Is There Ever Going to be an Underworld 6 in 2022?

Is There Ever Going to be an Underworld 6 in 2022?

Are you a fan of the Underworld movies? If so, you need to read this article to the end to see if there will be any new underworld movie 2022.

The Underworld collection is a series about vampire society and a werewolf society that has been at war for centuries. Since the start, there have been 5 movies, and the latest one is called Underworld: Blood Wars.

Will there be an Underworld 6 movie in 2022? Read on for more details on this. Let’s get started.

Is There Ever Going to be an Underworld 6 in 2022

Will there be any new Underworld movie 2022? That’s the question that many fans ask. The last movie, Underworld: Blood Wars, was released on January 6th, 2017, and some horror content providers like Dread Central say there is no such news on whether they will make a new sequel or not yet.

If you read online articles about Underworld 6 release date, some say it might be possible, but the producers have released no official statements.

In fact, the lead actress, Kate Beckinsale, quashed rumors about her reprising the role of Selene in future movies. She said she didn’t want to do another sequel unless there was an excellent storyline and script. She has now released her latest movie, Jolt, which you can stream on Amazon Prime.

This means that her plate is too full for another sequel, and she moves on to other projects. If you are interested in reading more details on Underworld 6 release date, you can keep it on this website as it will be updated once more news is found.

Will Underworld 6 Ever Happen?

Currently, there is no answer for that. The producers of the Underworld series have kept their cards close to their chest and haven’t revealed any news on whether they will make a new sequel or not. That’s why you will not even see the new Underworld movie trailer.

Will Underworld 6 Ever Happen

However, Kate Beckinsale has said that she doesn’t want to reprise her role as Selene unless there is a good script. There is no news yet, but Underworld 6 release date may be possible in 2022 or 2023. You can read this article regularly for more details on the Underworld movie franchise.

The Storyline of Underworld 6

The storyline of the Underworld 6 full movie is unknown at the moment. However, through Underworld 5, it seemed as if the series was finally ending.

The movie ended with a heavy-hearted suggestion that Selene and Michael would have a child together. This could be something to build upon in the next film, which would see both parents play a role in their child’s life.

A hypothetical Underworld 6 full movie, for example, could investigate whether or not Michael is truly deceased.

It might also look at Selene’s current situation as a leader among her kind, as well as delve deeper into her mother/daughter connection with Eve. But we will wait to see if this happens.

The Cast of Underworld 6: Who Could Get a Chance?

The Cast of Underworld 6: Who Could Get a Chance?

There are currently no Underworld 6 cast details, but it may be that Kate Beckinsale does not want to reprise her role as Selene.

There are rumors that Theo James could return in some form or fashion for this potential sequel. At the end of the fifth film, he is killed after bringing his father Thomas back to his family.

With a new actor for Michael Corvin, it could be interesting to see how this is explained. Other actors who could be brought back include Charles Dance as Father Aldo and Sandrine Holt as Singe. Don’t remember the cast then check out our playlist for Underworld movies in order for a quick recap.

What Kate Beckinsale Says About Underworld 6

Kate Beckinsale

As reported by Wegotthiscovered, it seems that Kate Beckinsale will not return for the Underworld 6 full movie if it happens to be made. The actress says she will only appear in the film if a good script and a decisive female role.

“I don’t want to go out of my way to do it because I actually think the series should end,” said Beckinsale. “But we all really feel we owe it to the fans, and Michael and I are prepared to come back if they can make the script good enough. But I don’t think it should be me, now.”

Underworld Other Cancelled Projects

Since 2015, there have been plans for a potential Underworld prequel. It would be set in Japan and see the origin of the blood feud between the Vampires and Werewolves.

But this was put on hold to focus efforts on an eight-episode Underworld TV series slated to launch on Netflix. This has been put on indefinite hiatus, with no real reason given for this. Here are some of the canceled projects.

I, Frankenstein Crossover

It was announced that Underworld 6 full movie would see the I, Frankenstein character Adam resurrected. This meant he would have to share some scenes with Selene in the movie. But this project has been put on hold indefinitely.

Blade Crossover

Another project that was rumored for Underworld 6 was a crossover with the Blade franchise. This particular story would see Michael and Selene teaming up with Blade to fight Dracula himself. But this has been put on hold as well, not going beyond being just a rumor.

Resident Evil Crossover

Finally, the most recent project discussed for Underworld 6 was a potential crossover with Resident Evil. However, this is one of the shortest-lived rumors in history as it was quickly dismissed. With no Resident Evil movies currently in development, it seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.


Although there are no Underworld 6 movie or Underworld 7 details or release date, this article will be updated when the movie is confirmed.

The series may be put to rest for good, but there are rumors about a potential Underworld TV show.

There is currently no new Underworld movie title. However, there are rumors of the release of Underworld 6, which are yet to be confirmed.

The best Underworld movie is the original, released in 2003. It has a strong female protagonist and is widely considered better than all Underworld movies in order that were made.


It seems that there will be no new Underworld 6 without a good script and strong female protagonist. There is nothing in the limelight, even the new Underworld movie trailer.

Furthermore, there are no Underworld 6 movie details available, but this article will be updated as soon as the information is released. So, keep checking back for more Underworld news.

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