Disney+ to Create a New Anthology of Animated Star Wars Short Films


Japanese anime makers and Disney are teaming up for the forthcoming Star Wars: Visions animated short films to give viewers a new perspective on Star Wars.

It’s no stranger to animation, with its series such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels being some of the most popular material in the franchise, while Star Wars started as a live-action film series.

Star Wars: Visions, though, seems to be doing something a little different. The firm has plenty of new Star Wars assets in the works, both live-action and animated, as the impressively long Disney Twitter thread reveals. What makes Star Wars: Visions different is that Japanese anime creators will not depend on work from American animation studios, but will produce it.

The Disney announcement provides very few specifics about Star Wars: Visions, saying only that the short films are going to be a ‘celebration’ of the world of Star Wars. They also unveiled a stylistic title card and announced the anthology with a 2021 Disney+ release date.

It’s hard to tell exactly what aspect of the Star Wars: Visions galaxy would concentrate on but given the language of the tweet below, the movies seem to take already well-known stories from Star Wars and present them in an anime theme.

The idea of presenting classic stories in a new animated style is an exciting one for fans familiar with smaller animated Star Wars projects like Galaxy of Adventures. While any new stories in the series might not be pioneered by Star Wars: Dreams, a watch should be worth the new creative direction.


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