The Best Movies Of All Time To Stream Today!


Selecting the right movie for the evening can be a challenging task at times. We have all gone through this someday or the other. But, since there is an ocean of movies, it might get difficult to choose one.

Therefore mentioned below is a list of the 50 best movies of all time, from classics to new releases that will save you time searching from the vivid varieties available.

Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)

Director: Peter Jackson

Writer: Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh

Cast: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

The possession of a unique and the most powerful ring comes with a price. When Frodo becomes the owner of a prized possession, he and his friends must protect the ring at all costs, so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The movie focuses on the journey of these little travel companions on a journey to destroy the ring while putting the responsibility for greed.

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Director: Peter Jackson

Writer: Fran Walsh, Stephen Sinclair, Peter Jackson

Cast: Viggo Mortenson, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

Continuing their journey of destroying the ring, Sam and Frodo are joined by an ally named Gollum. While he does have his perks, his intentions are yet unknown. Will Frodo lose his prized possession to his doubts of Gollum? Find out in this continuation of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writer: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine

IMDb Rating: 9/10

Gotham is in danger as Batman, Gordon, and Dent wreak havoc on the city. The panicked people hire a psychopathic killer, the joker, and give him the responsibility to kill Batman. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned as both The Joker and The Batman get head to head.

There have been various films in the Batman film series, but this one is the most beloved. We often rewatch The Dark Knight to remind ourselves that superhero movies are also possible.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Writer: Stephen McFeely, Christopher Markus

Cast: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

After the intergalactic warlord Thanos destroys half the universe, The Avengers have joined forces again in order to regain peace and quiet in the world. Joining forces again is not as easy as people anticipated due to many buried bitter memories that they must uncover and face in order to move ahead.

Indeed, this was one of the most successful Marvel films to date. Marvel has a separate series for each superhero from Captain America films to the Mighty Thor series and all are popular in their own zone and have their own fan-following.

Inception (2010)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writer: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Ken Caine

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

If you want to make your weekend a thriller one, then this super hit movie is the absolute right choice for you which will compel you to believe there’s no terrible chance to watch Inception. The Christopher Nolan film is a mixture of an expensive original unique film in a scene overwhelmed by remakes, sequels, and reboots. However, this movie is worth every penny spent on it as the heist thriller about a gathering of individuals that go inside another person’s mind to plant a thought was marvelous.

Get Out (2017)

Director: Jordan Peele

Writer: Jordan Peele

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford

IMDB Rating: 7.7 /10

There is always a little more than what meets the eye, especially in the case of the best movies of all time. A seemingly normal couple plans behind bars to spend a week in the girlfriend’s parents’ house. What seems like an ordinary beginning to a Love story soon turns into a roller coaster of horror and thriller that will have you hooked to your seats till the very end.

If you are a horror movie fan then our Halloween movie series and Resident Evil movies in order is what you are looking for as horror fans claim to enjoy movies more when they experience more fear.

The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Director: Jonathan Demme

Writer: Thomas Harris, Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins

Cast: Ted Levine, Jodie Foster, Brooke Smith

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

A promising, young student at the training academy of FBI, Clarice Starling, is given the responsibility to interview Dr. Lecter, who once was a renowned psychiatrist. Serving his due years behind bars, for his act of Cannibalism, Dr. Hannibal might be the key to a crucial case. Will Clarice charm her way out of his cell? Watch the movie to find out!

Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (2003)

Director: Peter Jackson

Writer: Viggo Mortensen, Peter Jackson, Ian McKellan

Cast: Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Elijah Wood

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

This movie marks the end of the famous trilogy of The Lord of the rings. Frodo, who was on the quest of destroying the ring, has now reached his final destination. After that, a ginormous battle between what’s good and evil takes place in order to claim the middle Earth. This movie was the first one to get a perfect score in the Oscar nominations.

Harry Potter has always been a favorite of mine. However, after watching Lord of the Rings I became fascinated. I felt the magic of Tolkien while watching The Hobbit. I became so enamored with it, that it made me see the Hobbit films trilogy consecutively. Definitely as good as The Lord of the Rings! The settings, the characters, and the level of detail are all fascinating. Basically, everything.

The Social Network (2010)

Director: David Fincher

Writer: Aaron Sorkin, Ben Mezrich

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

One of the most decorated Alumni of Harvard develops a social networking website that goes on to be loved by one and all. Loosely based on the real-life story of Mark Zuckerberg, this movie uncovers several severed ties that the man had to go through so as to lead the digital world.

Star Wars: Episode Iv- A New Hope (1977)

Director: George Lucas

Writer: George Lucas

Cast: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Following the abduction of Princess Leia by Darth Vader, Han Solo and Luke have set out on a journey to rescue her and destroy the weapon that could potentially destroy the universe, i.e., the weapon of the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, this journey of rescue has put the lives of both of these characters in danger. Will they survive the evil forces at play?

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Director: Frank Darabont

Writer: Frank Darabont, Stephen King

Cast: William Sadler, Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins

IMDb Rating: 9.3/10

Andy Dufrense, a former banker, is convicted of his wife’s murder and sentenced to prison for life. But, just when people think their life has ended, a new chapter begins. The Shawshank Redemption is at the top of the favorites list of millions of people and for all the right reasons!

The Irishman (2019)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Writer: Steven Zaillian

Cast: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Jesse Plemons, Anna Paquin

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

This story revolves around Peggy Sheeran (Lucy Gallina) watching her father, Frank ( Robert De Niro), through a small gap in the door while he packs his suitcase for a work trip. In a properly made trousers and ironed shirt tucked into the suitcase interior. There goes the revolver, the ruthless prime tool of Frank’s Business. Unaware of his daughter watching him, she, too, keeps silent and keeps the same in most of their conversations. This movie plays around Frank and him growing old in his mob world trade. The movie’s climax keeps you engaged where you would think Frank getting old would make him subtle, but there is a lot more to it.

Alien (1979)

Director: Ridley Scott

Writer: Dan O’Bannon

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Yaphet Kotto, Veronica Cartwright

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

The Nostromo spacecraft gets a distress signal from afar, and the crew is quick to jump to rescue. Much to their surprise, the signal was a trap and they are soon attacked by an alien. This ship invasion can cost the crew members their lives unless they outsmart the alien.

You’ll enjoy watching the Jurassic Park movies and the Godzilla movies in order if you like Alien as it’s a thriller sci-fi movie for suspense lovers.

La La Land (2016)

Director: Damien Chazelle

Writer: Damien Chazelle

Cast: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend

IMDb Rating: 8/10

Fame often brings out the worst in people, and that’s exactly what this movie is about. Mia and Sebastian, two passionate and driven youngsters madly in love with each other, struggle to save their bond from drifting apart as their mutual dream slowly comes true. But, dream .’or love, what would they choose?

This movie will force you to find a middle ground between love and dream, and you’ll often find yourself rooting for both!

Parasite (2019)

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Writer: Bong Joon-ho, Han Jin-won

Cast: Choi Woo-shik, Lee Sun-kyun, Song Kang-ho

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

The Kim family starts leveraging their son’s job at the Park family as they slowly try to take advantage of the well-to-do household. The movie is about how people live their lives like parasites, trying to suck out everything they can on the person or family they host.

This movie is a precise depiction of the people in today’s world always trying to leech off well-to-do people.

Moonlight (2016)

Director: Barry Jenkins

Writer: Barry Jenkins

Cast: Trevante Rhodes, Janelle Monae, Jharrel Jerome

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

This movie is 2016’s Best Picture winner and set up Mahershala Ali as a masterpiece entertainer and acquainted the world with the splendid Ashton Sanders. Evening glow endeavors to pass on the Black insight through three characterizing sections of limited’s life. Chiron (Sanders) experiences childhood in Miami, encircled by a local area brimming with affection and backing regardless of the break pestilence that is assaulting it.

Boyhood (2014)

Director: Richard Linklater

Writer: Richard Linklater

Cast: Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Divorces are hard on kids, especially if they’re too young to understand it. The thought of your two favorite people in the world suddenly not living together anymore just doesn’t sit right with them. Boyhood is the story of young MJ and his sister Samantha.

After their parents’ divorce, they stay with their mother while their father visits them occasionally. MJ goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and understandings as he grows up to become a young man.

Jaws (1975)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Peter Benchley, Howard Sackler, Carl Gottlieb

Cast: Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss

IMDb Rating: 8/10

A quiet secluded island, Amity is completely imbalanced and terrorized as a white shark is out to get them all. Seeing that the people are constantly living in fear of being eaten alive, a team of marine scientists, a police officer, and a fisherman go out to find a solution for this problem.

As they embark on their journey of killing the white shark and emerging as the saviors, the sea has something completely different planned for them.

Taxi Driver (1976)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Writer: Paul Schrader

Cast: Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Jodie Foster

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Once a soldier, always a soldier. Travis, who was formerly a marine and a veteran of the Vietnam war, now earns his living as a taxi driver in New York. He does whatever he can to demolish corruption little by little in his area.

However, his life took a complete turn as he gave a ride to a young girl who turned out to be an underaged prostitute. Travis goes beyond his ways to protect the girl from her Pimp and bust the prostitution racket.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Writer: Guillermo del Toro

Cast: Ivana Baquero, Sergi López

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Pan’s Labyrinth is an enjoyable and heart-touching tragic movie. Winner of three Academy Awards, Pan’s Labyrinth introduced director Guillermo del Toro on the American Award show radars. This movie has been set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, where the lead is an imaginative young girl who could also be a princess of an underground kingdom.

No Country For Old Men (2007)

Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Writer: Cormac McCarthy

Cast: Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Stumbling upon a huge load of cash while minding our own business has been a dream of most of us, but hardly any of us do the aftermath. A middle-class hunter found a sack of two million dollars in cash while going about his way.

Before he could even snap out of the fascinations of what he’s going to do with the money, a psychopathic killer knocks on his door, looking for the money.

Will the hunter give the money back, or will he fight for his luxurious future? Watch the movie to find out!

12 Years A Slave (2013)

Director: Steve McQueen

Writer: John Ridley

Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Fassbender

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

As glorious as America is today, it has gone through its fair share of rough patches. Back in the days when America was still evolving, people, especially African-Americans, had the hardest time doing the most basic thing- Being free.

Soloman, a young black man on the lookout for a job, is offered a bi-monthly job opportunity in Washington DC. Ecstatic about the offer and pay, he was quick to grab the opportunity only to realize that he had been sold into slavery.

Forrest Gump (1994)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Writer: Eric Roth

Cast: Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Robin Wright

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

People are often too quick to judge a person with a low IQ and label them as ‘retarded’ and ‘misfits’. Forrest Gump is a man with a very special personality that isn’t necessarily liked by everyone. With his childhood best friend and his mother’s support, Forrest had a comfortable childhood wherein he discovered his talent of fast running.

The movie focuses on his life as a man with special needs who goes on to be in the army, owning a successful business, and rekindling his romance with his childhood sweetheart.

Schindler’s List (1993)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Steven Zaillian

Cast: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

The movie is based on a sensitive topic of the Jews and Nazis so if history interests you, this is the movie you should go for. As the Jews were being slaughtered on an everyday basis just for being Jews, a Nazi industrialist, Oskar Schindler tries to reach out to his Jew employees.

Being a key member of the Nazi party and his sympathy for his Jew employees have him pulled apart in two completely separate directions. Watch his dilemma and how he overcomes this in the movie Schindler’s List.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writer: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke

Cast: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

In this futuristic movie based in 2001, scientists discover a monolith while scavenging the lunar surface. Curious to know more about its origin, they set out on a journey to discover the precise truths along with their supercomputer.

This movie is a great example of futuristic thinking and how cinemas set out society’s way into the future.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Director: Miloš Forman

Writer: Ken Kesey

Cast: Louise Fletcher, Jack Nicholson, William Redfield

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

McMurphy, a scandalous prisoner, hates the prison labor and tries his best to escape it. When someone told him that the prisoners in the mentally unstable ward do not have to do any prison labor, he was intrigued. In the days that followed, he deceives everybody into believing that he’s clinically insane and eventually gets transferred into the prison for mentally unstable prisoners.

There he meets a cruel, barbaric nurse, Ratched, who is all set to take him through hell.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)

Director: Michel Gondry

Writer: Charlie Kaufman

Cast: Jim Carrey, Mark Ruffalo, Kate Winslet

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

Two young hearts crossed their eyes on a train and fell in love almost immediately. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, life is hardly ever perfect. Joel and Clementine had several ups and downs in their relationship and unfortunately, they ended on a bitter note. Having old-time memories while trying to move on makes things way more complicated than they need to be so they both decide to get their memories erased technologically.

But as they way, love always finds a way. Even after forgetting everything, they found their way back to each other. Will they make it work this time?

Black Panther (2018)

Director: Ryan Coogler

Writer: Stan Lee

Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

T’Challa makes a comeback to his native place in Wakanda following his father’s demise to inherit the throne. However, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The throne of Wakanda is up for grabs and an influential family enemy has risen to fight for that power. Will T’Challa be able to claim what’s rightfully his?

Die Hard (1988)

Director: John McTiernan

Writer: Jeb Stuart, Steven E. de Souza

Cast: Alan Rickman, Bruce Willis, Alexander Godunov

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

It’s Christmas time and people are flying all over the country to spend time with their families. Detective John McClane flew into Los Angeles to spend the holiday with his estranged wife only to find out that there’s a criminal who has taken hostages in an office building.

What’s the twist? His wife is one of the hostages! John tries his best to release the hostages now as his own wife is at stake.

Will he be able to rescue his wife? Find out in these greatest movies of all time!

If you are a fan of the Die Hard series or an action movies fan in general, I would recommend the Jason Bourne movies to you because who wouldn’t want to watch it when Matt Damon is the hero?

Blade Runner (1982)

Director: Ridley Scott

Writer: Hampton Fancher, David Peoples

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Harrison Ford, Sean Young

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Harrison Ford aka Rick Deckard is a retired police officer who is currently serving as a special agent. He has been given the responsibility to draw out and destroy four androids of Nexus 6.

These extraterrestrial creatures are hard to kill and gave Rick a run for his money. The futuristic angle of this movie is what makes it so appealing to people till date.

The Shining (1980)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writer: Diane Johnson, Stanley Kubrick

Cast: Shelley Duval, lJack Nicholson, Scatman Crothers

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

To spend a comfortable winter, Jack and his family take a refuge in a rather shady looking hotel. Jack takes up a job at the hotel and soon his family realises about the haunted past of the place.

Living in isolation for long, the head of the family, i.e Jack starts having visions and going insane. Knowing about the gory past of the hotel, the family starts worrying about their lives.

There Will Be Blood (2007)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Writer: Paul Thomas Anderson

Cast: Paul Dano, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kevin J. O’Connor

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

The passion for power is good as long as it’s driving the individual to do better but when power becomes obsession, people do bad things.

Daniel Plainview is an oil prospector who cares about nothing but power. He has his eyes set on being the most powerful oil tycoon of the world and is not willing to let anything stand in between. What extent will he go to for his madness for power? Witness his next move in this movie right now!

Ratatouille (2007)

Director: Brad Bird

Writer: Jan Pinkava, Jim Capobianco

Cast: Lou Romano, Brad Garrett, Patton Oswalt

IMDb Rating: 8/10

Passion doesn’t see a person and for Remy the rat, passion for being a chef drives him through life. He aspires to be a world-famous French chef but is heartbroken as he realizes nobody wants to eat food that’s been made by a rat.

Like a trooper, Remy did not give up on his dream and is out to find a way he can use his chef skills to feed people.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Writer: Quentin Tarantino

Cast: Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta, Uma Thurman

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Imagine a world run by the underworld. The lives of two LA town mobsters, a boxer, a gangster’s wife and two small town criminals cross paths. As these wildly different personalities get together, sparks happen every step of the way.

The tremendous comic timings of the characters of this movie will make you laugh out loud and the suspense will keep you glued to your seats till the very end.

Psycho (1960)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Writer: Joseph Stefano

Cast: Vera Miles, Anthony Perkins, John Gavin

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Loosely based on real life events, the plot of Psycho is based in Phoenix where a secretary Marion is on the run after stealing a hefty amount from her employer. She’s taking twisted and abandoned routes so as to avoid the police search party and takes shelter in a rather shady-looking Motel.

Norman Bates, the owner of Bates Motel is a disturbed and complicated man who can be a bigger threat to Marion than the police were.

12 Angry Men (1957)

Director: Sidney Lumet

Writer: Reginald Rose

Cast: Lee J. Cobb, Henry Fonda, Ed Begley

IMDb Rating: 9/10

A group of juries in a murder case trial are divided with their decision. One jury member is convinced that the case is a lot more complicated than it seems.

The one conflicting jury has now taken it upon himself to prove to everybody that the case is not straightforward and that it deserves more hearings.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Director: Ang Lee

Writer: Annie Proulx

Cast: Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

Homosexuality is still a sensitive topic amongst many people. On Screen portrayal of homosexual couples is as rare as it gets. But this movie certainly made an impact for dealing with issues so far ahead in time.

A couple of shepherds, Jack and Ennis frequently climb mountains together and thus spend a lot of time together as well. Having spent so much time in each other’s company, they fall for each other and develop an emotional and physical bond.

Things get completely disbalanced as they get married, not to each other but to their girlfriends.

The Godfather: Part Ii (1974)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Writer: Francis Ford Coppola, Mario Puzo

Cast: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton

IMDb Rating: 9/10

In continuation to the first part of the movie, this part had made a lot of buzz even before its launch. The movie is an extension to where the plot ended in the previous part. Vito’s son Michael, has now taken on the responsibility of maintaining his family’s criminal reputation.

Eager to do so, he managed to get a deal with a renowned gangster named Hyman Roth. Being barely informed about his partner’s past records, he’s unaware of the dangers awaiting him.

Back To The Future (1985)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Writer: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale

Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Going back in time using a time machine has been every child’s dream. Marty’s dream came true as he managed to go back in time using a scientist’s time capsule.

He was transported back to the time when his parents were teenagers. He soon realized that in order to ever have a chance to go back in time, he will have to make his now-teenaged parents fall in love!

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writer: Anthony Burgess

Cast: Patrick Magee, Malcolm McDowell, Adrienne Corri

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

This movie is about a psychopathic killer and rapist, Alex. If psychological dramas interest you, this movie is exactly what you need to see today!

After being sentenced for heinous crimes like rape and murder, Alex looks for ways to reduce his years. He learns about an experimental therapy, volunteering for which can reduce the prisoner’s sentence by much. Without thinking about it, he jumps up to the opportunity and volunteers. Will everything actually go as he planned? Watch the movie and find out!

In order to keep you entertained for hours, I recommend watching the Jesse Stone movies in order only because it’s as entertaining as A Clockwork Orange.

Titanic (1997)

Director: James Cameron

Writer: James Cameron

Cast: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

You must be living under a rock if you still haven’t heard of this movie. Titanic is the most loved romantic movie of all time. It’s the story of young love between Jack and Rose.

Rose belongs to a rich, well-to-do family who’s soon-to-be married. Jack is a painter and rich by heart. They immediately spark chemistry and fall in love with each other. However, their status difference is unbearable to everybody and they do everything to pull them apart.

Little did they know, a huge ‘icey’ danger was awaiting their ship.

Goodfellas (1990)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Writer: Martin Scorsese, Nicholas Pileggi

Cast: Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

The streets of New York City have always been super mean and competitive. To rise above the competition, a group of three small-time criminals, do all that they can to leave their mark as a memorable gangster brigade.

Little do they know that the bigger fishes in the sea are eagerly waiting to eat them up.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Robert Rodat

Cast: Matt Damon, Edward Burns, Tom Hank

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

The movie is set up during the times of World War II where everything and everyone is in utter chaos. Private James Ryan is an asset to the army and he has gone missing.

Given the fact that his three siblings are already dead as a collateral damage of the war, Captain John is assigned the responsibility of leading the search party for finding James Ryan.

The movie is full of ups and downs and has loads of nail biting scenes. If war thriller is your go-to genre, you must give this movie a shot.

Platoon (1986)

Director: Oliver Stone

Writer: Oliver Stone

Cast: Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

This movie belongs to the ’80s but is worth watching. It is one of the best productions of war movies. This is about the platoon of American soldiers who get martyred for their country. The film also exposes the actual warfare of politics behind these battles that affect a soldier’s life, making it one of the best movies of all time.

Roma (2018)

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Writer: Alfonso Cuaron

Cast: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

This is a typical drama film where the movie’s first scene starts with the camera staring at a floor’s tile while the credits are playing. It’s a film about ordinary women. Roma follows Cleo(Yalitza Aparicio), who is a maid working in the household of a wealthy doctor, Antonio(Fernando Grediaga), along with his wife, Sofia(Marina de Tavira). It is one of the best movies of all time, which was composed and shot in stark black and white.

Lady Bird (2017)

Director: Greta Gerwig

Writer: Greta Gerwig

Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Timothée Chalamet

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

Released in 2017, this movie was a great twist to highschool comedy drama movies. High-school is hard on everybody but it was especially hard on Christine McPherson as she constantly juggled between school life, friends and family relationships.

Trying to come to terms with her uptight mother takes a toll on Christine’s mental health. If you are an advocate for strong family relationships, this movie is a must watch for you.

Spirited Away (2001)

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Writer: Hayao Miyazaki

Cast: Rumi Hiiragi, Tsunehiko Kamijō, Mari Natsuki

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

The movie is written and directed by the renowned Hayao Miyazaki, so you know it’s going to stand out.

The protagonist of the movie is a 10year old girl Chihiro who lives with her parents. One day, Chihiro and her parents stumble upon an empty amusement park that seemed like it’s been unattended for years.

Finding it suspicious, they decided to go in and find out what’s happening, little did they know the supernatural dangers awaiting them.

Do The Right Thing (1989)

Director: Spike Lee

Writer: Spike Lee

Cast: Rosie Perez, Spike Lee, Danny Aiello

IMDb Rating: 8/10

A small-time Brooklyn Pizzeria becomes the centre of attention as it’s harmless looking ‘wall of fame’ becomes a wall of racism.

Sal Fragioni is a proud Italian man and the owner of the Pizzeria located in an all-black neighborhood. Buggin’ out, a black man is very upset when he finds out that the wall of fame of this Pizzeria only contains Italian actors and no Black person at all.

Tension begins to rise as this becomes an issue with everyone in the neighborhood.

Gone With The Wind (1939)

Director: Victor Fleming

Writer: Margaret Mitchell

Cast: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

In the midst of the American Civil War, a love affair sparks between a manipulative, uptight woman and a dishonest man. The friction between their personalities is quite evident but they keep powering through.

This movie is truly an American classic and you should definitely watch it once if you haven’t already as it is one top classic movies ever made!

The Princess Bride (1987)

Director: Rob Reiner

Writer: William Goldman

Cast: Mandy Patinkin, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

The movie is based on the novel of the same name by William Goldman. If you’re a sucker for prince and princess, perfect love stories, this movie is without a doubt for you!

Being separated for so long, the prince must find his way back to the love of her life and battle the evil forces on his way.

Watch the magic happen as they both find their way back to each other to live a life happily ever after.


No matter what kind of a day you’ve had or what kind of mood you are in, there is a movie for you every day. There are days where you just silently want to sit and watch a light drama, and there are fun weekends where you want to keep the atmosphere chilling with some scary movies, so what the wait? Start enjoying these best movies of all time.

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