Fans Loved Samantha’s Quirkiness & Chemistry with Akshay Kumar on Koffee With Karan 7


Koffee With Karan is one of the most loved chit-chat shows, with audiences in India and abroad. Top celebrities are invited by the host Karan Johar to participate in rumors, discussions, mildly spiced scandals, fun, and lots of laughs. Season 7 of the show debuted on July 7, and with just three episodes released yet, audiences are already loving the spice and gossip the show’s stirring within the audiences and the industry.

The most recent episode featured Samantha Ruth Prabhu with Akshay Kumar, and their riveting chemistry kept the audience entertained throughout. The show aired on Disney Plus Hotstar, which is unavailable in the US. However, fans in the US can still watch all the episodes of Koffee with Karan’s latest season in the US.

From Samantha’s honest views of how KJo has damaged relationships, to Akshay’s scathing response to the Chris Rock and Will Smith affair, this episode was a laugh riot. During the show, the two actors talked about their respective experiences in the film industry and revealed some information about their personal lives too.


1. Samantha on Her Divorce with Naga Chaitanya

Samantha said her divorce from Naga Chaitanya has been painful for her. She stated, “It has been hard. But it’s good now. It’s fine. I am stronger than I have ever been. Are there hard feelings like if you put us both in a room, you have to hide sharp objects? Yeah, as of now, yes. So it’s not an amicable situation right now.” Samantha further added, “Not right now, but maybe sometime in the future, yeah.”

2. Akshay Kumar About Acting Business

Akshay Kumar stated, “No matter what the actor says, I believe that it’s 70 percent luck and 30 percent hard work”. Samantha totally agreed with him and added, “Absolutely. I am a believer”.

3. Samantha on Working with Nayanthara

The actress disclosed that she had just finished filming for her upcoming project with Nayanthara. “It was fantastic working with her. It was amazing. On the last day, we cried and hugged each other. We had a great time together”.

4. Samantha is ‘Ranveerified’

The episode’s best moment was when Samantha admitted that she is “Ranveerified” and wants to pair Ranveer Singh up with Akshay and herself in a love triangle. She also stated, “I am Ranveerified completely. A fan for life.”

5. Akshay Kumar About His Film Jaani Dushman

He said, “I was working on a per-day basis and there was a scene where the villain kills me and I am dead. I got to know that the other hero who is going to be acting now, got stuck in New York and could not make it in time. I went up to the director and asked him if I had to come back again.”

He went on to add that the director had altered the plot of the movie, and as a result, he was no longer dead but rather in a coma. By making this adjustment, he was able to extend the film’s production by 5 days and boost his income. He also added that it was Sunny Deol who couldn’t come.

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When the show ended up, fans started to react to the show on social media and expressed their thoughts about Akshay and Samantha’s chemistry.

A fan tweeted how he liked the episode and the guests of the show, calling it one of the best-ever episodes:


Similar tweets flooded social media. Another fan tweeted:

One more fan reacted by saying

When Samantha appeared on Koffee With Karan, Akshay liked the tone she took and referred to her as his “jodi daar.” The show revealed many things about Akshay and Samantha, and fans applauded their chemistry and expressed that they want to see them collaborate on film in the future.

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