writers: Crispian Mills, Henry Fitzherbert, Luke Passmore.
  • Cast: Jassa Ahluwalia, Asa Butterfield, Jamie Blackley.


People who think surviving school is hard are in for a surprise with this movie. Imagine coping with school and defeating monsters. It’s a tiresome job, but the kids in this movie are talented.

A consequence of fracking turns into an overwhelming crisis when a sinkhole appears nearby. It unleashes horrors onto the school that manages to keep the characters and audiences locked in fear.

There is hardly anything that can stop the terror, and school children are in charge, making it one of the best Halloween kids movies on Netflix

Thirteen Ghosts (2001). 

Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

  • Director: Steve Beck.
  • Writers: Robb White, Neal Marshall Stevens, Richard D’Ovidio.
  • Cast: Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz.


A wealthy collector with a taste for unique things dies and leaves all his fortune to a couple with kids. The couple, suffering from a financial crisis, happily take whatever they inherit.

They are happy to have received such a fortune, but nothing comes for free.  It includes a house with an outstanding collection of angry ghosts that the man entrapped during his career.

Now, the family has to face their wrath and find a way to end their misery.

Dabbe 5: Curse of the Jinn (2014). 

Dabbe 5 Curse of the Jinn (2014)_

  • Director/ Writer: Hasan Karacadag.
  • Cast: Ümit Bülent Dinçer, Nil Günal, Pelin Acar.


Life is smooth for housewife Dilek until one fateful day. She is married and has a peaceful life ahead of her, if only it weren’t for one thing.

She is sure that there is a presence other than her and her husband inside their house. Alas, her husband does not believe until later when her hunch comes true.

An evil spirit called Jinn has possessed the woman, starting a reign of terror within the family. It leads to a series of adventures horrific enough to give anyone the creeps. 

Happy Death Day 2U (2019).

Happy Death Day 2U (2019)_

  • Director: Christopher Landon.
  • Writers: Christopher Landon, Scott Lobdell.
  • Cast: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu.


It is easy to understand that living the best day of one’s life on a loop would eventually get boring. However, imagine getting stuck in a time loop of the worst day ever, like getting murdered.

A tree dies in the most horrible way possible and has to relive that day multiple times. Now that would get traumatizing, not boring.

It is what happens to Tree Gelbman, and she tries various ways to stop it. Her relentless journey makes for one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix now

Hostel (2005). 

Hostel (2005)

  • Director/ Writer: Eli Roth.
  • Cast: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson.


Three college students are backpacking through Europe in search of a good time. They have a passion for women and alcohol, and they are not scared of hiding it.

Their young, naive, and shallow nature makes them the perfect target for people looking to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists.

One of the men they meet on their trip suggests the trio a place in Slovakia, claiming that it was the perfect spot to relieve their hedonistic desires. Little do they know about the horrors awaiting them at the destination. 

The Maus (2017). 

The Maus (2017)_

  • Director: Yayo Herrero.
  • Writers: Nadja Dumouchel, Yayo Herrero, Paul Pen.
  • Cast: August Wittgenstein, Alma Terzic, Aleksandar Seksan.


A couple deeply in love is on a trip, aiming to visit the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They want to get to know each other better, but something unpredictable and surprising happens to them.

They brush it off, thinking of it as a consequence of their unfamiliarity with the place, but it is more sinister. It takes place after they ask locals to guide them after finding themselves surrounded by landmines.

However, there is a mysterious force at play terrorizing them. Stuck in an unknown place with strange people, they must find their way out. 

Ma (2019). 

Ma (2019)_

  • Director: Tate Taylor.
  • Writer: Scotty Landes.
  • Cast: Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers, Juliette Lewis.


This movie proves just how dangerous it can be to trust a stranger. A group of teenagers befriends a woman, thanks to her lenient and friendly attitude.

However, they become wary of her after she crosses some boundaries. Eventually, they get used to hanging out at her place, but her strange behaviors do not stop.

Their troubles go from being “normal teenage stuff” to “life-threatening crises” in no time, but they need to find a solution. This story with many twists is one of the best family Halloween movies on Netflix

The Day of the Lord (2020).  

The Day of the Lord (2020)_

  • Director: Santiago Alvarado Ilarri.
  • Writers: Santiago Alvarado Ilarri, Ramón Salas.
  • Cast: Juli Fàbregas, Hector Illanes, Dolores Heredia.


It is a classic story revolving around possession and the horrors around the phenomenon. However, there is a twist in this plot. Exorcisms are always scary, and the one in this movie might be the worst of them all.

It is because the priest in question has lost his faith, and that has dire consequences. Despite his secluded lifestyle, a friend approaches him with his possessed daughter, requesting him to rid her of the spirit. Things go downhill in no time, creating an impressive story.

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122 (2019).

122 (2019)_

  • Director: Yasir Al-Yasiri.
  • Writer: Salah El Gehiny.
  • Cast: Ahmed Dawood, Tarek Lotfy, Amina Khalil.


In many ways, humans are scarier than any supernatural entity. A couple arrives at a hospital after a tragic accident but soon finds themselves in peril.

A series of secret activities come to light as the couple fights to run away from the hospital, the very place which is supposed to safeguard them.

They have a feeble chance of escaping the weird location. The horror in this movie is its stark representation of our world and the corrupt activities in it. It is surprising how people adhere to amoral actions when they have a chance. 

The Maid (2020). 

The Maid (2020)_

  • Director: Lee Thongkham.
  • Writers: Lee Thongkham, Piyaluk Tuntisrisakul. 
  • Cast: Ploy Sornarin, Savika Chaiyadej, Theerapat Sajakul.


A young maid secures a job in a wealthy household, only to find out the strange occurrences happening all around her. Against her better judgment, she decides to pry into the family affairs to solve the mystery.

Someone’s spirit is roaming around the house, but it is far from a typical haunted house story. The newly appointed maid uncovered several secrets from the family’s past, each one more shocking than the last.

She must solve the mystery of this house to deliver justice. Find out if her mission is a success by watching it on Netflix.

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House at the End of the Street (2012). 

House at the End of the Street (2012)_

  • Director: Mark Tonderai.
  • Writers: David Loucka, Jonathan Mostow.
  • Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot.


This movie is a crucial tale cautioning about the dangers of getting close to strangers. However, being a naive teenager, the main character decides to start seeing a boy hated by the community.

He lives alone at the end of the street, still coming to terms with his dark past. They form a close bond, but unpleasant secrets make their way into the relationship.

One day, an accident causes everything to get spilled out, but it might be too late. The horror lies in the scars of his upbringing and his current actions. 

The Blue Elephant 2 (2019). 

The Blue Elephant 2 (2019)_

  • Director: Marwan Hamed.
  • Writer: Ahmed Mourad.
  • Cast: Karim Abdel Aziz, Nelly Karim, Hind Sabri.


Fiction or reality, doctors have a hard time everywhere. They deal with unpredictable symptoms at the cost of their well-being, and this story portrays it well.

Dr. Yehia works in a psychiatric hospital, tackling new cases and helping people. His life as a doctor is already stressful, but one patient turns everything upside down.

The patient makes a prediction too scary to ignore, putting Dr. Yehia in a desperate situation. It is up to the clueless doctor to save the lives of many people and control the patient.

The Figurine (2009).  

The Figurine (2009)_

  • Director: Kunle Afolayan.
  • Writer: Kemi Adesoye.
  • Cast: Wale Adebayo, Kate Adepegba, Kunle Afolayan.


No matter how hard people try, one unfortunate event can ruin everything. It happens more often than one would think, and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of bad luck.

Three young friends are fed up with their unlucky destiny, dealing with problems out of their control. They want good things to happen to them as quickly as possible.

After all, it is only fair because they have dealt with so many unpleasant things. Their wishes come true when one of them finds a sculpture with a legend associated with it.

For the next seven years, they will have the best lives possible. 

In the Tall Grass (2019).

In the Tall Grass (2019)_

  • Director: Vincenzo Natali.
  • Writers: Vincenzo Natali, Stephen King, Joe Hill.
  • Cast: Laysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted, Patrick Wilson.


People lose direction fast when they are in an unknown location. Forget about venturing into the forest because grass fields are dangerous enough.

In this movie, circumstances are worse because the grass holds strange energy. However, a pair of siblings has to enter the dense, tall grass after hearing a kid cry for help.

They try locating the victim, oblivious to their harsh circumstances. The vast grassland holds secrets unknown to anybody, and it is capable of trapping its victims. 

Unfriended (2014). 

Unfriended (2014)

  • Director: Levan Gabriadze.
  • Writer: Nelson Greaves.
  • Cast: Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson.


School children are lovely, but many also lack an understanding of boundaries. A group of close-knit teenagers is on a video call when strange things start happening to them.

They feel helpless and wonder what is causing the weird occurrences, totally oblivious to their actions from the past. One intruder forces the group to reveal secrets, breaking the bonds between the large group.

The movie is the perfect thrilling experience one wants on Halloween. It also narrates how bullying can leave a scar on victims. 

Don’t Listen (2020).

Don’t Listen (2020)_

  • Director: Ángel Gómez Hernández.
  • Writers: Santiago Díaz, Ángel Gómez Hernández, Víctor Gado.
  • Cast: Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Fernández, Ramón Barea.


This movie utilizes the haunted house trope to its fullest, giving rise to a masterpiece. A family of three moves into an empty house in a new neighborhood, excited to begin a new life.

However, the residence is infamously known as the “house of voices” by the locals, and the newcomers are oblivious. Their son is the first to notice the weird sounds behind each door, getting scared each day.

The tumultuous series of events begins, making an exciting story for Halloween.

The Third Eye 2 (2019).

The Third Eye 2 (2019)

  • Director: Rocky Soraya.
  • Writers: Riheam Junianti, Rocky Soraya, Fajar Umbara.
  • Cast: Jessica Mila, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Sophia Latjuba.


After her sister’s death, Alia moves into an orphanage to take care of the children. However, the place is not ordinary as an evil spirit roams around, causing trouble for everyone.

A child in that residence has a unique ability, thanks to her inner eyes. Together with the caretaker, they must overthrow the malicious spirit to reclaim peace.

It is a tale about teamwork and friendship apart from its fear factor. On this spooky holiday, it is worth a chance. 

Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020). 

Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)

  • Director: Oz Rodriguez.
  • Writers: Oz Rodriguez, Blaise Hemingway.
  • Cast: Gregory Diaz IV, Jaden Michael, Gerald Jones III.


The premise and story of this movie make it one of the best kids Halloween movies on Netflix. The best part is that the story revolves around children, making it a perfect lighthearted flick.

A peaceful town has a new, supernatural enemy. The children shoulder the significant responsibility of saving their community from vampires and other evils.

Together, the friends vow to protect their city. A whole bunch of crazy plans gives rise to a horror-comedy capable of making people laugh in the face of fear. 

Sabrina (2018). 

Sabrina (2018)_

  • Director: Rocky Soraya.
  • Writers: Riheam Junianti, Rocky Soraya, Fajar Umbara.
  • Cast: Luna Maya, Christian Sugiono, Sara Wijayanto.


Grief and other intense emotions can push people to do the unthinkable. A young, naive orphan tries to connect with her deceased mother using a forbidden ritual, expecting a pleasant outcome.

However, it turns out that bringing back the dead is not a safe business, and everyone around her has to pay the price. Things take several ugly turns as the members undergo all kinds of hardships for the mistake.

Her uncle and aunt must now do something to eliminate the trouble. Find out if they succeed by checking out the movie. 

Promise (2017).

Promise (2017)_

  • Director: Sophon Sakdaphisit.
  • Writers: Sopana Chaowwiwatkul, Supalerk Ningsanond, Sophon Sakdaphisit.
  • Cast: Bee Namthip, Apichaya Thongkham, Thunyaphat Pattarateerachaicharoen.


Vengeance and grudge are intense emotions, and they always harm someone. A dire financial crisis drives two families to bankruptcy, crushing the dreams of their young daughters.

The two close friends decide to end their lives to escape the hell that their lives had become. However, only one of them follows through the pact, while the other succeeds in making a life for herself.

Years later, the spirit of the deceased friend comes to punish her for breaking the promise. Apart from being a horror movie, it is also a tale about ruined friendship. 

Creep (2014). 

Creep (2014)_

  • Director: Patrick Brice.
  • Writers/ Cast: Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass.


A young videographer receives an emotional request from a man claiming to be at the end of his life, wishing to record his last messages. He immediately accepts the request and meets him.

The man’s increasingly bizarre behavior raises some red flags, soon giving rise to a sinister plotline. The polarizing opinions of this found-footage horror movie make it one of the best non-scary Halloween movies on Netflix.

Some viewers may find it creepy, while others will find it hard to forget about it. 

I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006).

I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006)_

  • Director: Sylvain White.
  • Writers: Lois Duncan, Michael D. Weiss.
  • Cast: Brooke Nevin, David Paetkau, Torrey DeVitto.


It is another story about the past coming back to haunt the characters, but this time something is different. Teenagers, being their impulsive selves, hide the accidental death of their friend and pay the consequences a year later.

They must connect the dots and find a solution before all of them lose their lives to an unknown killer. However, the sheer strength and intelligence of the villain might make it harder.

The moral is sake as always: the past will always catch up, sooner or later. 

Urban Legend (1998).

Urban Legend (1998)

  • Director: Jamie Blanks.
  • Writer: Silvio Horta.
  • Cast: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart.


Urban legends are stories that pass down from one generation to the next. They make for some good folktales and horror movies, more when someone combines them into a single film.

This brilliant creation begins with the character suspecting that these legends are behind the bizarre deaths happening around them.

What ensues is a story full of twists and turns, creating the perfect Halloween movie. Besides, it is an ideal story for any fantasy lover since it encases so many elements from the genre. 

Annihilation (2018).

Annihilation (2018)_

  • Director: Alex Garland.
  • Writers: Alex Garland, Jeff VanderMeer.
  • Cast: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson.


The combined genre of Science-fiction and horror always creates a great story. This movie is one of those out-of-the-box creations.

A place where the laws of nature do not apply sounds exciting in theory. However, it is a nightmare come true for one biologist who agrees to go on an expedition in one such weird place.

Things take a nasty turn as their search for answers leads to nothing, but dead ends and mutated creatures make the journey even harder. 

Things Heard & Seen (2021). 

Things Heard and Seen

  • Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini.
  • Writers: Elizabeth Brundage, Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini.
  • Cast: Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, Natalia Dyer.


An artist moves to a new place with her husband, eager to start her new life. Things go well until she realizes that nothing in her life is right.

Her marriage holds sinister darkness, and so does the new house. Many secrets reveal themselves as she tries to uncover the truth about the horrible incidents surrounding her life.

This story is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. There is a lesson in this movie, and it is up to the viewer to figure out. 

Cadaver (2020). 

Cadaver (2020)

  • Director/ Writer: Jarand Herdal.
  • Cast: Gitte Witt, Thomas Gullestad, Thorbjørn Harr.


A nuclear disaster has happened, and several families find themselves starving for necessary resources. One such desperate family becomes a target after attending a charitable event.

Left at the mercy of other people, they must come up with a fool-proof plan to stay alive in the world. Things have taken a sinister turn, but they must escape, or they will also disappear like the rest of them.

This tale describes a crucial social narrative that is scarier than any monster. 

Final Thoughts!

A good story can keep the audience hooked until the last minute, and these will blow your mind on Halloween night. There are monsters, mutants, zombies, ghosts, and everything evil in the fantastical world.

People getting possessed, killed, eaten, and injured will give viewers the gut-wrenching feeling they crave so much on the beautiful festival.

From mainstream to international horror, this compilation has it all. So do not forget to check out the best Halloween movies on Netflix in Australia.

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