Movies that Killed their Viewers (Not Even Shitting You!)

movies that killed

Hitting the cinema can be a great start to the weekend, unwinding yourself from a long week of work and work related issues. A great movie can uplift your mood longer than any drug, but what if this sweet escape turns in to a situation that your heart can’t take?

Here’s a List of Movies that Caused Death of their Viewers.

Should we blame the movie makers? Or praise them for their amazing work that penetrated deep into the minds of the viewers and took their lives?

The Conjuring 2 (2013)

Watching scary movies does bring in a different kind of rush, sometimes the story may affect you to the point where you might have trouble sleeping alone or going to the washroom but that’s it, it doesn’t kill you.

The Conjuring 2

Surprisingly though, during the screening The Conjuring 2 in 2013 an unnamed 65 year old man complained of chest pain nearing the end of the movie. He was rushed to the hospital right away where he was declared dead.

Even that’s not the shocking part! What’s scary is that the body was ordered to be sent for post-mortem but the person who was assigned to take the body was never seen again nor was the body of the 65 year old found ever. The event took place in India, and people started coming up with supernatural explanation for this disappearance

Regardless of whatever happened, this did create a buzz that the movie makers definitely benefited from.

 Aliens (1986)


A horror movie marathon with friends can be incredibly fun! Apparently that’s what M. Prabhakar from India was in for! While Aliens isn’t a great horror film but probably Prabhakar was a little bit too faint hearted, or maybe something actually happened.

Things were all good when Prabhakar went to use the restroom but suddenly emerged out screaming and then collapsed from shock, dying shortly after.

As per the Times of India, Prabhakar’s collapse wasn’t noticed by his friends until they got done with the marathon. Obviously by that time it was too late to resuscitate him or get any kind of medical help.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

The Passion of the Christ (2004)

The Passion of the Christ

Perhaps “The Passion of the Christ” was so intense that it sent two people straight away up to Christ. The movie is packed with gore, violence and excruciatingly painful scenes, especially where they depict the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The first incident happened with the 56 year old Peggy Scott in February 2004 when during a screening in Wichita, Kansas. She suffered a severe heart attack during the scene where Christ is being crucified. The scene is said to be the most emotional part of the movie, despite having a nurse in the theater who tried to revive Peggy her attempts did not turn out to be successful. Peggy was then rushed to the closest hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Just a month later Pastor Jose Geraldo Soares, rented out an entire theater to watch the film with his congregation. Unfortunately the same fate was suffered by the 43-year-old Brazilian Pastor, his wife realized that Soares was unconscious, similar to Peggy’s fate there was a medical professional in the theatre who tried to revive Soares but to no avail.

Now this is batshit crazy scary!

Raju Gari Gadi (2015)

Raju Gari Gadi

Raju Gari Gadi is an Indian horror comedy, which revolves around the story of seven reality show contestants spending a night in a haunted house. Apparently the experience was too hard for the 55 year old Amaranatham from Hyderabad, India. He was seen heading towards the exit twice but returned both the times, maybe the authorities did not let him out during the show.

When the movie ended and the lights were turned on Amaranatham was found dead on his seat by the staff. Upon investigation his family was contacted and it was discovered that he had prevailing heart problems, it was declared that he passed away due to heart attack.

The Creeping Unknown (1955)

The Creeping Unknown

This one is the earliest movies on the list where a filmgoer passes away during the film, The Quatermass Xperiment also known as The Creeping Unknown was a British film about an astronaut who comes back to earth infected with an alien parasite that plans on to destroy all life on Earth. The Creeping Unknown, the film entered the records of horror history in November that year when a nine-year-old boy suffered from a ruptured artery and died during a screening of the film in Illinois.

Freaks (1932)


Today the 1932 drama Freaks is a widely popular classic, however, it faced lots of backlashes back in the days, directed by Tod Browning who also directed the massively popular Dracula had to face the movie being pulled from theatres due to its disturbing content.

What’s unique about the movie is that it caused harm even before being screened on theatres, when a woman attended the test screening of Freaks’ and was so much disturbed that it resulted in a miscarriage.

The woman threatened to sue the studio for her loss, but no one really knows if her claims are to be believed or not. However, this shows the fine line where fiction and entertainment turn in to horror and damage to one’s health.

A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda

Well, at least this one made the viewer die laughing, Bentzen the 56-year-old Danish audiologist was in good health, with no medical problems. He went to see A Fish Called Wanda and found one scene so funny that he laughed so much that his heart rate got high resulting in a serious heart attack.

The particular scene shows Ken getting chips shoved up his nose by Otto, the scene reminded Bentzen of a similar incident that he experienced with his family where they all started putting cauliflower up their noses.

Death by over-excitement – Avatar (2009)


No wonder James Cameron’s Avatar featured some outstanding visuals and is one of the best 3D movies made so far, unfortunately though they proved to be a little too overwhelming for a 42 year old man in Taiwan.

The unidentified 42-year-old man started feeling uncomfortable during the show and left for the emergency room, he was fell unconscious due to a fatal stroke, and died 11 days later. The man also had a prevailing condition of high blood pressure, and doctors claim his death on “over-excitement from watching the movie.”

Heart attack – Jaws (1975)


With a budget of only $7 million this Steven Spielberg classic was the highest grossing film in 1975 earning over $470 million. The 70’s movie lived up till the late 90’s and in fact is still not forgotten.

It was September 9, 1975, when the 45-year old Elmer C. Sommerfield went to the screening of the film along with his wife in Chicago. His wife noticed that almost after Forty-five minutes into the film, Sommerfield collapsed of a heart attack.

His wife immediately notified the theater manager, about the situation and called for an ambulance. In the meanwhile, there happened to be two doctors in the audience administered CPR for ten minutes until help could arrive. Unluckily, he died on the way to the hospital.

Avengers: Infinity Wars

The Marvel blockbuster performed insanely well encaptivating audiences worldwide, sadly though a 43-year-old Indian fan named, Peddapasupula Baasha went to watch the movie as part of May day celebrations to a cinema nearby his workplace.

Baasha was seen sitting till the end, initially the cinema staff thought that he was watching end credits scenes but when that was over, the staff went up to him and realized that he had passed away while watching the movie.

Man Dies Watching Adult Movie at Work

An employee at the North Central Bronx Hospital, was found dead at a remote area in the parking lot of the hospital with his laptop opened and was partly disrobed. It is suspected that he had a heart attack while masturbating, as per Daily News the man was 48 years old.

Wrapping Up!

It’s sad that when these people stepped in the cinema had no idea that they would not come back alive. However, looking on the positive side, do you want to die in a hospital with all sorts of life support mechanisms fitted into you? Or in a cinema watching a movie snacking on popcorns and some super cold cola?

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