The Matrix 4 Theory: Smith Is Resurrected Because Of Neo

The Matrix Resurrections has revealed an Agent Smith return theory, implying that the rebirth of the character may be intricately tied to Neo.

As the notorious villain of the Matrix trilogy, Smith first operated on behalf of “The Machines” in the process of becoming Neo’s archrival. The duo found themselves inseparably entangled in deciding the fate of the Matrix and, generally, of all humanity. Given his prominence in the story, and in spite of Hugo Weaving’s incapacity to reinterpret the character himself, it’s befitting that the upcoming The Matrix 4 will feature the return of Agent Smith and the extension of his relationship with The One.

When you start to watch The Matrix Trilogy, you realize that it works on several mind-boggling themes, however, the one most profoundly entwined is that of duality. Either red pill or blue pill. Either human or machine. Either fate or free will. Either love or duty.

Every major notion presented by The Matrix includes some kind of duality. However, by the time The Matrix Reloaded ends, the distinction becomes blurred and it is discovered that the duality of human beings and machines isn’t as vivid as it once seemed.

In the film’s climactic scenes, Neo can be seen being able to impose himself on the machines, even when outside the Matrix. Whereas, Agent Smith, translating his artificial consciousness into a human body, steps into the real world.

This pattern gives a hint that Neo and Smith are basically two faces of a currency note, equal and opposite. Although it’s still vague how the events in the tale will take a turn, Matrix Resurrections theory affirms that both Neo and Trinity have been reprised in some way. Taking into consideration the connection between them, as highlighted by Smith during his infamous The Matrix: Reloaded monolog, it’s all but confirmed that resurrecting Neo without Smith was not possible at all. Subsequently, nearly after two decades of their historic final battle, their connection is likely to continue defining the latest title of the franchise.

Neo’s Connection to Agent Smith in The Matrix

During the first film, Agent Smith was shown as a refined piece of anti-virus software just like one of many other programs in the Matrix. Whereas Neo was one of many other random people. The task of Smith along with other agents was to police the Matrix and eradicate any possible harmful interventions.

During an interaction with Morpheus, Smith first commits the betrayal by revealing his wish to escape from the Matrix in an opposite role of Neo’s original state as a regular human being ignorant of the fact that he was not present in the real world. At the turn of the tale, Neo unintentionally gives Smith his freedom. At the end of The Matrix, when Neo breaks down Smith’s program from the inside, he disunites Smith’s linkage to the machines, setting him free and to operate independently. The duo successfully runs the process for each other, consequently first dying and then metaphorically reappearing as something much more than they previously were.

Moreover, one of their biggest fight scenes during The Matrix Reloaded also reveals their opposite nature. To all the other free humans, Neo is recognized as “The One” and usually finds himself left out to his own distress. On the contrary, Agent Smith is now capable of translating himself to infinity, becoming many, and enjoying that he can do so. He even tries to duplicate himself as Neo, giving the first clue of what he intends to do eventually.

The duo emulates each other again after learning how they can possibly exercise their influence in one another’s worlds. This tussle eventually leads them to the two battles in the real world, where Neo eventfully defeats Smith, but at the cost of his eyes being burned out. Where Neo fortuitously let Smith free from his limitation before, this time around Smith liberates Neo, damaging him beyond repair, and also making him understand that he has the capacity of looking into the machine world without needing his assistance.

How Neo Overcome Agent Smith in the Matrix Revolution

To take over Smith, Neo must sacrifice himself. At the end of The Matrix Revolutions, in their final colossal clash, Neo’s label of The One becomes the reality as he is now the only human alive. As per our understanding, Smith has invaded the entire Matrix and translated his program into every person alive. Where he was a mere anti-virus software once, he has become the whole virus now, having developed as a hegemony for the machines to either contain him or the anarchy he causes.

However, Neo defeats Smith by letting him know that he’s aware of both himself and Smith’s intentions. Being physically connected to the Matrix from the Machine City, Neo is now able to operate as a direct channel between the machines and the Matrix. After Smith eventually defeats Neo, he translates himself into the body of Neo but attaches himself directly to the Machine City unintentionally. This lets the machines decode Smith’s program, deleting all versions of him and finally resetting the Matrix the way it originally was.

What Does Smith’s Matrix Resurrection Have To Do With Neo?

While The Matrix Resurrections is once again focused on Neo and Trinity, it’s difficult to comprehend how this is possible after they both died at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. It might be possible that the machines have saved them both, reviving them and driving them back into the Matrix. Or it’s also possible that the machines may have rejuvenated them in a more digital sense, re-forming their traits and consciousness as programs. No matter the fact, it’s evident that they’ve been there for a long time, as one scene in the Matrix resurrections trailer reveals Neo looking at his much older face in a mirror.

One of these possibilities could have ignited Smith’s return. However, the original Matrix Trilogy exhibited Smith replicating himself into several other identities but was obscure on the particulars. Taking into consideration the intense connection between Smith and Neo, there’s a possibility that some part of Smith is left behind in Neo; either as a portion of Neo’s digital identity within the Matrix or, more surprisingly, within the physical brain of Neo.

Either way, Neo and Smith could be even more intertwined than anyone earlier understood. It may be the possibility that the existence of both inside The Matrix depends on each other. If such is the scenario, Smith would have an upper hand to make sure Neo stays in The Matrix with no awareness of the real world.

The Matrix Resurrections has the potential to be a blockbuster movie, loaded with the same fascinating plot from the original Matrix trilogy, while also introducing several other new experiences to enjoy. Though, the plot itself is still cloaked in secrecy, with no extra details except a couple of trailers, big speculation, and random rumors. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann in the Matrix, returning to their roles.

However, there are certain details that viewers can definitely expect from the upcoming title; exciting combat scenes, awe-inspiring special effects, and a more multifarious connection between Neo and Agent Smith.

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