Which Money Heist Character is Your Match? Based On Your Zodiac Sign

money heist zodiac signs

Money Heist is packed with different characters coming together to make the show a success. People don’t generally sympathize with robbers, but you eventually worry about them, since you’ve watched them up close in the show and developed a bond with each one of them. When you start to love the characters of both teams and want both of them to win, the real dilemma starts. With such captivating characters and story, it only seems fair to us to compare and see which of La Casa De Papel character are you?

Which Money Heist Character Are You?

#1 Taurus – The Professor

professor-The gang’s mastermind-the Professor has a Taurean’s personality. He is efficient, realistic, and smart. When things seem to fall apart he remains cool. He knows how to get things into order. He is rendered a Taurus by his diplomatic disposition and sensible tactics.

He possesses incredible determination, whether it is understanding how to stick to the plan or how to rescue one of their captured comrades. The Professor is also courageous, given that he was able to acquire a squad made up of some of the world’s toughest offenders.

#2 Aries – Berlin

berlin-CroppedThe Aries sign’s impulsiveness and dedication mimic Berlin most. In the sequence, he may have some moments of absolute chaos and randomness, but he manages to hold them all in line somehow.

Berlin is also imaginative, with a relaxed nonchalance, playing tortuous games with its innocent victims. For all of his negative characteristics, he is always very loyal to the crew, doing everything in his power to defend his mates, as we see in the final episode of Season 2.

Gemini – Denver

denver-CroppedGemini people are fun-loving and expressive, which reminds us of Denver. In the beginning, he may have seemed unsuitable because of his non-serious attitude, but as the show progresses, he matures and finds his direction. Like Geminis, he is a genuine charmer.

As seen by his short temper during the Royal Mint of Spain heist, he sometimes shows a measure of brashness. However, he can also be gentle, as seen when he tries to save one of the hostages rather than kill her as requested.

Cancer – Rio

rioA Cancerian is emotional and sensitive and Rio is one. Even though during the series he has a lot of second thoughts, his love for Tokyo helps him find his place. Like most Cancerians, he needs protection and love too.

Rio is simply truthful and trustworthy, embracing as the truth any declaration that is given to him. Although this has led him into trouble on many occasions, his innocence is a refreshing change for the seasoned members of the crew, some of whom consider him a son.

Leo – Tokyo

tokyoTokyo must be a Leo, and one of the most volatile characters in the series. She is trustworthy, creative, headstrong, and has a heart of gold. Like Leo, she’s a total mess with plenty to give.

At one point, Berlin punishes her for her disobedience by tying her to a trolley and sending her out of the house, which leads to her being arrested. Tokyo is also passionate and sensual; if she has to, she is able to appeal men with her body.

Virgo – Moscow

MoscowFor most of the participants in the series, Moscow is a father figure with the characteristics of a Virgo. He is one of the show’s loved characters. Like Virgos, he’s always tired of making everyone and everything around him on track.

He can be outspoken about his beliefs, however, especially when he sees people around him acting in a cruel way, such as when he tells Tokyo to be nicer to people, especially those closest to her.

Libra –Lisbon

lisbonLisbon is one of the most professional and polite people in her field, embodying a complete Libra. Practical, level-headed, diplomatic and focused.

In a world dominated by men, Lisbon is amazingly strong and is able to live and succeed. As someone who was abused by her husband, Lisbon is resilient in mentally and emotionally. This helps her to wield her own strength without having to fight for it.

Scorpio – Nairobi

nairobiNairobi is highly powerful and has a courageous, balanced, focused and optimistic personality. Like a Scorpio, her character has both a caring and a dark side to it.

Nairobi is also clever, as she could easily work out a secret love affair between a member of her crew and one of the Royal Mint hostages. She is one of the few characters with compassion for those in trouble; when it comes to defending those weaker than her, she never backs down from a challenge.

Sagittarius – Monika

stockholmHer personality begins as an easy and kind one, but she has a change of heart as the show progresses. Monika is curious, cheerful and creative, much like a Sagittarian.

She also takes risky chances, such as, after the first robbery, eloping with Denver even though she knew what would happen if she were arrested. As we can see when she comes back to join the heist crew as a new member, Stockholm brims with bravery.

Capricorn – Arturo

ArturoMuch like a Capricorn, he is meticulous and strategic. He is greedy and continuously attempts to come up with schemes to outsmart the robbers. Oops sorry, guys!

Arturo frequently got himself in trouble due to his attempts to defy the robbers and stage uprisings inside the Royal Mint. He became something of a celebrity after the heist, giving speeches about his experience.

Aquarius – Alison Parker

money-heist-alison-parkerIn the beginning, she could seem spoiled, but later on, in the show, she becomes smart and intelligent. She is intellectual, affable, and stubborn, like an Aquarius.

Allison was a student touring the Royal Mint of Spain with other students when the heist took place. She was instrumental in the scheduling of the heist, as the professor realized she would be an important hostage.

Pisces – Helsinki

helsinki-CroppedThis character is so much more than it meets the eye-just like, which is a genuine Pisceans trait. He may look amazingly huge and terrifying but is selfless, generous, and eager to assist others when they need it. His friends are proud of him and he has a huge heart.

Nevertheless, underneath its rough exterior, Helsinki has a warm spirit. We see this during the scene where Oslo is dying after being hit with a crowbar by the hostages. In order to terminate his suffering, Helsinki takes the initiative and ends Oslo’s life.

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