Lucifer Season 6 Ending: A Complete Explanation

Lucifer Season 6 Explained

Can’t believe it’s the final goodbye from Lucifer after six terrific seasons being aired. The series has ended with an epic and saddening finale, wrapping up all the major storylines while the Devil gets his comeuppance.

Tom Ellis, who played the main character Lucifer Morningstar, enters season 6 excited and set to become GOD following the defeat of Micheal, his evil twin brother. But he gets distracted after he comes across his daughter Rory Morningstar from the future. And despite his strong desire to become GOD, he chooses to nourish the relationship with his daughter. Learn how you can watch Lucifer season 1-6 online with a VPN.

‘Partners till the end,’ the finale of the Lucifer series, depicts the diabolic abduction of Rory by the French mercenary Vincent Le Mec, who actually wants to kill the Devil but ends up kidnapping Lucifer’s daughter. Lucifer and Rory manage to overpower Le Mec and his gang. Rory wants to kill Le Mec, but Lucifer prevents her from murdering him and becoming a devil.

Unfortunately, Le Mec attacks them again, and Chloe (Rory’s Mother) shoots him. He dies on the spot, going straight to hell. Meanwhile, Lucifer realizes that his true calling is not to become GOD but to help damned souls seeking to break their Hell loops and struggling to find solace in heaven.

However, this means he has to leave Chloe before Rory is even born, explaining why he vanishes from Rory’s life.

Besides wrapping up the main storyline of Lucifer and his family, Chloe Decker and Rory, the other issue is who will replace God, played by Dennis Haysbert is settled with the most obvious choice Amenadiel played by D.B. Woodside took the throne and became “Amenagod.”  He chooses to become a different kind of God than his father.

Amanadiel seems happy with his new path as the universe’s ultimate God with compassion and kindness. Although he is busy in heaven, he does not leave his family on earth alone and keeps playing a vital role in their lives.

Although we bid farewell to the grand show, and it has ended on a genuine emotional high, there are bright chances of a Season 7 in the future.

Lucifer Becoming Hell’s Therapist

Lucifer Hell'sTherapist 

Once Lucifer realizes that Hell does not need a keeper but a healer, he opens up his shop and names it “Hell’s therapist.” Inspired by his therapist Dr. Linda, Lucifer designs his office just like hers. After working for several thousands of years as a Hell therapist, he is finally joined by Chloe. 

He keeps himself busy with his work and emulates Dr. Linda out of respect in order to avoid disrupting the timeline and endangering his beloved daughter, Rory’s life.

However, it’s quite frustrating to see Lucifer giving in to his passion for becoming GOD. According to the critics and audience, Lucifer could have chosen to become God and continue doing this good and more after ascending to the heavens.

Fans wanted to see Lucifer taking over the world as GOD and see how he rules the universe. But anyhow, Lucifer not becoming GOD is also justified as him being true to the Devil’s character.

Chloe Joining Lucifer After Spending Her Life With Rory

Chloe and Lucifer (1)

Chloe is also afraid of disrupting the timeline and damaging her daughter’s life. Therefore, she spends the rest of her time on Earth taking care of her daughter, Rory away from her beloved Lucifer. She returns to her true passion of being Lt. Chloe Decker, an LAPD detective, and begins leading the Homicide division.

When she dies decades later, she is sent to Heaven but since she is friends with the new God, Amenadiel, she is presented with another option. Amenadiel asks him if she wants to go to “home”, which means reuniting with her beloved Lucifer wherever he is. Chloe chooses to stay with Lucifer and help him in redeeming souls from Hell becoming his partner, as they were partners solving homicides for the LAPD.

Amenadiel Becomes God

Amenadiel becomes God

Amenadiel becomes God after he realizes that without God, the world is going to end. His brother and sister angels start granting wishes from humanity and breaking the reality. Amenadiel is also furious when Lucifer gives in to his desire of becoming God. We saw in season 5, Amenadiel rejected the idea of becoming God because he wanted to be on Earth around his wife Linda and son Charlie.

As a matter of fact, Amenadiel becoming God is a great move by the writer because he has the required compassion and kindness for humanity to be the Almighty. Despite believing that Charlie could never fly to heaven, Linda and Amenadiel are shocked to see the sprouted wings on Charlie’s back. It is an indication that he is the first human-angel hybrid and can enjoy being both in the future.

Dan Gets Rid of His Guilt and Ascends to Heaven

Dan get rid of his guilt

Dan Espinoza died tragically in Lucifer season 5, and it was revealed in season 6 that he went to Hell because of unresolved remorse about dying. Dan returns Earth thanks to Rory, but he is trapped as a ghost that only Lucifer could see and communicate with.

Dan ultimately discovers and resolves the source of his remorse after mistakenly possessing the corpse of his killer, Le Mec: after his death, his daughter Trixie lives without a father. Dan is able to see Trixie one last time and cleanse himself of his guilt by using Le Mec’s body, allowing him to travel to Heaven.

After a wonderful reunion with his true love, Charlotte Richards, Dan AKA “Detective Douche,” is rewarded with eternal pleasure in the Silver City (Tricia Helfer). However, in light of the tragedy that struck Dan, he receives a perfect ending.

Lucifer’s Friends Reaction After Realizing He’s a  Devil

Lucifer Friends

In season 6, Ella Lopez eventually discovers that Lucifer is the Devil, and she was naturally hurt that her friends had deceived her for years. Lucifer, on the other hand, not only sincerely apologizes, but he also honors Ella by donating millions to the Miss Lopez STEM Initiative, which will encourage more young women to follow in Ella’s footsteps. Ella also finds a genuinely good man, Detective Carol Corbett, as her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Mazikeen and Eve get married in the last season of Lucifer. 

Will Lucifer Return For A Seventh Season?

Lucifer season 7

Since it concludes all of the characters’ arcs, Lucifer season 6 is the ultimate end of the TV series as it appeared on Netflix. However, you never know of an immortal character like Lucifer Morningstar, who suggests that Tom Ellis could reprise his role as the Devil in the future.

When Rory talked about More Bones, a continuation of Lucifer’s favorite Fox series, Bones, set in her future, Lucifer season 6 seemed to dabble with the concept of a sequel series. But, for the time being, Lucifer season 6 brings the Devil and Chloe Decker’s story to a close.

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