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Are you getting the Hulu error code p-dev320 and looking for a way to resolve it? Then, you have landed on the right page. There are multiple reasons why this error occurs but the good thing is, there are also several ways to solve this issue. We will show you every possible solution but first, let’s understand what is this error and why does it occur.

What Does Hulu Error Code p-dev320 Mean

Hulu error code p-dev320 specifies the issues with Hulu main servers that cannot process your Hulu app request. This error usually occurs on Hulu digital media players apps. Generally, it is from Hulu’s end but it could also be a problem with your internet connection or outdated Hulu app.

Reasons Why HULU Error Code p-dev320 Occur

There is not any single definite reason why does the p-dev320 occur but there could be multiple reasons, some of them are:

  1. Internet connectivity issues
  2. Slow internet speed
  3. Temp filed and cookies hindering Hulu functions
  4. Outdated Hulu app
  5. The issue in Hulu server
  6. The problem is not very serious and can be resolved with some easy methods.

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How to Fix HULU Error Code P-DEV320

Although Hulu has acknowledged the error to be from their side there are some ways the user can fix it by following some troubleshoot steps.

Tip#1- Clean Cookies and Cache

Cache stored in the device’s biggest instigator for occurring any error in the streaming services. So, first and foremost, you should clear the stored cookies and cache from your device that you are using to watch Hulu.

As mentioned earlier, mostly Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 generally occurs on digital media players such as Roku and Xbox. So, if the occurs on these devices quickly check Hulu on other devices, if it is working fine then start clearing stored data on your digital media player.

Tip#2- Check for Internet Connectivity Issues

Hulu requires a minimum 3 Mbps to explore its content library and 8 Mbps for live stream. There may be a possibility that the internet connection is providing enough speed and you are getting Error Code P-Dev320.

Check your internet connection by opening different streaming apps (if you have any) or try different internet connections such as mobile data and restart Hulu again.

Tip#3- Power Cycling Your Device

Basically, Power Cycling is rebooting. Just shut down the device in which Hulu is giving P-Dev320 error then restart your router device. Then, restart your device and access Hulu after few minutes.

Tip#4 – Update Hulu App

Maybe you have closed auto-updates on your device and using the outdated Hulu app. Check if you need to update the Hulu app on your device to the latest version.

Tip #5 – Block Ads and Remove Viruses

Some viruses might become the reason for getting Hulu Error code P-DEV32, scan your device to get off the viruses and block the ads on your device.

Tip #6 – Contact Hulu Support

If none of the fixing methods work then it is probably an issue from Hulu’s end. The support team will quickly look into the issue and provide you a quick solution.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 on Different Devices

The ultimate way to fix the Error code p-dev320 is by clearing the caches on your device. However, every device has a different way of clearing cache and cookies. Here is how you resolve Hulu Error Code P-Dev320 from your device:

Fix Hulu error code p-dev320 on iPhones and iPads

To fix the Hulu Error code on iOS, you need to reinstall the Hulu; here is how you should do it:

  • Go to settings > general > storage
  • Find Hulu app > press on Hulu app > click uninstall
  • After that, go to the Apple app store and install the Hulu app

Fix Hulu error code p-dev320 on Apple TV

To fix Hulu error code p-dev320 Apple TV you need to uninstall then reinstall the app. Here is how you should do it:

  • Open Apple TV and head over to the control panel
  • Tap on uninstall option
  • Go/search Hulu > double click on it > select uninstall
  • Go to the app store on Apple TV > search Hulu > install the Hulu app

Fix Hulu error code p-dev320 on Xbox One

  • Go to menu > my games and apps
  • Select apps and highlight Hulu
  • Press the menu button on the controller
  • Select manage app > clear saved data

Fix Hulu error code p-dev320 on Roku

  • Open the main menu and select home
  • Tap on home 5 times and press up
  • Press rewind 2 times and press forward 2 times
  • Wait for 20 – 30 to clear cache then restart the device

Wrapping Up

Now, you have learned every possible solution to fixing the Hulu error code p-dev320. In case, the issue does not resolve with any of the mentioned methods then contact Hulu support and follow their instruction.

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