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primewire alternatives

It’s a known truth that online streaming sites come and go. In spite of this, a few sites appear to be safe to copyright claims, domain title takedowns, and DDoS attacks, largely surpassing the life expectancy of the normal online streaming site. Here I will discuss the best PrimeWire alternatives, so you can keep streaming your desired content.

For a long time, one such site was PrimeWire. Unfortunately, PrimeWire closed its gates after a threatening takeover, which brought about in all substance being replaced with malicious advertisements.

What Happened to PrimeWire?

Nowadays, PrimeWire is now not available through its unique domain name. The great news is that there are still numerous other fabulous online streaming locales where you’ll appreciate the most recent motion pictures.

PrimeWire began more than five years prior to LetMeWatchThis. It afterward changed its domain title to 1Channel, before inevitably getting to become PrimeWire. The site rapidly created a sizable taking after among online streaming devotees, to a great extent much appreciated to its well-thought-out plan and an awesome selection of titles of movies and TV shows without paying.

prime wire

In April 2020, PrimeWire’s DNS records were upgraded to EuroDNS, an ICANN-accredited space title enlistment center and DNS service provider headquartered in Luxembourg. This caused the location to become inaccessible for some days. When PrimeWire at last returned, it was more awful than anybody had anticipated. All content was replaced by malicious advertisements asking clients to questionable services such as Pushplay, which inquire for credit card details and are clearly just tricks made to take cash from clueless victims.

Even committed long-time clients of PrimeWire inevitably realized that the site was essentially gone. Perhaps you’re one of them, and you’re still seeking out for the perfect alternative to PrimeWire. To assist you discover it, we’ve arranged a list of the best 10 best options to PrimeWire in 2021, but there’s one final thing we need to address some time recently we get to them.

Here are 10 Best PrimeWire Alternatives



When it comes to online streaming sites that have been around for much longer than most individuals anticipated, PutLocker is among the primary that comes to intellect.

This admired online streaming site may see marginally obsolete, but we accept that its conservative plan as it were includes to its charm. After all, the content is what things the foremost, and PutLocker has more than sufficient substance to fulfill indeed the foremost requesting online streaming enthusiasts. In expansion to the most recent motion pictures and TV shows, you’ll be able to utilize PutLocker to observe Asian shows, Japanese cartoons, and classics from the brilliant age of cinema. It’s one of the best PrimeWire alternatives, simple and resourceful.


solar movie

SolarMovie sports a cutting edge service with tons of easy features that make it exceptionally simple to use and exceptionally difficult to live without.

For starters, SolarMovie appears an IMDb rating for each movie and TV appearances, so you’ll be able to see at a look which thumbnails are worth clicking on and which you’ll likely skip.

SolarMovie isn’t the best when it comes to video quality of its content, but it is a great PrimeWire alternative, so you’ll discover CAM discharges right following to high-quality Blu-ray tiers. What’s important is that SolarMovie is continuously forthright about almost everything, so there are no unsavory shocks when it comes to the quality of the substance you need to watch.


Crackle is a totally free streaming service that provides access to hundreds of well-known motion pictures (as well as TV shows like 3rd Rock from the Sun).

Although the site gives users the choice to form an account, so can maintain your watchlist; in case you just need to watch movies online, there’s no login required, which makes it a great PrimeWire alternative.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stream over numerous gadgets, you’re in luckiness.

Crackle has apps for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In any case, this service is currently accessible within the US.


vudu- PrimeWire Alternatives

Vudu is maybe best known for its movie rental service, but in the event that you’re willing to put up with almost 30 seconds of advertisements, you’ll be able to watch handfuls of blockbuster movies, free of charge.

You’ll have to make an account, but this only takes a minute, and you don’t need to confirm your e-mail address. It is only available in the U.S; in the event that you attempt to utilize it from overseas, you will need a VPN. Apps are accessible for Roku, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Vudu’s free library incorporates titles like La La Arrive, Caddyshack, Composition for a Dream, Pro Ventura: Pet Analyst, and Batman Forever.


tubi-PrimeWire Alternatives

Tubi includes a tremendous library, with thousands of movies and TV shows, all of which for free. There’s even a dedicated segment of the location where you’ll browse titles that aren’t accessible on Netflix.

On the off chance that you’d like to make a watch-list, you’ll have to register, you’re free to stream as much as you like, without indeed logging in. Unlike numerous of its free-to-watch rivals, Tubi is accessible within the US, Canada, and Australia.

It’s moreover within the preparation of getting to be GDPR-compliant so that the service can be used in Europe. Dedicated apps are accessible for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, and PlayStation consoles. While the available content changes from one area to another, the American adaptation of the location lets you stream movies.


Popcornflix- PrimeWire Alternatives

Popcornflix categorizes its substance into numerous diverse categories, counting modern entries, most prevalent, Popcornflix originals, action, comedy, show, horror, family, thriller, sci-fi, romance, mystery, western, old-school cool, documentaries, stand-up comedy, Asian action, bro movies, and foreign films. Maybe the greatest feature include of this online streaming site is its media player, which lets you effectively make GIFs, take off time-stamped comments, and share your favorite movies and TV shows with companions. Alternatives

Another great alternative to PrimeWire is, it was planned to recreate the experience of watching conventional TV online. It offers a shockingly great on-demand library.

You ought to note that’s library changes depending on which nation you’re in but the US form has classic motion pictures like Capote, American Magnificence, AI: Fake Insights, The Plummet, and End times Presently all accessible to watch for free.

Although there’s an alternative to form an account, this just lets you save channel preferences, so there’s truly no point unless you plan on watching TV by means of different gadgets. has apps for iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick.


Rainierland-PrimeWire Alternatives

Rainierland is one of the leading alternatives to PrimeWire since it offers a incredible choice of motion pictures and TV shows and doesn’t require you to form a user account.

Just press on the play button. The site contains a straightforward layout that just works. We ensure you won’t find yourself looking for the play button or pondering how you’ll be able explore for a specific motion picture.

Of course, no online streaming site is perfect, and indeed Rainierland incorporates a few downsides. Maybe the greatest one is the truth that the location employments exceptionally forceful advertisements, so you ought to visit it as it were with a competent adblocker.


123PandaMovie-PrimeWire Alternatives

You’ve likely never listened of 123PandaMovie, and you’re not alone. This up-and-coming online streaming site hasn’t been around for as well long, and it still must make a title for itself.

But considering how much it as of now offers, we foresee that it won’t take long for 123PandaMovie to become a broadly recognized title within the online streaming community.


Niter=PrimeWire Alternatives

Niter is a new online streaming site that’s rapidly developing in popularity. You can watch motion pictures or TV show on Niter by clicking on a blurb and press the play button. We appreciate that Niter employments a dim foundation color, which makes it simpler on the eyes at night. While it is not a perfect PrimeWire alternative, it’s expected to game up soon.

Clients are permitted to take off comments on the location, but Niter’s community doesn’t appear to be exceptionally dynamic at the minute. We anticipate this to alter as the site gets to be more popular.

Wrapping Up!

PrimeWire has endured the destiny of numerous other online streaming destinations, but online streaming proceeds to live on without it. We’ve recorded the best options to PrimeWire Alternatives that you can use to watch movies and TV shows for free. Most of these platforms are US only so you will be needing a VPN, like ExpressVPN.

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