Disney Plus to Increase Star Wars and Marvel Content Whilst Skipping Theaters

disney plus skips theaters

The Star Wars and Marvel franchise have almost always been crazy successful blockbusters throughout, but given the current pandemic situation, Disney Plus is shifting towards a new business model. Disney is shifting its content on Disney+ and planning to skip theaters, this will help the company keep all profits to itself rather than sharing them with distributors.

According to ScreenRant, The streaming platform has been increasing the production of its original content, taking into consideration the massive success of The Mandalorian. At the moment Disney has 5 more Star Wars series inline 3 of which have not been scheduled as yet, and 8 Marvel Originals along with the highly demanded WandaVision.

Recently Star Wars films did not receive the kind of critical acclaim that they usually do, with Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker just making average outcomes compared to The Mandalorian.

For its phase 4, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has 10 movies lined up for release with 8 originals already to stream on Disney Plus.

Disney made headlines by revealing that the company is changing its attention to emphasize streaming over theatrical releases. This is partially due to the pandemic, which has resulted in several films scheduled to release to be postponed — or miss movie theatres entirely, and land straight on Disney+.

Marvel movies suffered greatly because Black Widow was postponed two times and is now scheduled for May 2021, and all Phase 4 movies that followed delayed the move. But as planned for the first time in Disney+, WandaVision does not rely on Disney+’s release of the movies. This alone motivates Disney to move its contents more and more to Disney+, a site over which it has complete influence.

Disney also makes financial sense to put the current bulk of Star Wars and Marvel material on Disney+. Mulan’s relative popularity proved to be a good economic model for new releases, and using Disney+ rather than a conventional cinema means that the distribution of Disney is universal. They may instead maintain 100% of their projects’ profit. Compared to other blockbusters, Mulan had a disappointing box office but set up a blueprint to succeed in future original Disney+ projects.

Star Wars and Marvel fans will invest even more time in the future on Disney+. It is a definitive change from Star Wars and the past domination of Marvel’s box-office because of the wide variety of upcoming projects that fully overlaps theatrical releases. The future of Marvel and Star Wars is definitely going to Disney+ instead of tent pole feature films.

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