Spine Chilling Movies on Netflix For Halloween


There are many ways to celebrate Halloween, some like to dress up in fancy costumes, some like the social interaction at dinners and some like it in front of the screen. For those who like to celebrate Halloween in front of the screen, here we have some titles from Netflix that will give you the chills.



Let’s start with a classic, Scream redefined what horror movies can be like. There could be comedy in a movie, yet it can be equal parts scary and thrilling. The masked killer movie managed to keep audiences on the edge with its suspense without going off track. The movie revolves around a serial killer known as the “Ghostface” who is after a female high school student named “Sidney Prescott”. The movie was released in 1996 and still is a favorite when it comes to Halloween movies.



The movie was released in 1976 based on a novel by none other than the King of horror, Stephen King. The story is about a teenager who is bullied terribly at school, but little do others know that she has supernatural powers. And when the time comes she uses her evil powers to take revenge from every person that has bullied her. The prom scene from the movie is iconic and has been referenced lately in Netflix’s Derry Girls.

The Witch

the witch

This one on the list is for those who love true gore and paranoia, a family moves to New England in 1630s. With unusual activities going on around in the house the family starts to believe that they have been cursed by a witch. And when their youngest son is nowhere to be found, the family starts to think that the witch is no one other than their oldest daughter.

Bird Box

bird box

Sandra Bullock pulls off an amazing performance in this movie. The story goes around a post-apocalyptic era where the world is haunted by evil beings. The most gruesome part is that the evil entities target a person by their sense of sight, and this makes things interesting on a whole different level! Once the entity targets a person’s soul, it makes them commit suicide. So Sandra Bullock has to save herself and her children blind folded and that’s the real crux of the film.



This is another entry based on a Stephen King novel, Thomas Jane stars in this movie as a farmer who tries to make a living by farming on the land his wife has inherited. However, when she decides to sell the farm, Thomas is shown plotting his wife’s murder with the help of his teenage son. They go about doing just that but the consequences turn out to be greater than the financial gain they killed her for. The horror that follows will make every hair on your skin rise, Thomas faces a psychological decline and the farm is now invaded by rats.

Don’t Knock Twice

dont knowk twice

The movie revolves around the story of a mother who is a recovering drug addict. She tries to reconnect with her daughter but instead somehow gets involved in the urban legend of a witch that steals children. The movie does immensely well with the gooey atmosphere it creates, even though many viewers would feel that it’s not something new, however it’s something done very well. The movie will keep you hooked till the end.

Would You Rather

would you rather

Desperate for money to help her sick brother, a young woman signs up to compete in a “Would You Rather” game. Little does she know about the dynamics of this deadly game that requires her to be involved in sadistic acts that the host has arranged. The game requires the participant to either be shellfish about their own life or of other contestants, the trap is more gruesome than her wildish imagination.

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Wrapping Up!

So these are our top recommended picks for Halloween from Netflix, however if you reside outside the US you might not be able to get all the titles in your country. But worry not you can get American Netflix anywhere in the world! Let us know your favorite titles in the comments section below.

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